FM Radio Channels Directed to Air At least 90% Pakistani Content

Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority has directed all Pakistani FM radio channels to broadcast at least 90% content that’s produced with-in Pakistan.

In a fresh directive, PEMRA — citing the license terms and conditions — directed all FM radio channels to not to air any foreign content above the allowed limit.


According to details, FM radio channels can air 10% of foreign content in 24 hours, i.e. not more than two hours and 24 minutes in total.

Not to mention, content for radio channels include any songs, documentaries and shows. Now, with new directive, radio channels can’t air foreign content or content that’s produced outside Pakistan for not more than 2 hours and 24 minutes in total.

Accordingly, FM radio channels are asked to review their programming mix to ensure that 90% of content aired in 24 hours is indigenous.

PEMRA said that any violations in programming mix after October 15 will mean legal action the radio channels.


  • Yet another circular from PEMRA woh jo pehle diye they channels walon ko uska kia bana? Abhi tak wohi indian movies, wohi indian songs, wohi indian ads, wohi indian dramas sab kuch tu chal raha hai.

    • In that circular of TV channels too, the deadline is of 15th October. You will definitely see substantial decrease in Indian & Turkish content after 15th October unless any TV channel goes to court and get stay order.

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