Loadshedding Will Become A Reference of History: Nawaz Sharif

After failing to live up to the task of eliminating the shortage of electricity, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has reassured the government’s plan to remove loadshedding before completion of its tenure.

PM Nawaz while chairing a Cabinet Committee on Energy at the Prime Minister Office (PMO) on Tuesday, said that the loadshedding issue will become history.

He said that the government has already lined up various projects which will surpass any progress made in the last 20 years in this regard.

He added,

“We will keep on exploring new power generation projects at micro as well as mega level to ensure sustained and uninterrupted electricity for our future generations — a duty that previous governments were unable to fulfill.”

Meeting Details

The meeting was attended by a number of prominent names; federal ministers such as Ishaq Dar and Saad Rafiq, special assistant to the PM, secretary to the PM and other federal secretaries all were present.

The meeting reviewed all the on-going energy and power projects, which included clean energy projects, coal fired power plants, hydel and LNG power plants.

PM also focused on discussing future plans to ensure government’s interest to eradicate loadshedding altogether. PM stated that the increase in economic activities, industrial development and massive infrastructure are the main reason due to which extra effort is required.

PM Nawaz acknowledged all the efforts that have been made thus far in achieving the set tasks. He further claimed that when the government first took charge, the situation was much more grave as compared to now – which has been significantly better.

“There is now zero loadshedding for the industrial sector while for the urban and rural areas it has substantially and gradually been reduced.

Our holistic reforms in the energy sector and efforts for generating additional power through diversifying the energy mix will help in meeting the future energy requirements of the country.”

Moreover, Secretary Water and Power also briefed the meeting and updated the PM on circular debt, which has been caped. He said that the recoveries have been satisfactory whereas the line losses have also been minimized. Transmission and distribution plans are also on track, the meeting concluded.

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        • Funny and here I thought Nawaz shareef pooray Pakistan ka Prime Minister Hay, But I guess wo Sirf Punjab ko he Pakistan sumhajta hai.

        • Do not impose your thoughts on others. I completely disagree k yeh haal karachi k leaders ny kiya hai. Karachi ki dynamics ko smjhy bina bas keena parwari start kar dety hain log. Kya karachi k leaders ko koi ikhtiyarat mily hain kabhi elawa Musahrraf dour k? Ap without money, without power kuch nahi kar skty.
          Aur yahan baat Electricity ki ho rhi thi kya Electricity provide karna Karachi k Leader ki zimmedari hai ya Fed Govt aur Provincial Govt yeh kam karti hai?
          Bahana chahiye bas karachi ko target karny ka.

          • sub kuch sabit ho gia, MQM kitni barri dehshatgard organisation hai, phir b logon ny unhi ka Mayer choose kia, wo mayer jis ny factory main aag lagany ka aitraaf kia hua hai, PPP ka kis ko nai pata k kitni barri choar jamat hai, Bilawal jisy theek sy urdu b nai ati uski aik awaaz pe karachi k loag jaan nichawar ker dety hain,

            PLM(N) b choarr hai per ye kuch na kuch awaam k lie b ker rhy hyn. abi awaam jaag rhi hain PTI k lie

            • Bhai baat wohi hai k aap ny suni sunao baton ko Sabit shuda keh diya aur baat khatam kar di. Factory main aag lagany waly Case ka 2 days pehly drop scene hua hai. Aap ki man pasand khabar nahi rhi ho gi issi liye ignore kar di aap ny.
              last 3 months main 11 Cases main more then 50 MQM k logon ko Adalat ny Riha kar diya hai kyn k koi ilzam sabit nahi ho ska ya phr zabardasti k bayanat le k paish kiya gya tha shayad yeh bhe nahi suna ho ga aap ny
              Baat yahan Electricity ki ho rhi thi issy siyasat ki taraf moor diya gya.
              Dehshatgard / Chor / Corrupt koi kuch bhe ho electricity generation and distribution Fed. Govt ki zimmedari hai na k aik Local Party ki.

          • Yes I agree that Fedral Govt is responsible for all provinces equally but besides that after 20th ammendment that made in PPP era, which is a sindh based party and currently a ruling as well there, provincial govts now can produce and distribute electricity by their own. How many electricity power plants have been inaugrated by Sindh Govt?
            I agree that PMLN are biased against other provinces most of the times but that is something that all parties do. You simply can’t imagin how much we suffered in PPP era.
            But truth is that after ruling more time than punjab in fedral, Sindh parties have done nothing for sindh. But PMLN have done so much for punjab unlike sindh.

            • I completely agree with you bro. PPP ny kuch nahi kiya jb k PML(N) k dour main kisi na kisi sorat taraqqi zaror hui hai. PML ny apny voters ka mafad hamesha aagy rkha jb k PPP koi aisa karny ki koi zarorat nahi thi kyn k un ka Bhutto ab bhe zinda hai aur awam ussy vote deti rahain gi chahy kitni buri karkardagi kyn na ho.

            • You suffered in PPP era but Karachites not only suffered in PPP but are suffering in PML(N) as well. Only projects and workout was done during Musharraf era and since everything was deployed just before PPP era those 5 years seems average but nothing fruitful was done and every fund was eaten by PPP leaders not a rupee was left. Now Karachi has become a garbage dumping area and situation has become worst. It looks like we are living in the era of Egypt where “all are slaves” and these PPP leaders cease the traffic and travel with their 50 to 80 four wheeler all over the city everyday. May Allah bless Karachi…!

              • May Allah! brother. I loved karachi when I first and only time visted back in 2014. Those 4 days were ammazing. Karachites are very warm hearted. I still remember that Kolachi dinner by colleagues at sea view and waves of February. Those birds in water and lighting was ammazing. That shake from Ambala sweets near Sharah e faisal was also great.

        • Jahil Aadmi, Bijli, Gas etc sre federal matters not provincial. How it has anything with electing right person. Nawaz is rightly elected according to u so why isn’t he doing for whole country? Why double standards?

          • Ishtiaq bhai 20 tarmeem k baad soobay khud bijli paida aur distribute kar saktay hyn. Es liye ab yeh entirly fedral ki problem nahin rahi.

            • Dear Zafar, magar provinces ko powers hi devolve nahi hoien.. Power tou kia kisi bhi ministry ki. Aur Mian ji ne wada pooray mulk se kiya tha sirf Gawal Mandi walon se nahi. Think about it.

              • Yes I agree. They are biased many times. But Sindh Govt can make wind or solar plants. And don’t talk about finances. They are spending billions on their own lavish life style.

                • If Sindh Government had any ability or will, we wouldn’t be looking towards Shareefs Gawal Mandi walay. So u should understand that. At least people had hopes with Shareefs but they are busy in nepotism. Sindh Government is a complete failure, we don’t even elect them, they just come put of nowhere as u surely know the Pakistani election system.

      • May be its your area. We have business in Chundrigar Road. There is no load shedding in years. Peoples do not even have UPS with their computers.

        • Sir 66% of karachi is load shedding free.
          66% main mostly Cantt k areas hai ya phr industrial areas. Including Gulshan / Johar / Nazimabad / Clifton / Defense k kuch areas.
          Baqi Nazimabad / BufferZone / New Karachi / North Karachi / Orangi Town / Korangi / Shah Faisal / Malir / Gulshan e Hadid / Liyari / Gadap / Rafa e Aam waghera main daily 6 hours ki load shedding punctuality k sath hoti hai aur Bonus main couple of hours fault ka gift bhe milta rehta hai.

            • aapki baat sahi hai kisi hadh tak, magar bhai agar aap kisi aise area main rehte ho jahan par yeh sare mamlat hain. But aap baqaidgi se bill pay karte ho aur chori bhi nahi karte tu aap ka kiya kasoor hai? siwae iske ke aap us area main rehte ho?

              • Brother, best solution would be to relocate. I’ve personally experienced this dilemma in my life in past years, so this is not something entirely new to me.

  • I have a good feeling about this one :)
    Haven’t noted any loadshedding greater than 20 mins in my area since a month or so

        • na not necessary bhai, its just that ke sab ko idea ho ke kahan kahan load shedding se nijat mil chuki hai :-)

          BTW great to know that you are from Gujranwala, the city from where Muhammad Raza Saqib Mustafai belongs. Great and True scholar of this era. Lucky You!

          • Not AS lucky as you’d expect.
            I haven’t ever heard of Mr.Muhammad Raza! And if what you’re saying is correct, I pity myself for that :-(
            Also, back to the topic,
            Loadshedding tou yahan km he but yahan electricity zyada mehengi he. I guess y’a gotta lose something ( in this case, cash :D ) to gain something.

            • Yeah right, I am happy to give cash to be load shedding free :-)

              And regarding the scholar I mentioned just visit his Facebook page (MRSMofficial) go through few videos and decide yourself. I am sure you gonna fall in love… :-)

  • MashaAllah jitny No Load Shedding k comments ab tk aey hain woh sb hamary Punjab k bhaiyon ny kiye hain.
    3 matlab nikalty hain is baat k.
    1- Ya tou sirf Punjab ko pora Pakistan smjh rhy hain hamary Hukmaran (Fed. Govt)
    2- Ya phr No Load shedding start Punjab se hui hai aur kuch arsy main pory Pakistan no load shedding zone ban jaey ga.
    3- Ya phr Pro Pakistani k ziyada tr readers Punjab se taluq rakhty hain so sirf waheen ki news aarhi hai.

    • Bhai zardari dor main lhr main 18 hours Loadshedding hoti thi karachi main 6,8 hours jo party jahan say jeeti hai us province ko fadia hota hai ITS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE

      • Rocket Science shayad Karachi k liye zaroor hai.
        Yahan scene pory Pakistan se alag hai. Pory pakistan main jo Party Province main Govern karti hai woh uss province k capital ko own karti hai. Sindh aik aisa province hai jahan jo party yani PPP govern karti hai woh Karachi (aur sindh k dosry Urban cities) main koi support nahi rakhti. Na Karachi k Mayor k pas koi power hai na money generation ka koi zariya. Commissioner bhe khali hath hota hai. That’s why karachi ka haal bura hota hai povencial government karachi ko kuch nahi deti.
        Well PPP ki govt tou Corupttion ki aala misal hai unhon ny jahan se win kiya wahan kuch nahi kiya tou jahan se kabhi win nahi kiya wahan kya khaak kaam kary gi.
        Last thing is that k Electricity generation Fed Govt ka kaam hai.

        • Shehzad bhai aapka ek ek word dil par laga, Karachi aisa kamao poot hai jiski kamai pore ghar ko khani hai magar uska khayal kisi ne nahi rakhna. Iski income sab ko chahiye but iske liye kaam karne ko koi tayyar nahi.

    • I remember that time and still shiver at the thought that we used to suffer nearly 20 hours of load shedding in a metropolitan like Lahore. Can’t even imagine what the other less privileged cities/ towns suffered.

      And everyday colleagues/ relatives used to call us and smirk at our predicament, they used to laugh that there’s literally no load shedding going on around Karachi at all, which I personally witnessed myself as well when i went to karachi during 2010-2013 period.

      Laughing and posting witty remarks is all well and good, but don’t do it at the expense of other’s suffering. Kisi ki baddua laggi tou phir hosh thikanay ajayeingey sabkay.

      • Javed bhai, aapke dukh ka bilkul andaza hai. But believe me pore Karachi ka yeh haal nahi. Hum Karachi main rehte hain aur yahan par bhi ajeeb mix hai, wohi aapki wali baat ke jahan nahi jati wahan pora saal 1 minute ke liye nahi jati light aur jahan jati hai wahan par garmiyon main 12 hours tak bhi jaati hai aur baki bonus alag.

        Ab aap khud hi bataiye, aap Lahore main ho aur aapko Karachi ka pata chalta hai ke wahan light bikul nahi jati tu aap ke dil se aaah nikalti hai. Ab aap un Karachi walon ka socho ke within same city kahin kisi ko pata hi nahi ke load shedding kia hoti hai aur kahin par load shedding ki wajah se zindagi azab bani hui hai.

        • Unjust distribution is the primary reason, not to mention k line losses and stealing of electricity via kunda system needs to be crushed completely. Only then can you dream of entire pakistan becoming load shedding free zone in future.

          I’ve personally met the kind of people who think stealing natural resources (electricity, gas, water) is their birth given right. Its due to these people that the majority suffers. We need to weed out the bad seeds to prevent spoiling the whole bunch.

  • Here in K.P.K Nowshera akora khattak
    we see difference
    normal day one hour lite and one hour loadshedding,
    12 hour loadshedding.

    and some time
    from ,9am-11am lite is on then ,11am to 6pm loadshedding,
    6pm-8pm on then start normal loadshedding

    12-16 hour loadshedding in K.P.K Nowshera,Akora khattak area

  • For nawaz sharif
    only punjab is pakistan
    sindh,balochistan,K.P.K yeh tu pakistan se baher hai
    serf punjab 2018 tak loadshedding free hoga
    bake tu remain same

  • Nowadays there is no loadshedding in Islamabad… feeling good and praying the government…. We will believe If load-shedding is not made in summer…

  • Janab kuch din pehle TV par dekha tha ke ab big cities main max 3 hours load shedding hogi aur gaon dehat/chote shehron main 6 hours max.

    And I was happy ke being in Karachi ab just 3 hours max light jaegi. But yeh kia humare pas tu wohi 7.5 hours a day horahi hai load shedding. Din main 3 dafah jati hai light for 2.5 hours each time.

    Phir mujhe yaad aya ke main tu Karachi main rehta hon jo Punjab main nahi hai, aur phir mujhe sukoon hogaya jab mera dehan apne area (Liyari) ki taraf gaya, because woh tu even Karachi main bhi exist nahi karta…

    • KMQ bhai PPP dour myn hum Fsd jese industrial city me 12 se 18 ghantay loadshedding jheel chukay hyn jab karachi myn 6 se 8 ghantah jati thi. Shukar karo aap abhi 7.5 pe hi tikay huay ho. :P

      • Aaare Zafar Bhai, yehi cheez tu khatam karni hai na. I have nothing against Punjab, Punjab bhi humara hai, Balochistan bhi, KPK bhi aur Sindh bhi. Its more about our governments kay jiski hukumat hoti hai uska province taraki karta hai yeh tasub khatam hona chahiye. Aur baki rahi baat PPP ki tu bhai unke daur main sindh ka is se ziyada buda haal tha :-)

        • Bilcul sahi yehi baat toh khatam karni hai. Magar hamaray han masla yeh b hai k punjab ke elawa baqi jaghon per jitni b govt banti hyn woh apne province ke liye b kuch nai karti. Ab PPP Jab se hosh sambhala hai sindh myn Govt myn hai. Magar us ka garrh larrkana dekh lo aysay lagta hai 1116 chal raha hai 2016 ki bajaye. KPK Govt ko swaye dharno aur shor machanay k koi kaam nai. Aap islamabad se nikal kar swat ya naran kaghan tak chalay jao, kiso kisam ka koi infrastructure nahin hai. Aur agar punjab myn Dhehbaz sharif ya pervez elahi ne kaam karwaya hai toh doosre soobon ko lagta hai unka haq mara ja raha hai. Aysa nahin hai, kuch corruption karo magar kuch lagao toh sahi. Yeh kuch b nahin lagatay.

    • Sir g ap khoush hojayege ke Yaha K.P.K meh 12-16 hour bijle nahi hoti.summer meh 4-5 hour bijle ati hai 24 hour meh woh be 130~140V

      apki taraf tu 7.5 horahe hai .

      Afsos K.P.K se sare pakistan ko bijle milti hai. magar K.P.K ke logo ke liye bijle nahi hai.

      • Bhai I am totally with you, sab ke sath ek sath same sulook hona chahiye. Yeh nahi ke ek ke saath saga beta aur dosre ke sath sotelay wala bartao kia jae.

  • hey guys loadshedding kay maslay ko PUNJABi PATHAN SINDHI BALOCHI ka masla na banao ye poray pakistan ka problem hay and we are all pakistani……ye kaam naa karoo

    • Bilkul janab pora Pakistan humara hai, aur sab ke sath ek jaisa salook hona chahiye. Aise nahi ke Karachi/Lahore wale maze karain aur KPK wale pareshan hon.

      Sab ke sath same mamla hona chahiye insaaf wala.

  • rural areas me same problm h kahan Loadshedding kam huwi h
    in night time its like black out in Rural areas
    din me 11 bje aati phr 2:30 jati h or phir sham 6:30 ko aati h phr rat 9bjy se subha 11bje tk ka black out
    phr bh samjh nahee aati yar k bill Q lakhoon me aaty hn

  • 18 hours loadshedding here in Larkana Sindh Rural areas after 9:00 pm its total black out in our area

  • close