PEMRA Seeks Help from PTA, FIA, SBP and Others to Block Indian DTH in Pakistan

Under Section 33-A of the PEMRA Ordinance, the country’s electronic media watchdog has called on the Federal as well as provincial governments, the FIA, FBR, SBP and other stakeholders in the country to stop Indian DTH services.

Stakeholders also include law-enforcement agencies as well as the PTA.

PEMRA said that with the help of all sorts of state agencies, it is finally going to get rid of Indian DTH services in Pakistan.

PEMRA  plans to block bank accounts of Indian DTH handlers, for which SBP will be asked for help. Similarly, their phone numbers, branchless banking accounts will be blocked with the help of PTA. FBR also plans to curb the import of Indian DTH equipment for which customers, provincial services are asked for help.

PEMRA — with the help of all these ancientness —  is determined to finally take out all Indian DTH services out of Pakistan forever.

It should be mentioned that PEMRA decided to shut down illegal running Indian DTH services in Pakistan, that apart from promoting Indian culture are also resulting in severe losses to the national exchequer.

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PEMRA has mentioned that the content running on Indian DTH is contrary to Pakistani culture and values, and for a couple of years, these DTH services have been running unabated. It was high time to crack down on such illegal channels which continue to proliferate in urban cities.

On 31st August 2016, PEMRA  announced its intention to crackdown against any radio station or cable tv operator found running illegal content i.e. Indian channels that have not been approved by the relevant authority.

It took notice of illegal FM stations and cable channels airing illegal programming, giving cable tv operators and FM owners the deadline of 15th October to curb their illegal activities. Otherwise tough legal action would be initiated against such elements.

Prior to this, PEMRA drew notice to how extensively and openly Indian DTH services were being smuggled into the country, particularly in the major urban cities. Those sellers and retailers found selling Indian DTH services will also be prosecuted under law as well after the expiry of the deadline.

Under the ordinance, to sell DTH services, retailers will be required to possess the license for the same from PEMRA. The electronic watchdog will initiate legal action against errant distributors / providers of services such as IP TV, cable tv and more who are found violating its orders.

PEMRA has also called on the Federal and provincial governments to use its resources for curbing the sale of Indian DTH equipment from smugglers. This also includes the concerned personnel from the Ministry of Interior, FBR, FIA, customs, etc.

After the expiry of the Oct 15th deadline, PEMRA intends to go all out to prosecute anyone found dealing with Indian DTH services or equipment, be it cable tv operators, FM stations, retailers, distributors, etc.


    • Those movies exhibited and imported officially by paying all taxes to the Govt not illegally. While Indian DTH are being imported illegally.

      P.S = To show those movies or not in our cinemas is a separate debate.

      • Also censor boards are active in each province, as per 18th amendment. So if someone does not like a movie in a cinema they should contact their provincial censor board. It is no longer in PEMRA/PTA’s hands.

      • then why only movies, there are also other things to import like cars, bikes, machinery, garments, raw meterials and etc.

        • Bhai mujhe kya pata main konsa wazeer e tajarat hun. Maine toh just movie wali baat ka jwaab diya hai jis ka mujhe pata tha.

    • جعلی سی ڈی کا مسئلہ حل کرنا بھی مشکل نہیں۔ جن فیکٹریوں میں بنتی ہیں، انھیں بند کر دیں اور مالکوں پر مقدمہ چلائیں۔ ساری ڈسکیں ملک کے اندر بنتی ہیں بلکہ برامد بھی ہوتی ہیں۔ ڈیلروں کو وارننگ دے دیں کہ جس کے پاس ڈسکیں نکلیں، اسے سزا ملے گی۔ دنوں میں مسئلہ ختم ہو جائے گا۔

  • Nice initiative taken by PEMRA. Please also ban all Indian Movies being played in different cinemas across Pakistan

    • Why?

      Do you know that as a percentage we watch more of their shit, than they do of our programmes and films.

  • What about the cable channels that are dedicated to Indian movies? Such as the channels on Wateen? What about Hindi dubbed cartoons and Animal Planet?

    • I think this action is actually about this. And now local channels showing indian movies. Different debate.. Bhai pehlay ek kaam tou kr leney do inko… ye b pta nahi ye krty hain ky nahin.. ap aur demand kr lo…

  • ایک سادہ سے کام کے لیئے اتنے لوگوں کو شامل کرنا تو کچھ نہ کرنے والی بات ہوئی۔ سیدھا سا مسئلہ ہے کہ کسٹم والوں سے مل کر ان سمگلروں کو پکڑیں جو ڈش ہندوستان سے لاتے ہیں۔ پھر ان کے تقسیم کاروں کو پکڑیں۔ جو گاہکوں سے فیس وصول کرتے ہیں، انھیں وارننگ دے دیں کہ تمام ڈشیں واپس لے کر جمع کرا دیں۔ دنوں میں مسئلہ حل ہو جائے گا۔

  • tum pakis log kitne jada paise de kar Indian DTH recharge krte ho..

    kitne indian recharge sites hai, jo international card se DTH recharge krte hai with discount..
    direct online kyun nhi krte ho..

  • DTH is way better than cable add of Mardana Kamzoori, Niswani husn main izafa aur Apnay auzar ko lamba aur mota karain. Avoiding indian culture for this crap… really

  • >with the help of all these ancientness

    Yeah this reaction is very ancient indeed. Since time immemorial entrenched interests have greeted new technology with just this sort of reaction. They will always talk about protecting the interests of the common man but in reality they are protecting their own interests. Because of that they have always failed in the long term. You can only slow down adoption but you cannot stop it because people will buy what benefits them.

  • how do they plan to block iptv? coz these dth, cable things are just stopgap technologies. streaming video is the future and no way they can block that.

    instead of blocking dth they should license it immediately. at least that way they get people hooked on it and they can raise some money from taxes. it won’t change the spread of iptv in the long term but it will slow it down.

  • I have dish tv but only for HD sports channels and hollywood movies. Who wants to watch indian culture. If pemra allows our channels to view HD content then why would we install dish tv.

  • BC Indian DTH ko band krwa rahe hain Khud kuch nhe krna. Agr Pakistan me DTH service available hoti to kon Indian DTH service buy kare ga.

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