Geo News Chatbot Offers News, Talk Shows and More in Facebook Chat

Recently Google launched their messenger called Google Allo. Google packed their application with a super-smart Google Assistant AI – like a friendlier, chattier Google Now. The assistant offers general questions, play games with you, track sports scores and flights, suggest smart replies and more.

All this is possible because of a chatbot and AI. And it seems that Pakistani companies are also taking inspiration from them.

Geo has announced to launch their very own application called Geo News Chatbot for Facebook Messenger. It has a similar layout and operates in the same fashion when it comes to queries and finding news stories. You can use it direct on Facebook Messenger to serve up the content or news that you are looking for.

Features of Geo News Chatbot

The main feature of this application is the same as well, to help people find news without having to waste time browsing news. The chatbot, an artificially intelligent bot, interacts with humans to help them browse through thousands of articles present on the Internet and on Geo’s website.

The bot guides you through some of the basic features once you join and after that, user can begin its conversation with the bot.

The application also allows for users to subscribe to topics that they are most interested in. The results and the subscribed channels/topics will be sent to the users once everyday.

Geo News Chatbot Commands for Use in Facebook Messenger

Specific keywords are assigned for specific features which can be utilized by the users. For instance, if you want to share some news with your friends or family, all you have to do is type SHARE.

To browse through specific categories of news, you can type:

  • WORLD,
  • SPORT,

ChatBot Also Offers Geo TV Programs for Users

You can also search for talk shows that air on Geo TV.

Here’s a list of them, along with their accompanying codes:

  • CT for Capital Talk,
  • ASKKS for Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Sath,
  • AKB for Aapas Ki Baat,
  • JA for Jirga,
  • NP for Naya Pakistan,
  • MM for Meray Mutabiq,
  • ADGKS for Aik Din Geo Kay Saath,
  • KN for Khabarnak,
  • RC for Report Card,
  • SC for Score,
  • GP for Geo Pakistan,
  • DKK for Dopher Ki Khabar,
  • GH for Geo News headlines,
  • GB for Geo News bulletins,
  • SP for Special report.

If you want to learn more about the features, typing HELP in the ChatBox will give you the prompts for all of them.

The Geo chatbot is not limited to news alone. They have also included the feature of applying for jobs through this application which will help increase its popularity and usage among the younger generation. To apply for jobs, type JOB.

You can use Geo News Chatbot for Facebook Messenger from here.

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