Linkedin Will Now Tell If You’re Being Underpaid

The business and work-based social network, LinkedIn, has released a new tool that will let you check if you are being underpaid for a job.

LinkedIn has a host of data on businesses and employers and it seems like they are finally putting it to good use. Their new tool called “LinkedIn Salary” is a way to check the median salaries as well as the compensations for a particular designation.

Powered by the company’s Economic Graph initiative, the tool is incredibly simple. All you have to do is head over to LinkedIn’s Salary portal and it will let you check for a particular job’s average salary. You can also narrow down the search criteria according to a particular location, years of experience, type of industries, etc.


To have a more detailed look at the data like Annual bonuses, RSUs or Stock Options, you will have to submit your own salary (LinkedIn says it won’t disclose it to potential recruiters). Alternatively, you can still have a look at the detailed data if you have subscribed to LinkedIn’s Premium service.


Unfortunately, it seems like the feature isn’t open globally as it didn’t show Pakistan in the drop down box for search. When submitting my salary, I was presented with this message,

“Please note that Salary Explorer has not yet launched in your country. In the meantime, you may still submit your salary and explore data in the US, UK, and CA.”

We are not sure if it is because of a slow global rollout or if LinkedIn doesn’t have sufficient data for the country to calculate a good salary estimate. Whatever the case, it seems like Pakistanis are missing out on this feature for now.

Image— FindDreamJobs

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