BOL Becomes First Pakistani TV Channel To Broadcast in 4K Ultra HD

We recently reported that BOL started its transmission and its TV channel is now live. BOL is claiming that they are making use of the latest technologies and are therefore broadcasting in Ultra HD, four times higher resolution than Full HD.

So far, there are only a couple of channels in Pakistan which are broadcasting in HD, namely 92 News and 24 News. With Ultra HD broadcast, BOL would be classed as a big feat if the newcomer is offering such superior video quality which hasn’t even gone mainstream in Europe or USA.

No other Pakistani channel, whether news or otherwise, is offering good picture quality. Even settled players are still stuck with SD quality for over a decade now.

Unfortunately, there is no TV subscriptions service in Pakistan which supports Ultra HD or even HD. The best you can get is through PTCL Smart TV in most parts of the country. Nayatel and some other service providers with limited coverage do offer HD hardware but their channel catalogue is very limited especially after the ban on Indian channels.

When comparing the picture quality of BOL with any other channel on a standard TV service provider like PTCL, there is definitely a clear difference and BOL’s quality is far superior to the rest, even those which broadcast in HD. Not only is BOL’s camera quality great, the channel’s graphics, text and other promos are of unmatched quality as well.

While original Ultra HD resolution cannot be viewed, a downscaled UHD video offers more detail than a standard Full HD video. This could be the reason why BOL’s picture quality is still looking better than other channels despite being downscaled.

Here are a couple of videos where BOL claims to offer Ultra HD picture quality.

4K Ulta HD Claim isn’t Verifiable

One point to note here is that BOL’s YouTube videos are only in 720p resolution. On BOL’s part, this is a notable omission. While we can’t confirm if BOL’s broadcast is Ultra HD, since we don’t have a quantitative proof of this available with yes, yet their claim of Ultra HD video cannot be refuted based on this.

Watching BOL even on downscaled quality is a delight and looks roughly the same as watching a YouTube video in HD. Until proven otherwise, BOL is the first Pakistani channel to broadcast in Ultra HD (4K) video quality.

He is the Editor at ProPakistani.

  • Yeah it’s really awesome! :D

    • guest

      Huh corruption money speaks.

    • Ali Salman

      It is awesome…Army behind it, corruption money, Axact case closed..Thumbs up for judiciary and those who helped and used their influence to make it happen.

  • Nida

    Wow…Keep it up good work BOL ;)

  • Adonis

    BOL has best picture quality Geo Ary Dunya Samma should come out of sleep and luanch atleast HD channels because i seldome watch these channels because we have 4 HD news channels now e.g. NEO News HD, 92 News HD, 24 News HD and BOL News HD

    HUM should also launch HD channel if they want to survive in market otherwise SEE TV HD is amazing channel with excellent quality

    • Adonis

      No its not HD its SD

    • Wolverine

      Existence of drama channels is based upon content not quality atleast in Pakistan. Where 90% houses still have standard TV sets. Hum TV is still in safe zone due to Top dramas compared to all channels. Its a most watched channel and people will not leave it just because of picture quality.

    • Gem Gul

      Could not agree more!

  • Xahid

    Unfortunately, we don’t have any medium to support UHD or even HD.
    That’s Sux.

    • Adonis

      Go to market and spend 3000 on dish and receiver you will get 5 HD channels and around 100 Pakistan channels

      • Ishtiaq

        Yeh kounsa setup hai 3000 main 100 Pakistani channels?

        • Adonis

          2000 chines HD receiver 1000 dish + LNB ad install it on Paksat

          • Noaman Ahmed

            Nice idea…any way to get a list of those 100 channels..i am mainly concerned with sports and movies

            • Adonis

              You will find one sports channel ptv sports and there is no movie channel currently

              • Xahid

                to phir baqi 99 channels main kya atta goondna sekhate hain ? wo bhi HD main?

                • Wolverine

                  Hahaha. Kuch log tajziya krne k chakar me chawal maar jatay hain.

              • Waqar Hussain

                The serivec is still very poor..
                No formats like netflix.
                It gets stuck.
                Needs multiple upgradation..

      • Wolverine

        O bhai jis cheez ka faida ni ha us ki baat Q krte ho? 100 me se 95 channel jb dekhne k qabil hi nhi hain to kia krna aise HD system ko? Us se achi to local cable hui phir.

        • Gem Gul

          Ask your cable operator for HD box. They offer better channel in crystal clear quality and many HD channels.
          – A satisfied user.

  • Atif Shaukat

    On Satellite Downlink BOL is on Full HD 1920x1080i and it is not 4K or Ultra HD. Bol is just claiming but not giving 4K.

    • Test

      Shallow claims upon which the entire axact “empire” is based upon.

    • Hasan

      You need to have uhd receiver to get 4k resolution.

  • Atif Shaukat

    And i was think till today that ProPakistani is reliable source of information but might be it is not…

    • aamir7

      Sir, last paragraph check karain.

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

        Aamir bhai kahan ghayeb thy last week?

      • Syed Zateen

        Any update on ajk 3g launch?

      • Test

        But, Aamir, then you shouldn’t title the article, “BOL Becomes First Pakistani TV Channel To Broadcast in 4K Ultra HD”.

        Make it, “BOL claims to be”.

  • Simba

    When the BOL network will be air ? any Live streaming available in UHD as well ?

  • Waheed Naeem

    its DVB-S2 HD not DVB-S2
    HEVC/UHD at the moment by BOL tv and i really dont know why are they claiming that they are using UHD/HEVC 4k ???

  • Muzzammil Hussain

    I am not sure what resolution they are running but their video quality is far far better than others. Even better than Neo News HD, Channel 24 HD and 92 News HD.

    I have Optix fiber optics connection.

  • I think they are confusing things. The max receivable resolution that I got from their satellite downlink was 1080p. Which, while is better than 720p, is not even close to 2k (1440p), let alone be 4k UHD (2160p). Regardless, I think they are the only local channel that is broadcasting in 1080p in Pakistan, so props to them.

  • Imran

    after all army is supporting them and they are playing army content

    • Nawaz Rajput

      It’s good to have a Pro Pakistan channel rather than an anti Pakistan Channel, e.g Geo news etc

      • Test

        Firstly, there is nothing Pro-Pakistan. It’s all about personal interests.

        Secondly, it’s important to have independent media. Or like North Korea, you’ll end up believing that your team played a foot-ball WC final and that you are the world super power.

      • BADAR

        Geo is a good Channel but Bol is a corrupt channel. Sub se bara chor kon??? Boll……

        • Ali

          I have heard, Geo is the media wing of RAW.. Anyone has any news on this for me pl.

    • BADAR

      If you are right then its may also right than its supported by Dawood Ibrahim (stated by indian Media last year) and Yeah is baat ko bhi sabit krta hai k Pakistan Dawood Ibrahin jaise Terrorist ko pallta hai. is liye ache bache aisa nhi bolte.

    • BADAR

      Aisi batain kar k app India ko mazid mauqa faraham kr rahe ho

  • Admin you forget one more channel that is HD now is NEONEWS

  • But truth is they don’t have any anchors to read news thats why they are only running azadi shows this time people are more thinkfull to join bol and leave their previous job

  • Armaghan

    now we can see corrupt and fake new on ultra 4K display… wow


    namely 92 News, 24 News, Neo News, Din News, 8XM, See TV

    • Adonis

      8xm is not HD and Din news is not even SD its resolution is 480*378

      • BADAR

        But They both claims to be HD and only available in PTCL smart v.

  • TheXpert

    The thing is you need your own dish setup with 4k uhd receiver only then you can see it otherwise there is no hd service provider until dth is available!


    Bol News aik bohat hi shokha channel hai. just cartoonic lagta hai. so called Pakistan No 1 channel hai. Pta nhi kis ne bana diya. dekh k lagta hai k yeah channel bana hi sirf govt girnane k liye hai. Govt ko is ko licence band krna chahiye. kyun k yeah ARY se bhi 10 hath agay hai. DHarnaHQ program ka maqsad kiya hai???

  • subhan

    4k? i will say ultra useless, we don’t want to see anchor pimples

  • Pakpehlay

    That awkward moment when NEWS becomes more about Quantity than Quality.
    How a News channel appeals to the eyes is of least importance instead an article should be written on how the quality of their news reporting is.

    Another moment when we can clearly see how our *Awaam* is more for the cosmetic than the heart.

  • ahmed

    In Pakistan there is no full hd channels . On Satellite Down-link all (NEO News HD, 92 News HD, 24 News HD) its only hd version 1280 x 720 only bol news have reception of 1920 x 1080 so these channels are claiming they are hd not full hd .but bol news claiming they are othere parts of the world no one broad cast 4k or uhd even japan is planning only Tokyo Olympics is airing on uhd resolution even not 4k.

  • Ali

    I have heard, Geo is the media wing of RAW in Pakistan. Anyone has any news on this for me pl.

  • Wolverine

    HD ho ya SD lekin jahan tak Graphics “Designs” ki baat hai Sirf Geo k graphic designing kamal hai. Bilkul kisi international news channels jaisi. Wo alag baat hai Geo ka agenda kia hai lkn baqi koi channel including BOL graphics me GEO ka muqabla ni kr rha. Bachon walay designs or colors use kr rhi hain sab channels ki graphics team. Red+blue Lol.

  • Aftab Hussain

    Jali degree walon ne anchor bhi jali degree wala joker hi select kia.

  • Mohammad Baig

    Let the time come to decide that who is the big fero channel of Pakistan.

  • Mohammad Baig

    Things are slowly coming out of the box to explore the inner story of a big channel.It will take just a few months and the whole picture will be exposed to the people.

  • faizi gee

    So we have to install 4k receiver and lcd .

  • Mian

    Great TV Channel we Love u. Exposing real Indian Face