Samsung is Bringing Exclusive Korean Accessories to All Markets

Companies like Samsung are used to selling exclusive accessories in their own part of the world but Samsung for the first time is bringing them to other markets as well. Here is the complete list in all its glory:

Wireless Speaker Bottle Design


The flagship accessory is this 360-degree wireless speaker, shaped to look like a bottle. It has a 16-million color LED on top. The LED hue can be changed by a simple shake to align with your mood. The speaker also comes with support for the Lux Manager App, which allows you additional settings.

The wireless speaker allows you a richer audio, which can also be customized with gestures. It supports wireless charging to close the deal. The Wireless Speaker Bottle will cost just $69.99 once it goes on retail.

Wireless Charger Tray Design


This accessory is a stylish wireless charger which can charge two devices wirelessly at once, as well as an additional gadget through a wire. Charging begins immediately once a compatible device is placed on top. (~$58)

Battery Pack Kettle Design


This is a battery pack available in two sizes: 5100 mAh and 10200 mAh. It will be available in either pink or blue. There is an LED notification light as well as a kickstand and a wrist strap for an increased ease of use. (~$26 and ~$35)



This accessory is a simple substitute to your phone’s LED which acts as a torch. It is brought to life once it is hooked to a USB cable. It naturally supports the aforementioned battery pack. (~$9)

Wireless Speaker Scoop Design


Inspired slightly by the Amazon Echo, this speaker comes with a strap and a splash-resistant design. It can take calls through a built-in mic, while its noise-reduction and echo cancellation help it too. Design-wise, it is a treat to look at. (~$48)

In-ear Headphones Rectangle Design


Last in line are these fabric-and-metal construction headphones, which have a tangle-free cable and offer a “balanced, high-quality audio”. (~$26)

The great thing is none of these accessories will really look out of place in your living room. Let’s just hope that they’ll be available in all of the company’s regions.

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