Pakistani Start-ups from The Nest I/O To Participate in KITE-OSLO Startup Challenge

Two Pakistani start-up companies named ‘Whisper O’ and ‘Micorpower Labs’, will participate in the KITE-OSLO Start-up Challenge – Norway’s global program. Both these startup companies have been nurtured at Samsung’s ‘The Nest’ – a technology incubator established with the collaboration of Samsung and Pakistan Software Houses Association ([email protected]). Samsung Pakistan has extended felicitations to both these start-up ventures.

The event was organized by KITE – Karachi Institute of Technology & Entrepreneurship along with Telenor Norway, IKT – Norge, MAK & City of Oslo. Telenor Pakistan is also the local partner for the event.

Teams from ‘Whisper O’ and ‘Micropower Labs’ have been invited to take a fully-paid trip to Norway, where they will participate in the one-month free-of-cost incubation program and avail this opportunity to get investments and support, from the Norwegian government. Micropower Labs is also selected for ‘Amazon Launchpad’, as their product – ‘Flash Pack’ will be made available on AMAZON, in a special category of startups.

The President of Samsung Electronics Pakistan (SEPAK) – Mr. J. H. Lee stated that:

It is delightful to see that the innovative ideas and products developed by Pakistani start-ups are being recognized and supported on international technology platforms like the Oslo Startup Challenge. Samsung’s support to ‘The Nest’ is a part of its social-development programme.

Our CSR initiative named – ‘SEPAK Citizenship’, is designed to nurture the capabilities of the youth and empower them to get professional, academic and entrepreneurial enrichments.

‘Whisper O’ has been founded by its CEO – Taaha Bin Khalid and CTO – Hassan Ahmed. It is an online application that aims to provide the people with a platform to share their stories through Sound. It is dedicated to bringing out memories, nostalgia and smiles through connecting different sounds to different spaces. Whisper O not only gives people the chance to preserve time through sound, but also the hope of being heard and remembered by the future generations.

Micropower Labs has been founded by its CEO – Abdullah Soomro. It is a technology innovation company, focused on creating next-generation devices and gadgets for day to day use. One of its products – ‘Cooly’ is a temperature-control device that uses solar power to cool down the human body. It provides instant eco-friendly cooling, whenever and wherever needed. Another product created by Micropower Labs is ‘Flash Pack’ – a Power-Bank that charges up in just 14 minutes from your own laptop charger and packs up enough power to last you for a whole day. The technology inside has been developed at institutions like GIK in Pakistan and Fablab UC in Santiago, Chile. Micropower Labs technology also has many other applications in devices like; mobile medical apparatus, delivery drones etc.