Towershare Signs Infrastructure Sharing Agreement with Telenor Pakistan

Towershare, a Middle Eastern’s Tower Company, has signed an agreement with Telenor Pakistan to operate and manage Mobile tower infrastructure in the country.

Through this agreement, Towershare will enable Telenor Pakistan to expand its network, as well as enabling access to its existing portfolio, in order to support its increasing subscriber base nationwide.

With such contracts, Towershare deploys and owns the towers while providing the access to (multiple) mobile phone companies. Towershare, it maybe noted, has the expertise of network deployment in tough terrains where operators find it hard and not viable to operate in usual circumstances.

Additionally, Towershare also has this model of leasing one single tower to multiple companies even in the urban areas to offer win-win situation for everyone.

The contract was signed between Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO Telenor Pakistan, and Rehan Hassan, President & CEO Towershare.

Senior executives from both companies attended the signing ceremony and expressed their firm belief that this joint venture will help in delivering cost effective and high quality telecommunication services in a dynamic and highly competitive market. Towershare shall own and operate these towers, further consolidating its position as the largest independent tower operator in the country,

Commenting on the development, Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO Telenor Pakistan, said, “We believe shared mobile infrastructure is a smart way to accelerate the spread of telecom and digital services that will reap benefits by conserving resources and staying friendly to the environment. We are pleased to join hands with Towershare as it is our mission to empower socities with technology and bring ‘Internet for All’.”

Rehan Hassan, President and CEO Towershare, said, “This partnership is yet another step for fulfilling our vision of providing the full economic, strategic and operational benefits of shared mobile infrastructure to all the operators in the country and we are pleased that Telenor has selected us in this quest”

Towershare said that it is committed to help operators improve their coverage and capacity, whilst helping to bring down the cost of providing Mobile data and telephony services to the masses in an environmentally friendly manner.

With data utilization expected to continue surging for the foreseeable future, Mobile Network Operators will continue to be under immense pressure to upgrade and improve their networks while at the same time reduce operating costs.

Towershare said that it will enable Telenor to focus on their Network expansions and optimization while providing peace of mind for Telenor’s passive infrastructure.

  • It looks like a game changer. Operators are focusing on their telco part while offloading their passive infrastructure to Tower Co’s. This real estate business by 3rd parties will defiantly benefit the operators and its already happening globally. Although late in Pakistan industry but end of the day ball has started rolling down.

  • This is quite a positive move from Telenor! Outsourcing the
    tower management is going to be beneficial and at the same time cost effective
    in the long run. Not only that but also good for the telecom industry! Good work Telenor!

    • indeed. Industrial trend is changing and will help telecom operators to over come their losses and headcount.

  • Nice, the culture of more is more is changing to less is better, Pakistan welcomes shared economy, revolutionary !

  • Joining hands with Towershare can help Telenor achieve cost effective infra structure solutions to address the increasing customer base and can take Telenor’s Digital services to new heights.

  • Telenor & Mobilink tried to start Tower Co back in 2008 /2009 but could not proceed ahead from table talk, but now once again it is a brave step from Telenor to outsource their towers to 3rd party.

    In my opinion instead of operator to operator sharing or a operator to operator Tower Company, a neutral 3rd party can do it in a more better way as they will treat all the operators in a same manner with same level of services. seen few names in Pakistan as a 3rd independent party and its an excellent move. New roll outs are certainly very less, lets see what different these companies can do to survive in a over mature telecom market like Pakistan.

    • Like a industry in Pakistan containing approx 38K towers, one should also start planning for consolidation. Seen multiple towers on same building or in a same vicinity or on 1 plot. Telecom should start thinking Green now.

    • 10 companies with tower licence in Pakistan as per PTA. Surprised how many are active at the moment. Never heard about few names before. but its good to see the competition.

  • The Future belong to companies like Towershare and others, the business model of such companies will have a great impact on economic scale and betterment of Telecom industry.
    Outsourcing project like this will minimize cost which is obviously good for any organizations.
    After Telenor there will be more competitive move, right now Telenor is with a competitive edge. :)


    • off course CAPEX & OPEX both will be controlled by this model. Specially in current scenario of energy crisis telco’s can only focus on increasing the teledensity and their revenues with better services while Tower Co’s can minimize the cost and concentrate on opex reduction along with energy pilferage. Excellent business model by both companies.

  • It’s a great move, not just for the 2 companies, and for Telecom Industry, but also for Pakistan! It was an old and strong wish of all of us that Tower Outsourcing should start in Pakistan. Thank God it has. One hopes that there are more such agreements in the very near future.

  • I would say a big success for both stake holders with an excellent move. Its a very positive step in Pakistan Telecom Industry. Congrats Telenor & Towershare.

  • Very good initiative..!! Hopefully telco’s would use these savings to improve their network coverage, specially in remote areas. This would benefit mobile users as they would not have to change mobile sims while visiting northern areas.

  • Operators finally understanding that they belong with active infrastructure. Integrating 3rd party system in towerco will help them to focus their attention only on the product they make.

  • While going through Towershare portfolio, i have come across a year old same type of release regarding Ufone & Towershare partnerhip to expand their network. It means its working now. good to know.

    • Ufone and Towershare are old partners since 2010 when Towershare build sites for Ufone nationwide and then in 2015 once again they singed a new contract for build to suite sites which was a big success for both parties.

  • Telenor always thinks out of the box, and its a good initiative. I must say telenor is a trend setter. Now i can see lot many transactions or deals in the same manner,

  • Does that mean telenor will downsize its Employees as well? No wonder jobs are getting eliminated from Telecom sector

      • So this is a new emerging market to boost up economy and open new gateways for employment. good to know.

      • I meant to say that jobs in operator will be eliminated. People will go to vendor with lesser salaries, lesser benefits. What a shame :(

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