This is Why We Immediately Need DTH Services in Pakistan!

Live Updates: PEMRA Starts Bidding for DTH Auction [LIVE Updates]

The regular readers of ProPakistani must have read this news that DTH auction in Pakistan has been postponed yet again. And this is not the first time it has hit snag; we have been “trying” to launch DTH in Pakistan since 2003.

What a disappointment!

It is not worth to write about the history of DTH launch and bureaucratic red tape but it’s very important to know why, when and how we should get Direct-To-Home TV service in Pakistan.

Let’s get to know DTH before we start. It is standard abbreviation of Direct-To-Home television service which works by linking TV transmission from station to the viewer’s set top box via satellite.

Majority of Pakistanis rely on outdated analogue cable TV and then we have illegal Indian DTH followed by DWN and PTCL Smart TV

DTH is a small dish antenna with a set top box but it is not free. The subscriber has to pay some monthly charges for the service. You get more TV channels, better sound and picture quality and fewer breakdowns which is common in traditional cable TV.

Why do we need a DTH when we already have cable TV service available everywhere?

We got Cable TV service in late 1990s in few major cities. Now, in 2016, it’s available in most parts of the country, even in rural areas. New connection and monthly charges are affordable but the quality and reliability of cable TV service are not good. Most common problems in cable TV in Pakistan are:

  • Frequent breakdowns: Very few cable networks use good wires and connectors. So the blackout screens or poor reception is very often.
  • Keep changing channels’ positions: Everyone likes to keep his/her favorite channels on 0-9 numbers to access it by pressing a single button. But the cable operators keep changing the numbers, making it difficult to tune on to your favorite channel.
  • Doesn’t work in load shedding: You still can’t watch TV during power-cuts even if you have a UPS system (inverter backup) installed because cable TV services (in most of the areas) don’t work during load shedding.
  • No High Definition quality: The best video resolution you can get on most of the cable operators’ network is 480p or less. Even low cost TV sets supports 720p which means you’ll experience very poor video on bigger screens.
  • Fewer Channels: A handful cable TV providers offer more than 150 channels. I live in Rawalpindi and get only 68 channels, just 20-25 channels have acceptable video quality. And some good international channels like AXN, Toonami, DW, Discovery and CCTV Documentary 9 are not available in my area.


Those who own a bigger TV want better quality video which analogue cable TV can’t deliver.  So they opt for illegal Indian DTH which is not difficult to buy and costs around 7000-12000 Rupees to install and monthly charges of Dish TV starts from 850 Rupees. Pakistan has become the largest black-market of illegal Indian DTH TV sets.

Nearly 5 million Pakistanis use Indian DTH services and a huge sum of more than US $ 300 million is going to India every year. You may find it interesting to learn that neither PEMRA in Pakistan nor TRAI in India allows DTH smuggling and operation but the operators are happy because they are earning big money through this business. PEMRA has warned the smugglers to stop illegal DTH business. But i think it’s not going to stop because there’s a big demand of HD TV service in market.

That’s why we need to launch our own DTH to curb illegal Indian DTH business.

When should we get DTH? Is it the right time to get one?

Now one may ask, is it the right time for Pakistan to get DTH?

The answer is, absolutely yes!

We need to launch our own Direct-To-Home TV service right now to give consumers better TV viewing experience, create job opportunities, to earn more revenue and to stop illegal Indian business.

Nearly 5 million Pakistanis use Indian DTH services and a huge sum of more than US $ 300 million is going to India every year.

Our rival neighbor India launched DTH in 2004, it’s been 12 years and now they have 7 different operators providing services. Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have also launched DTH leaving Pakistan the only country in the subcontinent without this service. Therefore, PEMRA should take this matter seriously and launch it as soon as possible.

How should DTH work in Pakistan?

If the auction process goes well, this time we are hopeful to see the very first Pakistani DTH providing service from early 2017.

But how should it work in Pakistan and how much would it cost to get an HD TV service? Here’re few things to consider and suggestions to make it more successful.


Where India has 7 DTH operators working, I suggest Pakistan should get minimum 3 licenses to break monopoly in this industry. There’s a big potential in the country but Pakistani DTH operators are also going to face some challenges.

The first challenge is to offer good incentive and attractive packages to switch 5 million Indian DTH users to new local DTH service. The other challenge is to make this facility affordable for a common man in Pakistan.

Everyone is curious to know how much it would cost to get a DTH in Pakistan. You might be surprised to know that DTH is very affordable.


You can check the price of new connection and monthly charges of DTH service in neighbor countries. But some market analysts believe that it won’t be any cheap in Pakistan.

We don’t have any official and legal DTH available at the moment and we have following options to watch satellite TV channels:


Majority of Pakistanis rely on outdated analogue cable TV and then we have illegal Indian DTH followed by DWN and PTCL Smart TV.

Digital Wireless Network (DWN or Sun TV) may look the best option but the problem is it isn’t a DTH but a DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) with limited coverage in Islamabad, Lahore & Karachi only.

Pakistani DTH operators who want to capture market should offer affordable new connection, monthly charges and good customer service support. If someone brings a DTH service with monthly charges exceeding 600-700 Rupees, it is going to crash and burn in no time.

The operator can introduce different packages like basic pack with less than 100 channels at a price of 350 Rupees per month, reasonable value pack at 500-700 Rupees and they may charge more than 1000 Rupees per month for the best package with maximum HD channels and premium services.

Where India has 7 DTH operators working; Pakistan should get minimum 3 licenses to break monopoly in this industry

And last but not least is the quality and quantity of channels. The operator must offer all legal TV channels in Pakistan. Most of the analogue cable TV operators are not airing infotainment channels like National Geographic, Discovery, DW and Animal Planet. Their excuse these channels have been banned by PEMRA. It might be true for the National Geographic Channel but Discovery, DW, Animal Planet and AXN are legally allowed to be aired in Pakistan by PEMRA because they have landing rights.

Now talking about the quality of service, almost every DTH service delivers good quality during clear sunny days but some of them struggle in foggy, rainy and cloudy days. So the consumer is not going to be satisfied if he can’t watch TV during rainy days.

After we start affordable DTH service with best quality and customer care support, I’m pretty sure that illegal Indian DTH would die its own death. We will get better TV viewing experience, more people will get better jobs and the government will earn more revenue by introducing Pakistan’s own DTH service.

All I can say it would be a win-win situation for everyone here!

  • While giving costs, the author ignored the fact that monthly charges will be for just one TV set. Multiply it by the number of TV sets and the bill will be quite large. Secondly, DTH will be soon out of the way. Smart TV sets will make it possible to get literally thousands of channels. One Internet connection will serve several TV sets in the house. I wonder if you have heard about the revolution of “cable cutters” in the US. Meanwhile, I have prepared a plan that will ensure a) survival of ALL present cable operators, b) gradual improvement of quality of channels, c) expansion of cable to every house, d) huge reduction in monthly charges and e) great control on cable operations. If any association of cable operators is interested, it can get the complete plan from me.

      • Sharing your email address like this publicly is not good, you are inviting whole lot of spammers to send dozens of spam messages daily to you, which you definitely will not want.

        • آپ کا مشورہ بجا لیکن ایسا کبھی اتفاق نہیں ہوا۔ دوسرے اور کوئی ذریعہ نہیں ہے کہ کیبل آپریٹروں کی کسی تنظیم سے رابطہ کر سکوں۔

    • you mean ptcl smart tv? i dont think so, i tried the “jaddu device” from ptcl and quality was worst then my cable tv, i check right infront of the ptcl guy, he himself advised to not get it. Also there were frequent slow downs in between. I had 4mbps connection, now 20mbps. So speed wasn’t the issue

    • Internet TV is not going to replace cable TV in Pakistan because our Internet speed is pathetic. We rank well below India and many Asian countries in Internet speed ranking.

      Now talking about 1 dth for 1 set, yes it’s a problem There’re some hacks to run 2 TVs off one DTH but the same content would be viewed on both sets, i.e. if you change channel on TV A, it’ll also change the channel on TV B.

      • جو لوگ ایک کیبل کنیکش کی فیس مشکل سے دے پاتے ہیں وہ زیادہ پیسے دینے پر تیار نہیں ہوں گے۔ جہاں میں لاہور میں رہتا ہوں، 1100 گھروں میں صرف ستر اسی نے ڈجیٹل کنیکشن لیا ہے۔ دونوں ایک ہی کمپنی دیتی ہے۔ آخر میں سوال یہ ہوگا کہ گاہک کتنی فیس دے سکتا ہے۔ زیادہ لوگ اینالاگ پر ہی گزارہ کریں گے۔ مالی مسائل کی وجہ سے بہت سے لوگوں نے کیبل کے ہوتے ہوئے اخبار لینا بند کر دیا ہے۔

        • میں آپ کی بات سے اتفاق کرتا ہوں۔ اگر میں اپنی بات کروں تو میں کسی سرمایہ دار فیملی سے تعقلق نہیں رکھتا، اوسط درجے کی آمدن ہے میری۔ میں کیبل کا بل باقاعدگی سے ادا کرتا ہوں لیکن ڈسکوری نیشنل جیوگرافک بند ہونے کے بعد میں نے بل 300 سے کم کرکے 220 روپے کردیا ہے۔ کیبل والے نے دھمکی دی کہ میں کنکشن کاٹ دوں گا لیکن جب میں نہیں مانا تو اسے ماننا پڑا۔

          اب بات کرتے ہیں کہ کیا لوگ نیا ایچ ڈی ٹی وی کنکنشن لیں گے کہ نہیں۔ اس میں “دام بنائے کام” والی بات بہت اہم ہے۔ اگر کوئی کمپنی 3000 روپے کا سیٹ ٹاپ باکس لگا کر دے تو میں فوراً خرید لوں گا کیونکہ ٹی وی انٹرٹینمنٹ کا نام ہے، ٹینشن کا نہیں۔ ایسے ٹی وی کا کیا فائدہ جب آپ کا پسندیدہ پروگرام آئے تو کیبل ٹھس ہوجائے یا چینل بدل جائے۔ دوسری چیز مارکیٹنگ بھی ہے، اگر کوئی 3000 سے کم میں بھی کنکشن دے اور ماہانہ چارچز 300 روپے ہوں لیکن اچھی مارکیٹنگ نہ ہو تو بہت کم لوگ لیں گے۔

          ڈائیلاگ سی ڈی ایم اے فون کے ساتھ بھی کچھ ایسا ہی ہوا تھا، کسٹمر کیئر کو فون کرکے پوچھو تو آگے سے آئیں بائیں شائیں کرنے لگتے تھے، اسی وجہ سے میں نے ڈائیلاگ فون نہیں لیا اور شکر ہے بچ گیا کیونکہ وہ تو کب کہ بوریا بستر گول کرکے بھاگ چکے ہیں!

    • Sir G ap IPTV ki bat kar rahe hai jo ke same cable ki tarha kam kare ga normal receiver 45mb/s Video aur audio Trasmit karta hai Aur HD channel use be zyada
      IPTV is future But need Very High Speed net
      Pakistani DTH ko Chahye ke Lounch hone pe UHD aur 4k chennel start kare jo india ke pass nahi hai

      Agrar kese ko Pata hai ke dth haridne ke lye kose Companies hisa le rahai hai un company ke names aur website post karde .

    • Exactly… Even Indian channels have moved to online web based viewing area. Dth is good but it needs huge investment in satellite infrastructure. The real reason why IPTV has failed in Pakistan is bad ISPs like ptcl.

    • I live in village but my more than freinds dth cable channels want to see dth cable channel. But is not available cable i use set top box by dish anttena. Give us opnion that how yur dth cable channel.

    • Sir hamarey pass cable ki sahulat majood nahein. Maher mein aur mere bahut sare gaoon walay loog DTH k channel dekhna chahtey hain. Mager aap k dth k channel kesey dekhein. Ya dth channel sirf city mein rahney waloon k leye hai.

    • This goes to show the government is slow in dealing with such challenges. Introducing so late when new alternatives have emerged.The government however has complete disdain about public opinion.If the people decide that they cannot afford a DTH, the companies who have invested in it, stand to make a net loss. The government continuously resorts to censorship, DTH service will have channels suspended or permanently closed. People are fed up of living in a dictatorship, in which there is no accountability of the leaders.

  • I have three tv sets in my house, 1 for my grandparents room,1 for my parents room and 1 in my living room… i pay 600Rs/- per month in total for the three connections.
    getting DTH would mean i need an initial investment of around 15k-18k. which i cannot afford, for that matter getting even one unit would put a dent on my budget.
    and then i need to pay 900 Rs /- extra per month for DTH ( 500*3=1500)
    thank you very much but i will stick with the local cable

    • If you can compromise the quality of channels on big screen then this is not a bad deal. But if u want clear crystal picture or hd u have to change ur opinion in near future.

      • ہندوستانی چینل تو کر سکتے ہیں کیونکہ وہ ہمارے ملک سے جو بھی ملے لے لیں گے۔ ہمارے ہاں جو سروس دے گا وہ اتنے کم ریٹ نہیں دے پائے گا۔

        • “اتنے کم” سے مراد اگر 500 روپے سے نیچے ہے تو پھر بات سمجھ آتی ہے لیکن جو کم از کم پیکج 1000 روپے سے دے پائے گا، وہ یہاں رہ نہیں پائے گا، جلد ہی اسے دیوالیہ ہو کر پاکستان سے بھاگنا پڑے گا۔

    • But you can get DTH for 1 TV and run other 2 on local cable TV. It’ll only cost 3000 Rupees if it isn’t heavily taxed. Monthly charges would be less than 500 for basic package, doesn’t that make sense?

    • بیشتر لوگ آپ ہی کی طرح سوچیں گے اور اینالاگ ہی پر گزارہ کریں گے کیونکہ فیصلہ ٹیکنالوجی نہیں، بجٹ کرتا ہے۔ میرا آپریٹر تو ایک اینالاگ کنیکش سے تین چار سیٹ جوڑ دیتا ہے، بغیر بحث کیئے۔

  • Unlesa DTH comea here i m ok with indian DTH considering i get HD source fr my tvs. Yes its costly but what good a tv is without hd content. Leave Indian channels..there are english full hd channels.worth watching. Even my simple dish with free to air Pakistani channels have superior resukt than anything available locally. Lanar hai ptcl ki service per

    • I totally agree with your opinion, local DTH would be LEGAL, national news channels would be available and (hopefully) cheaper to install and run!

      • Goto to any dish shop he will guide you. U need 6 feet dish one lnb cable wire and digital reciever. Total cost for one time 3 to 4 thousand. And then u can watch almost 100 free pakistani channels with better quality than cable on bigger screen.

    • جب ہمارے ہاں انٹرنیٹ سروس بہتر ہوتی جائے گی، ڈی ٹی ایچ کی کشش جاتی رہے گی۔ میری رائے میں ہندوستان کے بیشتر چینل ہماری ثقافت کے لیئے نقصان دہ ہیں۔ بچوں اور خواتین پر خاص طور پر برا اثر پڑتا ہے۔ صرف چینل کی کوالٹی تو سب کچھ نہیں۔

      • عبد الحمید صاحب! ابھی تک امریکہ ، یورپ، آسٹریلیا اور جاپان وغیرہ میں بھی انٹرنیٹ کنکشن اتنا اچھا نہیں ہوا کہ لوگ DTH کو چھوڑ دیں۔ نیویارک، لندن، ٹوکیو اور سڈنی جیسے بڑے شہروں میں تو انٹرنیٹ پر ٹی وی چل رہا ہے لیکن مضافاتی علاقوں میں آج بھی لوگ ڈش سے ہی ٹی وی دیکھتے ہیں۔ اس لئے پاکستان میں صرف بڑے شہروں میں بھی انٹرنیٹ سپیڈ بہتر ہونے میں 10 سے 15 سال لگ جائیں گے

        • اتنا بھی مایوس ہونے کی ضرورت نہیں۔ ہمارے ہاں بھی انٹرنیٹ بہتر ہو رہا ہے۔ امریکہ میں ’’کیبل کٹر‘‘ تحریک چل رہی ہے۔ لوگ کیبل کی بڑھتی ہوئی فیس سے تنگ آ کر کنیکشن کٹوا رہے ہیں۔ یہی حال سیٹلئیٹ ڈش کا ہے۔ انٹرنیٹ کا استعمال بڑھ رہا ہے۔ یہ رجحان ہمارے ہاں بھی آنے لگے گا ۔

          • میں آپ کی گفتگو کافی دیرسے پڑھ رہا ہوں . آپ زمینی حقائق سے بہت دور بات کر رہے ہیں . آپ خود کہ رہے ہیں کے امریکا جسے ملک میں ابھی تحریک شروع ہوئی ہے . مطلب تحریک کو ١٠٠ فیصد کامیاب ہونے میں بھی 2 سے 3 سال لگ جایں گے تو خود سوچیں پاکستان میں کب یہ تحریک چلے گی اور کب یہ رجحان اے گا .

    • I live in Rawalpindi, the minimum price (incl installation) for Dish TV is 7000 Rupees because they have been smuggled and it ain’t cheap. Monthly charges are not less than 700 (minimum) same because illegal money transfer is risky business. Nonetheless, the quality is very good though you don’t get local news channels which is a deal breaker thing.

        • I don’t have a Dish TV, I still use analogue cable TV. One of my fellow have one, he pays 800 Rs per month and get some 150 + channels including sports, Nat Geo and much more but NO Pakistani News Channel on Indian DTH, that’s obvious!

          • You mean 800 Pakistani rupees, that’s almost 500 Indian rupees. That’s a lot compared to what we pay here in India. But I don’t use Dish TV, I use Videocon D2h.

            • You know it’s LEGAL in India and ILLEGAL in Pakistan. Even TRAI doesn’t allow any DTH installation outside India. Anyway, they say Videocon is one of the worst DTH in India, is it true? How does it perform in bad weather condition?

              • Videocon d2h may be worst but it works for me and the channel packs are cheap compared to Airtel Digital TV or Dish TV. And moreover I live in Bangalore City where weather conditions are good throughout the year. It may rain for only 30-45 days Maximum in a whole year. So I have no problem. I have experienced “No Signal” may be 4 or 5 times till now and I have been using it since September 2015, and “No Signal” only when clouds are very dark. In Bangalore we rarely have bad weather. Can’t say about other places.

                • Thanks for brief reply, I assume that your Bangalore is like our Karachi or Hyderabad city where we rarely gets rainfall, not much even during monsoon. But I live near Islamabad (the Capital) it get too much rainfall; pre-monsoon, monsoon, during winters and even spring. So any connection like Videocon is not gonna work here!

            • Well in Pakistan they usually subscribe expensive package because it has all sports and English movies. Any difference of quality in dish or videocon?

              • Yes, I can understand. Sports channels are expensive. I am not that much into sports.
                I don’t know even if there is quality difference between Dish TV and Videocon D2h. But I think TATA Sky may be best in quality, that’s what people say here who use Tata Sky.

      • Dish Tv receiver cost 2500+450 for LNB+200 cable +500 dish +500 fitting

        dont buy dish tv buy videocon 15000 included everything plus 4 years of Full package cost

  • Laughable title = “This is Why We Immediately Need DTH Services in Pakistan”Some priorities we have as a nation cant stop laughing at “immediately”

    • Thank you for reading my article. I know that we have many other priorities, but why to waste a huge some of $ 300 M which is going to India? That’s why I believe that we should immediately launch it to bust illegal Indian dth business damaging our economy!

      • اگر حکومت میں تھوڑی سی غیرت ہوتی تو نہندوستانی ڈی ٹی ایچ دنوں میں ختم کی جا چکی ہوتی۔ ڈش سمگل کرنے والوں کو پکڑنا کون سا مشکل ہے؟

        • کچھ حد تک بات درست ہے لیکن یہ جو 50 لاکھ کے قریب کنکشن پہلے ہی موجود ہیں ان کو آپ کیسے پکڑیں گے؟ کیا آپ پولیس کے ٹاؤٹ لوگوں کے چھتوں پر بھیجیں گے یا پھر ڈرون کیمروں سے گھروں کی جاسوسی کرکے سرچ وارنٹ نکالیں گے؟ پہلے مسئلے کا حل آجائے، اس کے بعد مجھے پوری امید ہے کہ یہ کالا دھندہ خود بخود اپنی موت آپ مر جائے گا۔

    • بجا ارشاد۔ ہم اس کے بغیر بھی آسانی سے زندہ رہ سکتے ہیں۔ جن لوگوں نے کیبل کے آنے کے بعد اخبار لینا بند کر دیا، انھیں ڈی ٹی ایچ سے کتنی دلچسپی ہوگی۔

  • I m watching dishtv 95e with my 2 ft dish on my 32inch led. With crystal clear picture. Which needs a hd reviever (3000rp)with sim support (150mb per month is enough) supports 500 indian+ 13 pakistani channels and many english channels like nat geo. Discovry. Animal planet. Wb axn hbo discovery science, turbo. Ten 1.2.3 (yes live wwe) star network and list goes on with just 100 rp per month. And yes its illegal.?

    • یہ کون سا برانڈ ہے؟ یہ مشہور ہندوستانی برانڈ کے مقابلہ میں زیادہ مقبول کیوں نہیں؟

      • Bhaijan ye wohi dishtv hai jo ap samajh rahay hain. Mene zara deep me bayan kia hai k dish tv kistarah pakistan me jugaar kr zariye chalata hai wo b sirf 200 rupay/month me.

        • جی میں نے بھی یہ سنا ہے۔ راجہ بازار پنڈی میں گیا تو دوکاندار نے بتایا کہ یہ کسی بھی وقت بند ہوسکتا ہے، اس کی کوئی گارنٹی نہیں کیونکہ یہ غیر قانونی جگاڑ ہے۔ میں اس پر بھی آرٹیکل لکھ سکتا تھا لیکن میں غیر قانونی کام کو
          ProPakistani پر سپورٹ نہیں کروں گا!

          • یوکے میں بھی یہ کام جاری ہےوہاں پر بند نہیں ہو سکا ہہاں کیسے بند ہوگا۔ہر گلی سے حکومت سرور تو نہیں اٹھا سکتی۔ہرمشکل کا جگاڑہو جاتاہے۔

          • Han to kya hua dear agar band ho b jaye (wese isko band krna filhal namumkin hai hai)to filhal to uska faida uthaya ja sakta hai na clear picture quality hai cable se kahin behtar. 3000 ke kharche me agr 3 month b chal jaye to bura nhi. Aur agar kbi band ho b gya to apne dish antena ka rukh paksat ki taraf krlengy jispy 100 se ziada all pakistani channels free me chal rhy hain.

            • کیا آپ مجھے کوئی ایسا لنک دے سکتے ہیں جس پر میں پاک سیٹ والے 100 چینل کی لسٹ پڑھ سکوں؟ مارکیٹ میں جاؤ تو ہر کوئی اپنی کہانی سناتیا ہے:
              کہانی نمبر 1: 4200 بمعہ انسٹالیشن 120 چینل آئیں گے لیکن اے آر وائی کے علاوہ کوئی اور نیوز چینل نہیں
              کہانی نمبر 2: 11000 لگاؤ، 180 فری چینل دیکھو، کچھ اردو نیوز چینل چھوڑ کر سب کچھ دیکھو گے
              کہانی نمبر 3: 7300 میں ایسی ڈش لگاؤں گا کہ فری میں 30 سے زیادہ ایچ ڈی اور باقی نارمل چینل آئیں گے
              کہانی نمبر 4: ڈش تو 3400 میں بھی مل جائے گی، چینلز 100 سے زیادہ لیکن دیکھنے کے لائق صرف 20 کے قریب ہوں گے (مطلب اب آپ چینی، تامل، فارسی اور تھائی زبان تو نہیں سمجھ سکتے نا)

              اس پہلے کے ان کی کہانیاں سن سن کر میرا دماغ آؤٹ ہوجاتا، میں نے فوراً باہر دوڑ لگا دی، کوکاکولا کی بوتل پی اور آئندہ ریسیرچ کئے بغیر راجہ بازار جانے سے توبہ کرلی!

              • Bhai lyngsat website Dekho. Each and every detail of channels is there. But buy 5 ft for Asia sat 7 and 6 ft for paksat because not all channels work below this size on these satellites.

              • Good point. It is total waste of time to go there without research. I was in Lahore as the sellers here too force you to buy what they are selling. Sometimes they are right but they don’t explain well and everyone gets more confused. Actually golden forum and Pakistani forum are good websites for newbies.

              • Or jo 20 dekhne k Qabil hain un mein se 10-12 channels din mein 12-15 ghntay SONA Belt, Aluma Wallet, Sandhi Sudha, Love forever, Bangali Baba Kalay Mandir walon k Ads chalatay rehte hain jo k zahir hai koi nahi dekhay ga.

                • Hahaha! You’re damn right . . .
                  Don’t worry, now it’s been auctioned and 3 companies are bringing DTH to Pakistan soon. They are REQUIRED to bring it with in an year or LOSE their MONEY!

  • 1. This does not matter here what people of Pakistan need, only thing matters is how people in power can make more money

    2. Addition to the quality cons of cable than there come local tv cable outlet, who suddenly lose interest in their business and there support get so bad at times than in days no one even come for checking your cable in case of complaint.

    • You’re right, we call it (revenge of) democracy!

      And yes, they don’t bother to pick up your call most of the times.

  • I am happy with Android TV HDMI Device for 35$ PKR (bought from AliExpress) with Streaming Apps and KODI App & Zem TV Addon :D on top with many other Addons

  • someone mentioned “Smart TV IPTV” stuff. to further their point, Streaming content (Netflix, HBO, Hulu etc) are the future of Home entertainment. so batter up your wallets for high speed internet connection instead of regular pile of ads-filled entertainment content IMO.

  • I am not against Indian DTH usage in Pakistan. Those who have problem should not use it. Even after the launch of Pakistani DTH, content is not going to be same. Recharge prices for Indian DTH in Pakistan starts from Rs 400 (not 850).

    • It’s really disappointing to know that you’re favoring Indian DTH but not supporting Pakistani DTH which would be legal. And you said, “content is not going to be the same” if you want to see ALL INDIAN TV Channels, then it’s right. PEMRA is not going to allow any Indian TV channels other than Discovery, Nick & Animal Planet etc but you’d still be able to enjoy Bollywood movies and TV shows like Comedy Circus, Khatron Kay Kiladi, KBC etc.

      And as you mentioned DTH monthly cost is 400, it could vary but I couldn’t find anyone in Rawalpindi Raja Bazar who offers rates below 800 Rupees per month.

      • bhai where is Pakistani DTH ??? if we can eat indian tomato’s then why not DTH. W e import other things from other countries which are not available in our country . they dont force us to buy

  • پاکستان میں ڈش ٹی 150 مہینہ میں بھی مل جاتا ہےآپ دات آٹھ سو کی بات کرتے ہے

    • ثاقب صاحب! میں راولپنڈی میں رہتا ہوں اور شائد ہی کوئی 700 مہینہ سے کم پر مانے کیونکہ سب کچھ “کالی منڈی” کے ذریعے ہوتا ہے۔ اگر آپ ٹیبل کو پڑھیں تو میں نے واضح کیا ہے کہ ڈش ٹی وی 155 روپے مہینے میں بھی ملتا ہے لیکن بھارت میں۔ پاکستان میں 500 والا پیکج 900 سے اوپر پڑتا ہے کیونکہ پیسے صرف ڈش ٹی وی نہیں لیتا بلکہ مڈل مین کا بھی حصہ ہوتا ہے دونوں ملکوں میں

  • Not worth it every household in pakistan has a tv set for each room where else the dth will work only in one tv and the common person does not care about the quality of the picture.

  • I’m not sure how much of pakistani society is tolerant or smart enough to watch international channels without becoming offended and becoming a vocal nuance.

  • میں سعودی عرب میں رہتا ہوں، یہاں ایک چھوٹے سے ڈش پر ہزار سے اوپر چینل فری آتے ہیں جس میں 40 کے قریب ایچ ڈی ہیں۔ اور اگر پاکستانی اور انڈین چینل دیکھنے ہوں تو OSN کی DTH سروس لیں جس کا کم سے کم بل ۱۰۰۰ پاکستانی روپے بنتے ہیں۔ فری ہو یا پیڈ دونوں کی ویڈیو کوالیٹی انتہائی بہترین ہے۔ میں جب بھی پاکستان چھٹی پر آتا ہوں ٹی وی دیکھنے کا بلکل دل نہیں کرتا پکچر کوالیٹی انتہائی گھٹیا ہے۔ میں بھی انتظار میں ہوں کہ کب پاکستان میں DTH آئے اور کیبل ٹی وی سے جان چھوٹے۔

    • پڑھنے اور تبصرہ کرنے کا شکریہ، کاشف صاحب یہ بتائیں سعودی عریبیہ میں کتنے DTH آپریٹر کام کرتے ہیں؟ بھارت میں فی الحال 7 ہیں، سری لنکا میں 2 جبکہ بنگلہ دیش میں صرف 1 ہی ہے۔

  • Can someone kindly recommend few IPTV services ? Must have Pakistani channels and sports for football.
    I have a 50Mb connection so speed is not an issue yet.

  • cable operators are ignorant of the device they are handling they don’t know to tune and fix most of them, and then we people think cable is crap which is tbh, these cable operators play many ads to make extra $$$$ 1hr 30min film you will see 2 hours of ads between show. we need people over them to revoke/suspend license if cable operator doesn’t know how to keeps their service fully tuned.

    • Sadia may be you’re right, I didn’t right this thing in the article because I don’t believe in blame game and I consider it against ethics! Thanks for reading and your opinion!

  • I would like to know how exactly is this illegal in Pakistan? Which law exactly they violate?. Under which HS code was it being imported before and what about the import inspectors? Are they going to be hanged?

    This sounds more like a political decision.

    I don’t care if Dish TV operates or not. My problem is that our Govt is so unpredictable whether it is about taxes, custom duties, Afghan Refugees case or the ban on Youtube.
    Why the heck they don’t understand the mindset of the local and international investors!

    This is why I always say “Pakistan main har businessman chobees ghantay sabun pe kharha hota hai”

  • Hmary ghar 8sal say analogue cable chl rhe ha.400bill ha.85 chanel hen.zyada tar chanel kharab rahty we need pakistani dth which will give us round about 400 to 500 hd 1080p chanel.i m watching Nayatel as a dth

  • Hmary gar 8sal say analogue cable ha 400bill ha monthly.wohe 85 chanel hen.50 chanel kharab rahty hen takreban.40 saf hoty hen.dth py atleast 4 500 hd 1080p chanel milain gain.

  • Then why stupid Chairman Cable Operator Association demanding time for minimum 2 years to launch DTH in country?

  • My main problem is the choice of channels and content; so what is the best option if I want to watch any channel from any country at my will?

  • Agreed.. Analogue cable technology is very outdated. Other countries have been using DTH for the last 10-15 years and we are still playing catch-up. IPTV like PTCL’s is good but it also can’t handle HD quality even on a good connection. Pakistan does immediately need DTH services. Its also about time now for Pakistani channels to shift to 16:9 HD Broadcasting so the image does not get stretched on big TV’s

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