75% of Internet Usage Will be Through Mobile Devices in 2017

According to a new report in Zenith’s Mobile Advertising Forecast, around 75 percent of all internet activity done next year will be through Mobiles alone. That’s a sizable jump from just four years back in 2012 when it stood at just about 40 percent.

The report is published after tracking patterns from 60 countries worldwide. While it is easy to pin this on the rise of Asia, the report finds that the highest mobile internet usage is achieved in Spain, where 85 percent of people are connected through mobile.

Hong Kong comes next with 79 percent, followed by China at 76 percent, the US with 74 percent, while Italy and India stand at 73 percent.

As expected, most of this was done on the back of smartphones, which have seen a rapid rise in recent times. The report estimates that 56 percent people own Smartphones in these countries right now, which is incredible given four years ago that number was just 23 percent. Ireland and Singapore top the list with 92 and 91-percent Smartphone penetration, respectively.

The report estimates that 63 percent people will own smartphones by 2018 in these countries. The report predicts China, Hong Kong and Spain to lead the pack in the coming few years, with the countries said to have mobile internet usage numbers set an 89, 87 and 86 percent, respectively.

Naturally, this opens new avenues of advertising business and the report calculates the share of advertising on mobile to rise from 52 to 60 percent by 2018, which will be equal to $134 billion, which is larger than all other traditional mediums such as newspapers, magazines, cinema and outdoor advertising, combined.