Careem Captain Beaten Up By Taxi Drivers in Islamabad

Since the arrival of Careem and Uber in Pakistani market — like anywhere else — the local taxi community has suffered.

Having said that, the ride hailing services have also faced scrutiny from governmental authorities in Pakistan recently, especially as seen in the case of Careem and 3 other cab companies which were served a legal notice.

Situation went ugly when a Careem captain was literally beaten in Islamabad.

A social media user, Awais discusses a situation which unfolded before his eyes – a quarrel between his Careem driver and local taxi owners:

Suffice to say, certain transportation representative bodies are not too thrilled about the new competitors in the market.

They believe that services like Careem and Uber encroach on their livelihoods and are causing losses to their operations.

Careem didn’t comment in the situation but confirmed that their Captains are facing challenges in some parts of the country.

We will keep you updated on further developments as they happen.

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  • I was with my family on Lahore Railway station, all the taxi drivers rushed and for a distance of 6-8km, the negotiations started from Rs.1500/-

    Finally I was able to convince one driver in Rs.500/- Because I’ve my family and some luggage with me, I took that cab. If I was all alone, I would have taken a rickshaw, etc.

    Believe me, when a person holds a car, maintains it, he knows each and everything, like mileage, repairs, etc.

    These haramkhor taxi walay and rickshay wala are a definite mafia …..

    • Yes, they are mafia, and if they charge justified fares, people will have no problem traveling through them but they want to earn whooe dihari from a single n each customer. So No. Not anymore.

      • Ishtiaq bhai local taxi drivers ki seats k8 condition b dekhne wali hoti hai. Seat pe mayel ka cover charrha hota hai aur koi pata nai chalta kahan se koi keerra nikal aaye.

        • Han yar in baaton k bawajood woh car k nahi balkay PIA k rates maangtay hain. Aur specially aap kisi, bus stand, air port, railway station ya hospital pe hon tou phir yeh maukey ko cash karney k chakar main hotay hain k ab ptu bas loot lou is passenger ko. Tou zahir log kyuon air kis liye prefer karien ge inko?

          • If you hire those rickshawa walas on front of Hospitals, Bus stands, railway stations or airports, they will told you double fare insteaf off standard. And if you just go forward a 100 meter from that point you will get same vehicle on half price for same ride.
            For example at Niazi Adda lahore, all rickshaw walas charge double and they have made cartle within. Now with these new services one can go on brilliant car in the price of rickshaw. Esi liye pechish lagay huay hyn inko.

            • Aur jitney rates yeh conventional taxi rikshaw waley charge kartey hain us hisab se agar Karachi to Lahore distance ka inka hisaab nikalien na tou PIA k jahaz se bhi mehnga rate per jaye inka. Inki badmashi khatam kardi hai ride hailing services ne. Fixed n fair rates with comfortable ride.

  • Are taxi services still operational? I dunno, I haven’t even seen one on the roads of Karachi in like ages.

        • You’ll find all our yellow cabs running in afghanistan… some as cabs and others as private cars after being painted over. They didn’t get there by magic :-)

    • Last time when I was in Karachi I had same trouble of finding a cab in Karachi and after an hour took a rikshaw. But In Islamabad you find Taxis everywhere

  • They must be punished. The roads are not only Taxi Drivers……They need to change their behavior and upgrade their service so people will use their Taxis. They also need to cut the price which is very high. Beating the Careem Captains is not the solution.

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