Pakistan Loses Rs. 350 Billion Stocks in 1 Week Amidst Political Turmoil

Pakistan Stock Exchange has been in the news for both good and bad reasons. Good reason being that for the week before this current week, the stock market was enjoying an upswing in investor confidence.

But this trading week (Monday 24th to Friday 28th) the local bourse has seen Rs. 350 billion loss owing to the uncertain political situation with Panama Leaks and Islamabad protests coming to a head.


Till the filing of this report, the KSE-100 index was at 39765 points, down 450 points since trading opened in the morning. It should be mentioned that the index was also down 500 points yesterday.

Cumulatively, the market has gone down 1900 points this week. The market is still in trading, so depending on the investor’s mood and political developments in Pakistan, the bearish trend is expected to continue.

The market hit a record high on 20th October, and ever since then the bourse has lost Rs 353.65 billion over the course of 5 trading sessions.

With the certain political climate in the background, investors are expected to stay put, as no one has any idea about what outcome the protests in the capital city will lead to.

It should be mentioned that this is dire news for PSX, which was adjudged as one of the best performing markets by Bloomberg recently.


  • Everybody saw State Terror yesterday night when Police harassed peaceful women and arrested Political activists in Isb who were attending only Youth convention!
    You cannot Protest in Nawaz Sharif Dictatorship who will do anything to save his corruption. We all saw Model Town incident when women were shot in the face by the Punjab Police under Rana Sanaullah who’ nothing short of a Terrorist Himself!
    P.s: Nawaz Sharif don’t give a Shit about Pakistan, recent security leaks are a proof of it as he will not miss any opportunity to embarrass Pakistan Army

  • Nothing remains up forever; there are periods of upswing as well as the times of downturns. There are opportunities in each. You buy when others are selling cheap, throwing away their stocks in panic, and sell when they are buying (thereby driving the prices upwards) and booking your profits.

  • Author should research before concluding any thing. The down trend in stock market is not mainly due to dharna or crackdown. After every ATH (All Time High) in stock market, there is always a correction in opposite direction and profit taking. For the last two days , NASDAQ is also going down after ATH , should we blame it on Dharna too ? First learn how stock markets work , then write on this topic.

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