India is Considering to Restrict its Airspace for Pakistani Airlines

Indian Media is reporting that Indian government is considering to restrict its airspace for Pakistani airlines.

Indian government, however, is unsure about the move yet as its still in process of evaluating the loss Indian Operators will have to bear as each Indian flight, in response, will have to travel at least 1,000 KMs extra for all west-bound flights.

Press reports said that Prime Minister Modi asked for briefing on the matter and all related information has been submitted to the Prime Minister Office.

It maybe recalled that India is running through all possible options to show its mindless aggression against Pakistan.

During its war-madness, India first tried to block Pakistani waters but then backed off due to international pressure and in-viability of the plan.

Now again, out of war hysteria, India is hoping to block its airspace for Pakistani airlines — without thinking that its four operators (Air India, Jet, IndiGo and SpiceJet) fly over Pakistani airspace for western routers.

Estimates tell that Indian airlines will have to travel some 1,200 KMs extra to bypass Pakistani airspace, which will mean that each flight will have to remain in air for additional 90 minutes.

Move could cost Indian Airlines additional operational cost and in some cases additional human capital as flights with more than 10 hours will require two set of pilots, instead of one.

  • India won’t do that if they think rationally because they have got far more to lose if we follow suit and restrict our airspace to Indian carriers. Their flights to the upper Middle East, Afghanistan, and Central Asia would get lengthy by a couple hours at least.

  • Why do people think India will not do this? Didn’t they also do this to Pakistani flights after 1965 war? That certainly did not help relations between two wings of Pakistan, PIA flights had to take longer route back then too.

      • NOW, yes. But I am pointing out that India has done it in the past as well, so it’s not a new thing to block our flights.

        • It were different dynamics then. A different time now. They had one operator then, now they have four airlines.

          • Knowing what India’s economy is like overall, they can absorb any loss to their airlines far more easily than Pakistan’s airlines.

            • Pakistani airlines are already earning more than Indian airlines. 2nd it isn’t the airline that has to bear the loss but passengers and Indian travellers to GCC are much poor than Pakistani.

              • “Pakistani airlines are already earning more than Indian airlines.” — I don’t believe you. Proof?

                You are right that it isn’t airlines that have to bear loss yet many Indian airlines were in loss or made very little profit for a looooong time, years and years. But it isn’t about profit or loss, it is about how much the economy can bear. And Indian economy has far more reserves than ours (not just Forex but internal as well).

            • Aageya Apni Maata Gee Ko Defende Karne,
              Ya Bachi Kabi Pakistan Ka Haq Main Nahi Bola.
              Aur India Ko Bachaney Harwaqt Agay Agay Hota Ha.
              Ye Hain Sahi “Snake In The Grass”
              Bagal Main Churi Muh Main Ram Ram Karney Walay.

        • Its all about the geographical location, Pakistan airlines don’t have to bear as much losses as Indian does. The reason behind is most of the air traffic is directed towards West and South and India is explicitly dependent upon Pak for most of their flights. Opposite is the case for Pak.. so think before you ruin guyz.. :P

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