PSO Will Soon Sell High Quality RON92 Petrol

The government has finally decided to switch from 87 RON petrol to 92 and 95 RON standard petrol. It will be switching to the new standards starting next month, with the new import/tender cycle of PSO.

Official sources at the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources say,

Current automobiles are designed to operate at 92 or higher RON, which helps in providing reduced environmental impact, enhanced motor vehicle experience and increased mileage as a result of better engine hygiene.

Quality of Petrol in Pakistan

Currently 87 RON petrol is used across Pakistan. This is the worst quality of standard petrol sold in the world. By comparison even India sells 91 RON petrol as the standard quality petrol.

Lower RON petrol results in engine problems for the car, lower fuel efficiency meaning reduced mileage, increased engine noise, lower acceleration and lower top speeds.

The second quality standard in Pakistan, the “premium” quality or “high octane” petrol comes with an RON of 95. Those were the only options available for Pakistani motorists to date.

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The new 92 RON quality petrol will be imported starting November and will be available at a select few petrol stations in the major cities. The decision to import higher quality petrol for regular vehicles was made by the Economic Coordination Committee of the Federal Cabinet, to improve vehicle efficiency and reduce environmental impact caused by lower quality fuel.

More Quality Standards are Coming

The Ministry of Petroleum’s strategy is to change the current petrol quality available. They will have the petroleum supplied at 3 different standards of 92, 95 and 97 RON respectively. The initial introduction of the “regular” 92 RON petrol in the major cities is on a trial basis. Once the new quality is successfully implemented in the major cities, it will be available in the rest of the country as well.

There’s been no word on induction of the 95 and 97 RON petroleum varieties for now.

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  • I wonder who is going to keep a check on PSO if they are actually selling RON92/95 etc and not RON85 for the price of RON92/95

  • Saudi Arabia 92 cost around 18.65 PKR is patrol ko koi bhi nahi delwan pasand kerta mostly 95 chalta hai yahan per. Pakistan maye tu bhot hi expensive hai patrol uper say koi grantee bhi nahi hai kay kiya lead level hai

  • current HOBC is NOT 95. govt. is lying as usual. its just 88-89.
    more over this claim that current car run on 92 octane is also WRONG. 80% of worlds vehicles run on 87 Octane. Other than Imported Mercedes, BMW or sports, hardly any cars rquire 92. Non sense bull shit
    Honda civic 87, Swift 87, Corolla 87, alto , recondition 660cc, Accord, Camry etc, all need 87 Octane.
    the problem is that even our supreme is LESS THAN 87, about 84ish or 85 that is why power and pinging problems.
    Govt will mis manage all of this and guranteed there will be NO check on retailers mixing and adulterating the new fuels.
    New Octane fuels were supposed to be launched in July. You are dreaming if you believe that they will come to market even in November!

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