These Wireless Headphones Provide the Best Bang for Your Rupee in Pakistan

When it comes to buying headphones, most people just go and buy anything that they can afford. Often times wired headphones/earbuds are the go-to choice. They may be good enough for using with your laptop/phone but what if there was a wireless alternative?

Wireless headphones means you can say bye to messy wires, especially those found in wired headphones in general. Wired ones are also very easy to break. Your cat or any other pet could claw or chew the wires. Trip over the wire, pull it when its stuck and that’s it, no more working headphones.

Sure, the wireless headphones come with their own pet peeves – battery life, quality, etc.

But if you want to take a plunge to wireless headphones, these are the 5 wireless headphones that you can get in Pakistan. We’ve kept this list generalized and suitable for all price points, features and budgets.

So lets dig in.

1. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H7


These pair of headphones are the best of the best out there. Praised for their premium build quality, crisp and accurate sound quality with good amounts of bass, these are better than the Sennheisers out there.

In case you’re wondering, the controls are on the side and are touch sensitive.

Price is the only downside here as this costs a hefty Rs 50,000 or above locally.

It makes no compromises on comfort and battery life as well. The battery can last more than 20 hours on a single charge. An extra cable with a 3.5mm jack also comes with the Beoplay H7 in case you’re out of battery or don’t have a Bluetooth connection available.

Price: Rs. 57,000

2. Jabra Move Wireless


The name Jabra may not be familiar to the laymen out there not knowing much about the world of audio hardware makers.

But here’s why you must check them out – this one is for those who are looking for the best value for their money. The quality these offer are on par with the greats out there although not on the same level as the Beoplay H7 mentioned earlier.

Quality that compares to Sennheisers and JBL with this kind of price is a must buy.

Battery life for these headphones is also pretty good with 12 days stand by time and 8 hours of constant music playback time. An auxiliary cable is also shipped with these headphones in case you run out of battery.

Price: Rs 7,100-9,000 (depends on retailer)

3. JBL Synchros E40BT


JBL is a famous brand name in the audio world with a history of good consumer level headphones. These are no exception and don’t compromise much in terms of quality.

The Synchros E40 claims to offer a stellar battery life. JBL claims that it lasts 16 hours while playing music. Bass is the focus with these headphones and they don’t compromise on comfort either. The price however is higher than the Jabra Move mentioned above however you know what you’re paying for with these pair of cans.

Price: Rs. 16,000

4. Skullcandy Hesh 2


What does something called “Skullcandy” bring to the table you might ask? Why style of course.

Skullcandy offers customization with colors and patterns of all sorts including camo patterns for the cups and different patterns and formations for the pads and the head bands. The sound quality is no slouch either and it offers clarity and bass reproduction comparable to the likes of JBL.

Like the previous 3 pairs of headphones, these come with an aux cable as well. They call it the “backup aux cable” in case you run out of batteries and such. On the topic of battery, Skullcandy claims that the Hesh 2 can provide 15 hours of music playback when fully charged.

Price: Rs. 14,000 (varies at different retail outlets)

5. Audionic Blue Beats B-777


If you don’t want to spend too much on a pair of headphones or if you are on a budget, these headphones are for you.

These are just a regular pair of headphones albeit wireless. They last for 10 hours according to Audionic. Whether this is standby time or music playback is not mentioned. They are good for anyone who are looking to get on the wireless revolution and that too without spending a pretty hefty amount on it.

Price: Rs. 3,200

Got any better recommendations than these that are available locally? Like any of these pair of cans? Let us and your fellow readers know in the comments below.

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    • get a good DAP like the Onkyo X1 which lets you play MQA with hi res features such as DSD realtime conversion . Mp3’s are a thing of a past now

  • This post doesn’t fulfil the purpose when its confirmed that 99.999999% Pakistanis will not be interested in anything more than 3000.

  • 50k wala mention kr diya but beats waly mention nhi dumb post hai..
    aur audionic b-777 ki sound achi hai pr material itna farig hai k sab plastic toot jata hai 1 week k andr hi…phir elfi laga kr jorty raho..

    • bhai dumb post to nahi ha khair aik tu hm mun utha k ksi pe b tanqeed ker dety hain, hmre qoum main dosron ki bari sab phanny khan hoty hain aur apne ghalti pe sab ko dosra chance chahye hota ha ! btw i personally use beats by dr dre studio and its a good headphone they should have mentioned it in the post

    • Beats ka koi mukabla nai 50k walay se.
      JBL aur Skullcandy walay headphone bhi quality wise behtar hain Beats se. Beats ki price bhi zyada he in dono se.
      audionic wala un logon k liay he jo try mar rahay hain pehli dafa wireless headphones.

  • I got LG-Hbs 800 (first copy) from Daraz for Rs. 1700. Although Daraz confirmed me on email that it is the original and not fake but looking at the price, I was sure it couldn’t be original. In case you guys order anything from Daraz, do not expect 100% original product despite their written confirmation. However, the sound is at par with good headphones.

    • you can report to FIA abt this too….u have their written confirmation too abt the originality of the product.

      • Yes I have but I don’t know how to proceed further in a case like this. Let me see. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Price: Rs 7,100-9,000 (depends on retailer)

    ==> Instead you should say
    Price: Rs 7,100-9,000 (depends on the amount of profit greed)

  • LOL Now a days you can easily get Steelseries Headsets in used for merely 1600 to 2000 then who is going to buy Audionic Crap.

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