Jazz Introduces Customizable Offer For Customers to Select Resources On Their Own

Jazz has introduced ‘Jazz your offer’ that it is calling revolutionary and industry first offer that gives the customers freedom and convenience to design their own bundles.

“With the introduction of ‘Jazz your offer’, customers will now have absolute flexibility when it comes to choosing the bundle of their choice. Instead of subscribing to an already available bundle, our customers will now have the luxury to create their own bundle relevant to their unique usage habits and requirements. This industry first move serves as a testament to our vision of introducing innovative and convenience driven products in the market,” stated Umer Afzal, Head of Pricing and Segments – Jazz.

How to Subscribe to “Jazz Your Offer”

To activate this Jazz Your Offer, customers will have to dial *303# which will provide them access to ‘Jazz your offer’ menu.

Customers can then select any value and combination of their preferred incentives, starting off with bundle validity (1 day, 7 Days or 30 Days), Jazz minutes, other network minutes, SMS and MBs.


The cumulative price of the bundle will depend on how many resources you have select. Before subscripton, the amount applicable will be displayed to the customer.

After confirmation, customer will be subscribe to his/her plan and balance will be deducted accordingly.

Terms and Conditions

  • Upon dialing *303#, customer will select the desired validity (1,7 & 30 days) along with quota for each type of incentive i-e Jazz minutes, Other network minutes, MBs & SMS.
  • Jazz minutes can only be consumed on Jazz
  • Cumulative price of the bundle will be displayed to the customer after all incentive selections have been made.
  • The respective incentives will be posted in the subscriber’s account and balance will be deducted accordingly.
  • The created bundles are non-recursive and customers will have to dial *303# again to avail the bundle more than once.
  • Incentive resulting from multiple bundle subscriptions for each validity will be added while validity of the most recent bundle will be applicable.
  • With multiple subscriptions resulting in different validities, preference will be given first to daily, then weekly and lastly monthly validity for incentive consumption.
  • Customer can check the remaining incentive by dialing a string for the respective validity e. *303*1# for daily validity, *303*7# for weekly validity and *303*30# for monthly validity.
  • All free minutes will be posted at the time of subscription and will expire at 23 59 hours of the last calendar day of the selected validity.
  • Data MBs can be consumed on both 2G & 3G network
  • Balance of Rs. 0.15 needs to be maintained to make calls through bundle
  • Offer is subject to change anytime
  • Terms and Conditions apply
  • Service charges of 5% and operational fee of 5% applies on recharge, and 19.5% FED applies on usage in Punjab, Baluchistan and KPK
  • Service charges of 5.06% and operational fee of 5.06% applies on recharge, and 19% FED applies on usage in Sindh
  • Service charges of 5.04% and operational fee of 5.04% applies on recharge, and 18.5% FED applies on usage in rest of Pakistan
  • Prices in Sindh will be 1.27% higher than other areas
  • Prices in rest of Pakistan, excluding Punjab and KPK, will be 0.84% higher

  • Its is the death of ufone super card. I was warid customer. From 2 year ago i switch to mobilink. I am satisfy with mobilink. Mobilink bohat economical hai. Aksar log yaha mobilink ko bura bhala kahte hai wo sirf mobilink se jealouse hai. Realy mobilink have supper pakg. I love mobilink. Warid bohat mahnga network hai aur bakwas pakg hai

  • Meanwhile Telenor has reduced MBs in its day time bundle. Now you will get only 350 MB in Rs. 13 for 1 AM to 7 PM

    • they are available on its telenor app, i am using iphone , just finished my monthly things, last date was 4 december, but i finished two days ago. and I will go for it again as soon as new month starts and money pours in In sha ALLAH. Download the Telenor Pakistan APP, mate.

  • Using Mobilink 4G in Karachi, just clutch your new SIM Card which is 4G enable. Call 111 or 777 and ask them to activate 4G LTE on your number. Restart your phone and start using it. I am at abdullah Haroon road and getting speed of around 19-21 Mbps .. Enjoy

    • I just visited their office. It’s only for postpaid. No LTE for prepaid for now in Karachi

      • I am not sure about this. I am a Postpaid customer and enjoying 4G LTE on Mobilink

  • I am so surprised to read such comments .. this package was actually introduced some six months ago or maybe more and more annoying part is it wastes 12 paisa on even every on-net call and the taxes on loading the balance also account here .. ufone offers every thing in rs. 500 .. no extra taxes and no per call charges .. transparent billing

    • You mean to say 1000 on net minutes, 150 offnet minutes, 1000 sms and 1000MB internet in 500Pkr.
      Zong offers 1500 on net minutes, 150 offnet minutes, 1500 sms and 1500MB internet in 500Pkr ?

      • Dont worry Zong will buy Ufone soon and then only 3 Telco companies exist in Pakistan ?

        • Warid offers 700 on net minutes, 70 offnet minutes, 700 sms and 750MB internet in 110 Pkr per week or 440 per month

          • I was a warid user for long 3 years, but when they merged with mobilink I cancelled my number, because I hate Mobilink, so now if they offer 10,000 minutes, 10,000 sms and Mbs at only Rupees 1, I really don’t care about it.

  • Mobilink ki abi tk kafi jagha 3G service nai aa rahi , complaint ka b koi faida nia. Ye Charo campniyan aawam ko 3G or 4G k naam pr loot rahi hen.

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