500px for Business Lets Brands Commission Photo Shoots

One of the biggest communities of photographers online, 500px is now expanding its services by allowing brands to commission photo shoots anywhere in the world.

Founded in 2009, 500px has over 8 million members and a collection of over 80 million photos. It provides photographers around the world with a way to showcase their best photos.

Now, they have introduced a new feature called “500px for Business”, letting business or brands commission photo shoots anywhere in the world. All they have to do is fill out the assignment details on the platform along with location preferences, deadline, budget, etc.


Once that is done, 500px will automatically match your project to the best photographers for the job. They can then also view, curate and test photos in their own projects, or even purchase them for exclusive use. Moreover, 500px also provides useful insights about which images convert best on actions like clickthroughs and purchases (through code snippets added on the client’s site along with the hosted image).

The 500px for Business feature can be of great use for large-scale projects which involve photographing several properties in numerous cities around the globe. Such a task may prove expensive as well as difficult for a creative agency, but 500px’s global pool of creators can make it more accessible.

Source— TheNextWeb