PEMRA Puts a Blanket Ban on Airing Indian Content on Pakistani TV and Radio Channels

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has put a blanket ban on airing any kind of Indian content for Pakistani satellite TV and Radio channels.

In a new order issued moments ago, PEMRA has directed Pakistani TV and FM radio channels to not air any sort of Indian content at all.

Earlier, as legislated during Shaukat Aziz time, Pakistani TV and radio channels were allowed to air Indian content up to a certain limit, i.e. 6 percent of air time per day.

However, this is changing now as no Indian content is allowed to be aired in Pakistan at all.

In the wake of recent differences between neighboring countries, PEMRA had requested government to decide on the fate of allowed limit for Indian content in Pakistan.

PEMRA has said that a response from government is received now and based on new government policies, all Indian content is banned for broadcast in Pakistan.

PEMRA said that this ban will be implemented starting October 21st, 3PM and any violations will be dealt strictly through license cancellation without any warning or notices.

PEMRA directive on this is displayed below:



  • What about Indian Bollywood news and tidbits on Pakistani news papers? They can’t survive unless few Bollywood pictures are not inserted in the dailies…

    • tumlog ek kam karo..
      ab se India pak ki match bhi maat dekhna..
      kyunki usme toh India bhi hai..
      ek aur kam karo LOC k tarah bhi maat dekha..
      kyunki idhar toh hum INDIAN rhete hai..
      foreigner company ko bhi BAN karo samsung, huawei, lg etc..
      kyunki woh log bhi toh INDIA me business krte hai..
      URDU bolna bhi chorr do..
      URDU language Indian muslim ne nikala hai..
      so URDU bhi Indian language hai..
      ek aur last kam karo.. pakistan chorr do..
      kyunki pakistan toh INDIA me tha..
      actually pakistan toh tha he nhi kahi..
      agar INDIA ki saari chize BAN krne hai toh ache se karo na.. :D :D

      sab complete BAN kar do INDIA ki products, zamin, language.. everythng..

      • Oh bhai yeh na ho ham Mughal Empire dobara wapis lay lain sari 4,000,000 km (according to wikipedia) :)

      • Beta abhi tumhari movies or content bann kiya ha or PEMRA se har PAKISTANI ke yehe request he ke tumharay content ko hamare MEDIA pe off he rakhte takay hamari industry improve hoo or hamara content develop hoo. Because we have culture difference PAKISTAN is no like ENDIA.

        • hai he tumlog jugli :D :D
          by d way i am atheist.. so i undrstand tum kis way se bol rahe ho..
          cool down ok.. :D :D

      • Were you drunk when you wrote this?
        What irrelevant and stupid bunch of comments?
        And most of the things you have mentioned you have today as “Indian” were actually given to you by your Muslim rulers who were not Indians but Arabs, Afghans and Central Asians.
        So you should return all of those to their rightful owners . . Pakistan the Muslims of India who ruled you before and Insha’Allah will one day rule you again.

      • Hum sab kuch chorne ko tayyar hain, magar tum log sirf ek kaam karo. KASHMIR ko chorr do! Bohat takleefain bardaasht kar leen un masoom logon ne. Ab unko azaad kar do.

        • KASHMIR me kisi ko takleef nhi hai..
          mere khud bohot kashmiri muslims frnds hai..
          jo tumlog news me sunte ho sab galat ha..
          woh sab tumhare waha k terriorst log aa kar kuch logo ko bharkate hai..
          aur kuch uneducated log ha jo aisi afwa failate hai aur karwata bhi hai..

      • Tappey hue Indian ki CHOTI SOCH! lol

        O Indian, tum log kon sa apne Indian Channels per Pakistani Content dikha dikha k marey ja rahey ho to hamare mulk me apna ghatiya content ban hota dekh ker itni michi lag rahi hai ?????

        Lo aaj se me Indian Movies ka bhi boyyccot kerta hun, horr dasso. :P

  • I am watching DISH TV HD+ (100+ HD and 250+ SD channels and 5.1 surround sound) Dil sea tou Indian Entertainment ko nahi nakal saktey!

          • U don’t have anything to say on my quotes, “Dil sea tou Indian Entertainment ko nahi nakal saktey”.

          • So you are,” dood ka dolha”? Like you people have fake ego problem but Indian Entertainment is best, even better than American or british entertainment.

        • We — you’d be surprised how few traitors like you are — but you get promoted heavily and disproportionately due to the media which is in the clutches of Indians and Jews.
          The vast majority of Pakistani people are most loyal and would quit Indian stuff if only we had dynamic leadership which showed them how to do it through their own actions — unfortunately we lack this — hypocrite leaders cannot lead patriots.

            • Arsalan you confuse Patriotism with literacy — hence your comment. Please look up a Thesaurus before commenting.
              If the people were literate they would not elect these hypocrites, however their hearts and feelings for the country are pure. They just get fooled by the conniving liars that are our leaders.

          • I am not here to take a side of India but I also love Indian Entertainment. And Entertainment is nothing to with so called 2 countries fighting for nothing.

      • Lol! It’s funny how patriotic you’re trying to be whereas I can bet my ass you will watch all the upcoming Bollywood movies and listen to all their popular songs.

        And whether agree with me or pretend to disagree, our TVs become a decoration item without Indian content. The local cable sucks ass! There’s nothing to watch other than News Channels and cooking shows.

        • Wrong. Alhamd-o-lillah, not only do I not watch Bollywood movies or dramas, but everything Bollywood is banned in my house — except the ads which I simply cannot get away from even when watching Pakistani talk shows.
          So please only speak for yourself, not others.

        • And not now — since satellite TV dishes started, and Indians started invading us culturally — fortunately I was one of the people who identified this as a cultural invasion and fourth generation war way before Zaid Hamid or any other person, and put a stop to it from the very start in my family.

            • There are many who are not affected by Indian culture.It all depends on your upbringing and values.Indian media is news to me..

              • Right! If we watch Indian Entertainment that does not mean that we will change our religion. Instead Indian culture bringing new thinking like, “RISHTA WOHI, SOCH NAYI” quotes from popular Indian channel.

        • Well said. Our so called patriotic country don’t have any talent. Whereas our neighbor has best singers, actors, directors and writers. Can Pakistan produce singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Alka Yagnik, Shreya Ghoshal, Muhammad Rafi, Kishor Kumar, Mukesh, Menna Dey, Udit Narayn, Kumar Sanu, Arijit Singh? I am also a Music Lover, so this is just a small example.

    • Shook se dekhein indian content par free me paiso me nai. Unki economy ko profit nai hona chahye is baat ka khyaal rakhein tabhi ap apnay patriotism ko defend ker payenge.

      • I even cut the cable tv since 2010. 2010 sey hea Indian DTH istmall kar raha hu. Kau kay mujay pata tha kay so called PEMRA dubara ban kar de ge.

    • Guessed as much from your last comment.
      Had anyone in your family died fighting for this country like millions of REAL Pakistanis (not tenants in Pakistan), you would not be.
      And yes I have several people in my family who have died fighting Indians on borders and some who could not make it to the border in 1947.
      And I don’t let my family and children forget those sacrifices, and why we made them.

    • Another “WE” vote here. If you’re literally dying to get Indian entertainment, then go to India. We don’t need you in Pakistan. Bcoz ager aap jasey logo pe kabhi wakt aya k “PAKISTAN ki Sovrenity & Shah Rukh Khan” me se ksi 1 ko chunna parey, to black sheeps like you will definitely pick SRK.

      So again “WE” don’t need you.

      • Entertainment is nothing to do with countries/boundaries. Only you small minded people are ignoring it because some of you so called patriotic have ego problems.

  • Umeed h Pakistani Media apna caliber brhae aur dramo k bech m jo lambe lambe advertisement dete hn, unpe thora control kre.

    Yahi moqa h Pakistan Media aur Films ko apne apko ooper laane ka, otherwise Indian TV and Movies hmesha jeet jaengy (Worst Truth).

  • This is an excellent decision and Indian content should be banned permanently every bit of it.
    Pakistan should also auction DTH asap so people can have the legal alternative.
    Kudos to PEMRA :)

  • Good decision u ban DTH etc so now tell me as a sports lover what should i see on tv now news news news tensports ptv only show limited games all football leagues Tennis out side of Asia cricket matches we seeing on star sports and ESPNSony so pemra have backup channels NO if u ban it ok now plzz allows Supersports channels back in Pakistan so Pakistani people enjoy some good sports we are fed up of these nonsense stupid breaking news

  • Absar alam said. Hum gair qanooni dth k khilaf aur chaapay maraingay… usi press confrence me : hum dha walon ko appeal krtay hain k indian dth ka istamal na kren. Mtlb gareeb k lye kanoon aur hai aur ameer k lye aur. Shop keepers ko jotay jb k dha walon ko respectable appeal. Wah re mere pyare pakistan.

  • What about our Pakistani weddings which are incomplete without Indian “Mehendi” and “Baraat” songs.

    • So you are supporting indian content… aray bhai tv channels aur programs ban hone se humara talent aur culture promot hoga aapko ye baat kyun samajh nahi ati har waqt apna hi dhol peet’te rehte ho jab tabdeeli anay lagti hai tau aap log taang khenchne ajate bhai shukar kiya karo k kuch tau acha hone ja raha hai

      • Bilkul, I agreed, Me hamesha se ye chahti thi ke is vulgarity ko BAN kiya jaye, hamari nai nasal ko barbad hone se bachaya jae…or ab jaa ke meri duaen qubool ho rahi hen…Hamen to Shukar ada karna chahiye Allah Pak ka laakh laakh.

    • If we were really Muslims in spirit and not just in name, we would be doing what our Prophet taught us through the wedding of his own daughters and himself.
      This matter would be automatically resolved, and indeed millions of poor people would not feel the burden of marrying off their daughters.

  • Well done appreciated. Please also crackdown on the our SICK ELECTRONIC MEDIA which airs 3rd class indian item songs with Nude dancing indian Sluts as headline news

  • Good decision. For the first time in my life, i am appericiating Pemra. Good work and keep it up.

  • Shuker he. Jaan chooti indian crap see ENDIANS ko hamare country se jo channels per profit jata tha wo ab bhool jayen atleast hamari industry ko agay barhnay ka mauka milega.
    PEMRA ne pehli bar koi izzat wala kaam kiya ha.

  • Wah PEMRA Wah, pehli baar aapke liye khare hoke taaliyan bajaney ka dil chah raha hai. Aap ne yeh kaam successfully kar dia tu aapko andaza nahi aap kitni khidmat kar jaoge humare country ki.

    Yeh kaam khair khairiyat se hojae phir next step hoga humare apne dramas aur movies wagera main sahi culture aur sahi chezon ko promote karna. Humare content ko fazool vulgarities aur khurafat se paak karna aur humare content se indian influence ko khatam karna.

    Allah Pak aapko himmat dey aap ke in sare faislon main hum aapke sath hain.

  • What about banning all Indian produced advertisement costing billions to Pakistan. . .our entire media production industry could get a huge boost creating hundreds of thousands of jobs, if we simply banned all Indian produced ads . . .it will also improve the production quality domestically.
    Besides at least our children will get to hear better Urdu rather than lame-duck Hindi dialect of Urdu and hindi language.

    • No one will buy the product if we ban Indian actors ads. And we Pakistani don’t know how to make good television ads.

  • Boht acha decision. Shukar hai PEMRA ko aqal i. Ab lag raha hai k mulk me Electronic Media Regulatory ki koi Authority bhi hai.

  • ALLAH Paak ka laakh SHUKAR Hai. Sooo happy that Indian Content is finally banned in Pakistan 100%.

    But I still see channels like Urdu 1, Aplus, Express, Filmazia & some Indian music channels airing indian content. PEMRA please BAN these channels right away. These channel administrators should also be fined 10M & must sent be sent behind bars for 4 years, then they’ll learn their lesson.

    Now Indian movies must also be banned in Pakistani Cinemas.

    My question is, we all know Israel is our enemy & we hate them the way we should hate an enemy, because they took countless innocent lives in Palestine. But when it comes to India Vs Kashmir, why we’ve been treating India like a cool bro like villain??? India killed our countless innocent muslim brothers & sisters and yet we watch & enjoy their content like a loving neighboring country??? Why the hell is there so much discrimination?? Be realistic guys. India is our enemy & what they deserve from us is a slap on their bloody faces, not flowers & Favorite Nation medals damm it.

  • Indian TV commercials must also be banned on Pakistani channels, even Surf Excel ads feature Indian models. Say NO MORE to them as well.

  • Please lift Ban on sony Sub Channel just like as releasing indian movies on pakistani cinemas.
    I only watch “Tarak Metha Ka olta chasma & Balveer.
    any news about that to lift ban on indian channel .

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