98% Students Failed This Year’s CSS Exam

Yet another devastating blow to Pakistan’s domestic education. Only 2 percent of students who appeared in the Central Superior Services of Pakistan (CSS) exam have passed.

Each year thousands of graduates aim to make the improbable possible, to earn a chance to grab a position in the bureaucratic system of Pakistan. However, according to statistics, over 90 percent fail to achieve their goal.

That being said, this year was the toughest of all. The results revealed that a remarkable 98 percentage of students failed to clear the written test which left the observers in awe. This is the first time such a huge sum of students have failed to make the cut.

20,717 students applied for the examination, 9643 students appeared for the exam and out of those, only 202 candidates cleared the written examination who are now eligible to appear for an interview.

Graduates have argued that the strict subject selection criteria is one of the main reasons why majority of the graduates fail.

When considering the bigger picture, this highlights the problems in Pakistan’s educational system, particularly higher education. The competition is extremely high and there isn’t enough diversity for the students and graduates to work with. Competition will always remain tough if majority is applying for the same position.

Additionally, students and graduates aren’t taught to think outside the box or work with unknown variables. The lack of concept based education is another reasons why a huge majority fails in such exams.

Reasons Why Graduates Fail CSS Exams So Often

  • Lack of potential.
  • Flawed preparation technique.
  • Lack of enthusiasm.
  • No proper guidance.
  • Wrong utilization of energy.

With each passing year, the percentage of students who successfully pass CSS is going downhill.



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  • It is really a pathetic condition that such huge numbers of candidates have failed in CSS. As the above reasons have been mentioned are real true. One more thing i would like to share that css is no more charm for majority students. As the bureaucrats are treated during postings or their transferring that is also embarrassing for the majorities. It also seems that a strict marking on paper is being made probably on the direction of FPSC. Third is strict subject selction criteria which has caused of failing.

  • Good for them. I hope they end up doing a useful job instead of sucking up to others. A civil servant is a morally degenerate sucker by nature.

    • Really? I mean really someone can say that? Such IGNORANCE.
      If no one capable goes then who will do civil jobs?
      You see a flaw, why not go into it and fix it?
      Yeah the system’s yield is least as compared to other fields. And a person in it wasts his potential doing nothing productive in actuall, but this attitude? Come on.
      Its a profession and if it is at its lowest it should be fixed by US (hm judgmental intellects).

      • Can you tell which genius has been able to change the system till now? The system that has rotten to the core can only be changed from the outside.
        People only apply in these useless jobs to get power which they use to further their personal interests. I don’t see how a person with 1 year of education in taxation can pass judgement on a Chartered Account who works in the Big4 firms of the world and conduct tax audits for companies.
        The same goes for all other departments where people with any background can join and we all think as if the lahore academy can transform them into perfect civil servants in just one year. They only teach them “EGO” and work to make their necks stiff for the poor people whom they are suppose to serve.

  • I think, most of those students who failed here the same who do not take necessary precautions in appearing in exam. If you guys do not agree with me then please go and check subjects in which these guys have failed, and the biggest of them is Essay Writing. Once I had a detailed discussion with a member from exam checking committee, what he told was astonishingly awful, he said “majority of students who fail the exam lack creative writing skills, they do not have enough vocabulary to explain their ideas in effective manner. The main reason behind this is that our universities are focusing more on CGPA and less in critical thinking. Here we do not ask the CSP Aspirants history or the same Ratta Rtaya stuff rather we try to gain the insight, a perspective from him, which most of the students fail to show.”

    • I agree to u

      1. Lack of grip on english
      2, Lack and inedequate critical analysis & writing

      These r two main reasons behing sch bad result

    • Critical Thinking is developed in schools and further nurtured in universities. If the uni gets people with zero critical thinking ability then they cant do much with them.

  • This is really good news. It means our education system has improved and cheating is no longer cutting it. You will pass only if you have studied.

  • What happened between 2009 and 2010? Anyone knows? Success rate adha hogaya aik saal main, kaisay?

  • Well this is very sad … … … i can not blame only students … … …itnay nikamay bhi nahi hain … … … our pakistani youth goes out and flourish … … …and people say here that they r incapable come on … … … system needs to be checked too should held accountable for such bad result either they have no seats to accomodate students ??? or no time to take interviews for more students??? Showing such bad result of css does not mean pakistani youth is incapable rather they have no seats to accomodate such talent … … corrupt system … … …

  • this was the reason that I did not even think about going for it.. I learned from other brilliant but unlucky fellows who wasted their years trying for it.. better find other ways and make your life…

  • جب اردو کو چھوڑ کر انگریزی کو معیار اور ذریعہ تعلیم بنایا جائے گا تو یہی نتائج برآمد ہوں گے ۔ صرف اس شعبے کی ہی کیا بات ، کسی بھی شعبے میں تخلیقی کار اور ماہر افراد اس وقت تک میسر نہیں آسکتے جب تک کہ ذریعہ تعلیم وہ زبان نہ ہو جس میں فرد سوچتا ہے ۔
    اقوام کی تاریخ گواہ ہے …. کیا چائنہ نے تکنیکی میدان میں ترقی انگریزی پڑھ کر کی ؟
    کیا کوریا کی ترقی کا راز انگریزی ہے ؟ کیا فرانس اور جاپان اپنے ہاں انگریزی میں تعلیم دیتے ہیں ؟؟؟؟ بالکل نہیں ، بلکہ یہ اقوام تو اپنے ہاں انگریزی بولنے کو بھی معیوب سمجھتے ہیں ۔

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