Confirmed: Xiaomi Gets PTA Type Approvals, Will Launch in Pakistan Very Soon

Xiaomi has finally gotten the mandatory type approvals from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority after it complied with regulator’s requirement, we’ve check officially.

With these type approvals, Xiaomi is now officially allowed to sell its Smartphones in Pakistan.

Initially at least two Xiaomi phones were granted PTA’s type approvals, including Xiaomi Mi Max and Xiaomi Mi 5.

Type approvals for Xiaomi Note 3 and Xiaomi Note 4 will also be obtained with-in next few days, sources have confirmed to us.

A Pakistan Telecommunication Authority spokesperson confirmed to ProPakistani that the authority has granted Xiaomi the required NOC — to operate and sell phones in Pakistan — after Xiaomi complied with all the requirements that are set by the government.

Not to mention, Xiaomi also passed the NTISB security test.

We can also confirm you that Xiaomi has finalized its nation wide distribution partner in Pakistan.

An announcement for official launch can be expected with-in days, if not weeks.

It must be mentioned that Xiaomi will also bring its accessories, with a complete range of Xiaomi Eco products, including Power banks, MI VR, MI band 2 and Car charger in Pakistan.

While we don’t have details yet, sources said that Xiaomi products will be sold at competitive prices along with official warranty in Pakistan.

Sources said that selling price for Xiaomi phones and accessories will be close to the prices they have in Chinese market.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Finally wait is over. Now Xiaomi phones will be launched here officially with atleast 30% price hike as compare to international arena. Expect Xioami redmi note 4 around 30 thousand here.

  • good news for consumers, bad news for existing established brands selling products at higher price without worry of any competition!

      • Is Xiomi really comparable to Samsung? Being a chinese brand is’nt it stand in line with Qmobile, Oppo etc? Or is it really have the quality to be compared with Sam, LG?

        • umm … oppo is pretty premium if you take a closer look. their pricing strategy is another story altogether … infact i’m sure VOOC is much better than the fast charging that the mainstream brands offer.

          PLUS , samsung has hit its own foot with the axe. it’s been making phones with sub-par specs and crazy prices for a while now and that is venomously monotonous ! LG has been terribly unfazing with its budget offerings being HORRENDOUSLY under powered … budget phones are the life-blood of ANY phonemaker. this is the sweet spot where Xiaomi has hit home very , VERY well !

          Xiaomi has done very well to ensure that an AMAZING majority of their phones are best value for money AND equipped with the latest and arguably powerful hardware (studying Computer Engg at undergrad so rest assured i know what im talking about :p)

          a prime example would be the Redmi 4 Prime (pun intended) . the internals are crazy for the price and you can’t find even a closely priced setup anywhere else.

  • Aaj unn sary zakhmo ko Amir bhai ny bhar diya hai jo last few years se Xiaomi ki news post kr kr k diye gaey thy.

    • Hahahhaha! Bilkul sahi kaha KMQ per yasir ko actual rate pe milay ga tabhi it’s worth it warna bekaar hai. Overpriced sets tou already mil rahe hain market main.

      • damn right … it ALL comes down to pricing in the end !

        fingers crossed on their pricing strategy and marketing decisions. altho i do have a hunch that they’ll be just fine !

    • @kashifmuhammadqasim:disqus , haazir janaab ! aur bilkul theek farmaya aapne …

      this is MONUMENTAL news ! the influx of TOP NOTCH Chinese Phones has begun in Pakistan ! i sure do hope Meizu , LeEco and the like follow them in ! boy , the market is so gonna go crazy if the prices are kept geniunely affordable and consumer friendly !

      oh and the imbecilic brand conscious public will FINALLY get to realise how BLIND and SHALLOW they were with their mindless worship of over rated , over priced and absolutely POOR value for money iphones and samsungs !

      fun fact , just for you , Qasim Bhai :
      actually , i knew about this in advance. i;ve been talking to the guys who’re teaming up with Xiaomi for local distribution. thought i’d let it remain a surprise for you guys so it’ll sound more sweeter when y’all would be hit with the FANTASTIC news out of the blue !

      (hint : these guys have sold , or attempted to , sell Mi phones locally a while back as well ! step up your guessing game :D )

      • MashaAllah good to know bhai, aur aap tu andar ke bande lagte ho :-) You have all the inside news. Lagta hai aapka orhna bichona hi Xiaomi hai :-)

        Regarding the guesses, I can’t guess any names for now as I am not following that episode loyally, may be few other readers will give it a try.

        • ahaha …

          insider ? not so much…

          but a dedicated hardware enthusiast overall (and future H/W designer IA). syncs nicely with what i’m studying at undergrad and also goes to show that all the maths , computing , software and electronics is not as boring as it seems while doing detailed study and is actually pretty cool when you put it to use in the real world (like the SoCs in mobiles , they’ll serve you pretty good when you get one of these Xiaomi powerhouses InshAllah :) ! )

          • Bhai aapki itni technical batain humare jaise anparh logon ke liye ziyada garhi hain ;-) Magar aap jo keh rahe honge sahi hi keh rahe honge :p

      • Not Really! Those 2 top of the line brands spent alot on R&D and marketing which makes sense for their higher price … If it wasn’t samsung ,iphone you wouldn’t have seen Oneplus either …

    • same :D

      irony is; xiaomi phones will have WAY better value than ANY of the deals offered on Black Friday !

  • “We can also confirm you that Xiaomi has finalized its nation wide distribution partner in Pakistan (and its not Cheezmall)”

    RIP Cheezmall

  • So good news. Able to purchase best phone in cheapest price in pak. Congrad XIAOMI. So warm Welcome from Pakistani fans in pak.

  • “Sources said that selling price for Xiaomi phones and accessories will be close to the prices they have in Chinese market.”

    FUC YEA !


    you don’t know how DAMN LONG I HAVE WAITED FOR THIS !

    infact , you should gimme something free for the time i have spent musing about your arrival and hyping up the people about the core concept of chinese handsets :p
    (nothing too extravagant , a dual cam variant of the Mi5s would be fine :D )

  • Mi Mix and Mi Max is already available in Pakistan. Max in 23500 and Mix in 50K plus. Dont spread false statement please.

  • Hamare liye to yahi Silicon Valley hai jab DTH aur Xiaomi aur 4G k saste packages aa jayen… :)

  • How many times has this been posted about? Every year you say they get type approval, but they actually don’t come because PTA backs out at the last minute and people get their hopes up for no reason.

    Why not just post about it when they ACTUALLY GET LAUNCHED?

  • Log to aisye khuch ho rahye hian Jaisye Prize Bond Nikil aya hia Hosla :D abhi rate check karna lag samgh jaye gi :P but indeed it is going to great if they will officially take up all operation in Pakistan with warranty claim , i also look-forward to se ONEPLUS company here as well since they are in india and one 3T is one Top Notch phone

    • You do know that one plus is a subsidiary of oppo and they can be sold here but aren’t… Like you can’t buy moto phones but can buy zuk even though both branch out of lenovo.. So it’s the discretion of the business stakeholders rather than enriching the company profile for these people.. Secondly.. Xiaomi works on undercutting the competition which has helped them in every region as they give more emphasis on earning through the services rather than hardware.. and they would probably keep the prices on par to their global trends which would be a knock out for many…

  • Super news !! although main ne daraz se kaaafi sasti deal maari hy recently but xiaomi k liye is Qmobile ko bhi bech dengayyyyyy. ;) ;)

  • Already own the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and the Redmi Note 3 Pro. These phones are BEASTS and the bang for the buck!! Can’t wait for Xiaomi to officially start selling its phones here! xD

    • Kindly confirm about the note 3 Pro. I heard, in note 3 Pro there is sim 2 issue. Don’t get the signal sometime and also 3G and 4G don’t work on sim 2.. Did you check ?

          • may be other handsets have better camera in this price range, but, my infinix hot note pro by the start of this year cost around 13,200, and got the zuk z1 for only Rs.18,640 (could cost 16,640 but daraz had some issues that time with discounts so I lost the chance), in comparison to that price camera is totally amazing, with premium read write speeds (infinix ram speed was just 1.1GB/s, zuk z1 has 5.28GB/s, internal memory read write speed of 69.6MB/s vs 226.5MB/s read & 12.4MB/s vs 52.2MB/s write speeds), performance wise totally satisfied & to me value to money.

              • yeah + 4G zong speed in my area, was able to get 44.8mbps today & 5+MB/s from playstore apps, so happy with it over all ^_^ hope the same for you :)

  • If anyone wants boxpack Note 3 Pro. Contact me. COD available with delivery charges of Rs 350 anywhere in Pakistan.
    Note 3 Pro 24500 + 350 Delivery Charges.

  • damn , i cant wait .. every day i look over the internet that may be they start selling xiaomi phones .. but no .. dont know how many days they will take tho .. cant wait to get my hands on note series

  • 8 jan a chuka but ab tak koi announcement nahi hoa… Kiya kaha tha k announcement expected in days, if not weeks? Ab tw MONTH hogaya hai…
    @amir: can you update kab tak expect krein ya expect karein bhi ya nahi?

  • Looking for Mi 5 for a couple of day with original warranty, but cant find it in any market
    Any Info about that Please?

  • close