5 Best Free Data Recovery Tools For Photos, Videos & Memory Cards

Let’s face it, every person faces a situation where an accidental click or a child’s mischief results in the loss of some very important data. The best way you can recover from such a situation is to be prepared in advance and have a data recovery software (any of the ones listed below) handy. This way you can almost certainly get your data back.

One thing you must always keep in mind, after you have lost your data, is to avoid writing data to the affected disk. When you delete something, it remains on the disk and it’s just the flag which identifies the location of the data that gets deleted from the partition table. So, if you write more data onto the disk, you risk writing over your deleted data making data recovery, photo recovery, memory card recovery or USB data recovery even more difficult.

In short, stop using your computer immediately if you have deleted something. And if you still have to download a data recovery software, it’s preferable to download it using another device. If that’s not possible then you should download and install the data recovery software on the drive which did not have the deleted data.

We have made a list of the best data recovery software tools available in the market. And the best part is that all of the data recovery software tools listed below are free. You can use any data recovery software from the list below depending on you use case, i.e. memory card recovery, USB Flash recovery, photo recovery, video recovery, text recovery etc.



Recuva is the most popular data recovery software and it is completely free. It is a very user-friendly tool and helps you in photo recovery, video recovery, document recovery, all data recovery, memory card recovery and or data restoration from several other formats and media types. It can also restore data from damaged disks, CD/DVDs and memory cards.

You can either restore stuff using the file recovery wizard, which is useful when you don’t know where your lost data got deleted from or manual mode to search specific locations.

Recuva informs you, via green (most probable), yellow and red orbs (least probable), how probable it is for a certain file to be successfully recovered.

You can download the best data recovery software, Recuva, from here (Portable and Installable Versions Available).

Puran File Recovery


Puran may not be as popular as Recuva but it definitely comes close in terms on usability as a data recovery software. It can scan any drive that the Windows can see and comes with some very advanced options. So, the data recovery software works with removable and other media.

One good thing about Puran is that it can identify far more files than most data recovery softwares. It can even be used to recover lost partitions if they haven’t already been overwritten.

You can recover files in more than 50 different formats so the software is useful for video and photo recovery.

Download Puran File Recovery Software here.

Disk Drill


Another relatively new entrant into the data recovery software group, Disk Drill comes with a very intuitive design and loads of features. Its website says that it data recovery is possible from almost all storage devices including iPods, memory card etc. So it is good for video and photo recovery plus songs and other media.

You can also preview files before recovering them, pause lengthy scans, recover partitions and backup data. File searching and search organisation are also very good. You can choose from different scan types (longer ones are more thorough) and save them to restore files at a later time.

Download Disk Drill data recovery software here.

Glary Undelete


Glary Undelete is a very good data recovery software which has one of the better interfaces amongst its competition group. The best feature of this data recovery software is that you get a “Folders” view, like a Windows Explorer, of the recoverable files. Alongside each file, you get an indication of the “State” of your file and its chances of successful recovery.

Glary Undelete works with almost all data types and can be used for photo recovery, video recovery, document recovery and memory card recovery.

Download Glary Undelete here.

SoftPerfect File Recovery


It’s the simplest and smallest data recovery software on this list. It has a size of only 500KB and can work off any USB or removable storage without any installation. While others have portable solutions too, none have such a small size.

You can use it to for hard disk recovery, memory card recovery or any other medium except CD/DVDs.

Other than document and photo recovery, it supports nearly all formats. Scan results come with a search field which makes finding your lost files much easier.

Download the smallest data recovery software, SoftPerfect File Recovery, here.

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  • Asalam-o-Alaikum
    Zaintech Technologies is proud to be official reseller of “Recuva” in Pakistan. The top recovery tool selected by ProPakistani.

    • where is ur office and how can i contact you can u help for some hacked files /DATA by CERBER3 viruses hackers .. files present but cant open Thank hope that u will reply me .

    • Bhai according to the post above.

      Recuva is the most popular data recovery software and it is completely free.

      If this is free software then how come you are an official reseller of a free software?

      • Asalam-o-Alaikum
        Yes, the limited version is free but if you want to use all the features of the software you have to buy Pro version. And We as reseller give you Pro version License.
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  • I prefer Easeus Data Recovery which is the best as compared to other recovery tools I have ever used while the rest doesn’t work for me well.

  • Easeus Data Recovery is also the best but Recuva is very simple. Zaintech Technologies deals with both of the software officially in Pakistan. Zaintech Technologies is official reseller of Recuva and EaseUS software.

  • Eset Install kar lai if any virus comes in HD or SD Card will remove and Wondershare Data Recovery is also best.

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