32 GB iPhone 7 is Slower than the 128 GB Version: Report

You may be tempted by the higher capacity iPhone with its new Jet Black finish but that’s not the only reason to want the higher capacity variant.

In a series of tests conducted by GSM Arena, the 128 GB model of the new iPhone 7 was found to be much faster, in some instances beating the 32 GB model by three times.


In the Basemark OS II benchmark, the 128 GB iPhone 7 scored in the range of 1300-1700. The 32 GB 7 Plus meanwhile could score just 839. What’s interesting is that the year older iPhone 6s Plus also outscored it with a 1422.

The site then proceeded with the Pass Mark benchmark and once again the 32 GB iPhone astonished with write speeds of just 39.6 Mbytes/s while the 64 GB and 128 GB models both scored 200.6 Mbytes/s and 308 Mbytes/s, respectively.

Lastly, a custom test which was devised where a 10-minute 4K footage was shot and trimmed in half, with the time taken noted. Once again, the 128 GB iPhone took just 17 seconds to complete the task while its sibling lagged home at 52 seconds.

It is not known whether the issue was limited to a certain faulty unit obtained by the site, but is rather astonishing nonetheless.

Now, should that avert you completely from the 32 GB version? Most probably not, as for a lot of users who don’t need the crazy storage this model would hold the most value (especially considering the outrageous price premium). Unless you use the phones side-by-side you won’t even notice the difference.

However, if you are out for max speed and plan to use the phone in the entirety of its support cycle, then the higher spec models are pretty much a no-brainer.

  • This is simple logic. A smaller SSD will always be slower than a larger one. But of course knowing that requires some research and I don’t expect that from ProPakistani authors.

  • These tests are not speed of the iPhones , these are Memory speed tests , so 32GB is slower and that is fact , change the topic of this article

    • Right , but it is due to SoC , mobile devices are tiny in size as compared to PC , size of memory affects speed and performance , and that is fact i want to say
      32GB obviously slower than 128GB because
      So 128GB can get more points
      If anyone disagree , Please explain the reason then ?

      • First of all where did this “+” come from? What is being added? Is it the width of the memory bus (wires between RAM and CPU)? Is it getting wider? No. Is it the number of chips? No, some companies use 4 32 GB others use 2 64 some use 1 128. When you put 4 32 GB chips do they run faster (MHz)? No.

        So where did your reasoning start from?

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