iOS 10.1.1 is Causing Serious Battery Problems on Some iPhones

Although software updates usually bring features to broaden the possibilities of a phone, often there are a few caveats which also make their way out. This time, it is iOS 10.1.1 which is causing serious battery life problems.

Apple launched two versions of its 10.1.1 update, one to fix Health Data while the second without any particular reason being given. Perhaps, partly because of this the users of the iPhone, particularly the 5S and 6, are reporting battery life of less than a day.

Apple’s own discussion forums and Twitter show a wide barrage of disgruntled users feeling the pain.

They also report the battery status to be not-so-accurate after the update, showing battery life of as much as 80-percent dying without usage overnight. Also, plugging in upon reboot took it directly to 30 percent, for one user, who experienced normal working for two more hours.

It doesn’t help that Apple recently launched a program to fix faulty iPhone 6S battery without extra charge, though, the real problem it seems could possibly extend to many more models, now.

Some people have been trying to ameliorate these worries for themselves. They are disabling the Raise to Wake feature, however this doesn’t seem to deliver the trick to all users.

Let’s hope that Apple fixes the issue in the next iteration of software updates. Of course, most bugs which come with software upgrades are fixed as soon as possible and let’s hope this is a software-related issue, too.

Via PCMag

  • I’m an iPhone 5S user and can confirm this battery issue, phone is acting all weird and goes dead even if it’s at 30% or more!

  • My 6S didn’t have the issue and my 6S Plus is also unaffected. A clean install of 14B150 gave me no issues at all. Getting excellent battery life.

  • It is routine matter with ios, i am old iphone user, they fix one issue and there is another on next update. Try to avoid small updates like 10.1.1 etc, always should install major versions like 10.1, 10.2 etc, Over the air update also a reason of such issues, a clean iOS installation via itunes is good. To fix it try setting reset and if nothing works, simply on ” Low power mode” under battery, this will help u a lot.

  • I am facing this issue on iPhone 6, it’s happening when battery is somewhere between 3-8%, phone will be turned of automatically, on attaching to the charger it will be up with battery of 3-5%.

  • We heard most of the ios 10.1.1 users are complaining about battery issue, i am also on 10.1.1 iphone 6, i am old iphone user please read bellow.
    * those people who have complain about shutting down iphone even with remaining battery, it is hardware issue, minimum battery must be changed
    * those people who are experiencing less battery timing after updating ios 10.1.1 should simply on power save mode under battery and off carrier setting automatic search and select your carrier manually, this will make ur battery time tremendous. If u find it helpful please write me back. Thanks

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