Zong Added 800K 4G Users in Just One Month!

It appears that Zong added close to 800,000 4G users to its network during September 2016 alone, mainly due to rise of its portable 4G MiFi devices that come with massive monthly data limits and Internet only SIMs.

While it is still being debated if 4G internet could become primary internet connection for masses or not, Pakistani internet users are apparently relying more on Zong’s 4G Data Devices, as compared to wired broadband, thanks to up to 200GBs of per month data limit offered by Zong.


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Fact is being reflected in Pakistan Telecommunication Authority latest monthly stats as total number of 3G and 4G users reach 34.19 million.

According to latest figures from regulator, Zong’s 4G users reached 1.72 million at the end of September 2016, up from just 0.92 million a month ago.

With Warid’s LTE users, the total number of 4G customers in Pakistan reached 2.3 million at the end of September 2016, up from 1 million subscribes just two months ago.


3G Users in Pakistan

Pakistan’s total 3G population reached 32 million at the end of September as all four 4G operators added some 800K 3G users during the reported month.

Mobilink added 543K 3G users during the month to top the charts. Zong that did well for 4G, lost some 91K 3G users — who probably were upgraded to 4G.



Mobile Phone Users Reach 134.41 Million

Overall Mobile phone users (2G, 3G and 4G combined) reached 134.41 million at the end of September 2016.

More insight on mobile phone users in below graphs:





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    • All companies in Pak are dhong my dear. If they work they work fine for someone, and for others at the same time, same network performs as shittty as Bangladesh cricket team.

      • Have you ever monitor your Internet usage. I hope you will find Zong is not providing you actual data limit. Even their Internet usage record is not correct. You will find some missing data.

        • Well one thing you could do to stop the data from draining fast is do not plug-in the device directly in PC, rather plug it in a USB power source and use its Wifi. In your PC’s wireless settings set that connection as a ‘Metered Connection’ this way Windows will not use the data in background and a lot of it will be saved

  • Main reason of Zong 4G boost is their coverage. Zong recently enhanced its 4G coverage by 5000 Cell sites and planning to enable 1000 more cell site at year end. Now atleast in Punjab, Zong 4G is available even at very small cities where even 3G of Ufone and Telenor is not available.
    2nd Zong’s MBB devices have become rage among users thanks to pathetic performance of PTCL. Many people went for 75 GB zong offer in Aug that maximize their 4G number of users.
    And this is the time Mobilink have to realize that their main competition now is Zong not Telenor, thanks to cheap Telenor 3G/4G performance.

  • And Zong priority is to be provide more data at cheap price.
    fun facts, I use 4g+ in Kuwait and it is so cheap like i pay 13 kwd per month plus free 4g router that is equal to 4,498.27 PKR and the data limit is 1000gb per month, average speed is around 30mbps download and upload. way to cheap as compare with zong.

  • اس وقت زونگ کے پیکجز تمام نیٹورک کے مقابلے میں سب سے اچھے اور ورائٹی بھی زیادہ ہے باقی تمام نیٹورک بہت مہنگے ہیں اور اگر یہی سپیڈ رہی تو زونگ لیڈر ہو گا

  • Of topic :

    Can anybody some speed tests comparing zongs data sim and the normal voice sims?

    I sometime feel my connection is throttled …

    p2p torrents ARE THROTTLED ….:-(

    • I am uaing Zong MiFi and sim simultaneously. Speed is equal to both. Torrent speed depends on seeds and leechers and their ratio.

    • I easily get 35-50megabits on Zong’s data SIM… in my experience zong never throttles speed if seeds are good speed is good… never owned zong’s master SIM though

  • میں نے بھی ایک مہینہ ھوا زونگ 4جی لی ھے باقی نیٹ ورک سے اچھا نیٹ چل رہا ھے

  • I was wondering what was the reason behind Zing’s 4G services getting shittier every day. Apparently, choking up the lines with hundreds of thousands of users is.

  • A graph is repeated in the article – net addition of 3G users in Sept. Can we have net addition of total cellular subscribers (2G/3G/4G) for each operator?

  • Dear author,
    3G Net addition for the month of Sep, 2016 mentioned here is not correct. You actually mentioned the Net addition of Aug, 2016 but gave it the name of Sep, 2016 mistakenly. Kindly revise it accordingly.

  • Dear Author,
    Thanks for revising the graph, In net addition still the previous (wrong) graph of 3G net addition is pasted. Kindly update/change that too.

  • Hy Friends
    Koi dost bata sakta hy
    Zong monthly 6 GB (Rs 600) kay liye kitna recharge karana parrta hy in Punjab
    Please reply

  • I had one zong dongle for over a year now and decided to get another one last month. The new device consumed 25GB in 4 days and my usage has not gone up. First I thought it maybe a mistake so I’ve added another 25GB to my plan and it did the same thing again. 25GB in 4 days. No way! I went to Zong office and they have no way to identify which website or application consumed this much data. There were other customers at the office with same complaint. I think Zong is charging customers for the data they are not consuming. There’s no way to prove them wrong. This practice should stop and customers should be charged for honest consumption. Feel free to comment if you experience the same problem

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