M2 Motorway is Getting Digital Signboards

The latest addition to the list of initiatives taken by PM Nawaz is the installation of digital signboards at Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M2.

In October, PM Nawaz stated that motorway was constructed solely by his party. He said,

“Ask any party if they have constructed a motorway. Ask any other prime minister of Pakistan or dictator if they have constructed a motorway. We began constructing motorways and now we will connect Karachi and Balochistan. Road networks are so important, they reduce distances, and promote development.”

The news about the motorway project was delivered by Roshan Pakistan on their official Twitter account. The statement read,


Here are some of the shots of the digital boards which are being upgraded




These digital signboards complement the motorway and can be used to splash updates regarding weather conditions, road conditions or even alerts of a general or critical nature to motorists who are using it since they are easily programmable.

Having said that, there are still a lot of matters which need immediate attention from the government such as the electricity and gas crisis. Moreover, creating jobs for the youth which has been a constant concern in Pakistan for the last decade or so.

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  • The writer is pro poti leage as does the blog. Instead of appreciation, he is writing like being forced by someone. My suggestion to propakistani, please don’t write anything about PMLN success, because your heart is biased towards Poti leage.

    • sir. with due respect please listen to other parties too. PM hasnt done anything big apart from the motorways. i wonder if you are not complaining about electricity and gas shortages plus price hikes in staple food commodities

    • Apart from abuse in your comment, I partially aggree with you.
      Don’t criticise every action of govt.
      Rather, think before you vote.

  • o bhai ye sign boards k achar dalna hai jab awam bhooki mar rahi hai.na bijli na pani na gas na rozgar na karobar. lanat hai aese prim minister par or us ki hakumat par

    • Hamare haan bijli bhi hai pani bhi hai roti bhi hai, infrastructure nhi hai hummhe woh chahiye, PML N zindabad.
      Zero loadshedding hai yahan

    • Zindagi main kabhi motorway per safar kia hai tou ney? Pata hota kuch nahi, aur ban jatey hain financial experts.

      I recommend these should also be installed on highways too. Motorist will be better informed about road conditions and any other immediate update.

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