Here Is How You Can Earn Rs. 1 Million Through the Government’s New Initiative

The facts state that Pakistan is not a developed country. As a developing nation, its institutions need to strong enough to withstand any resistance and work for the betterment of the society and individuals that they are meant to serve.

However, that is not the case in Pakistan.

From education sector to other government institutes, corruption is a problem. Often times people use various means for personal gain, which leaves others in a pickle.

Talking specifically about the health department, substandard use of medicine has remained a key issue in Pakistan. But a new initiative from the Punjab government is hoping to change things for the better.

Punjab Government has launched a new program which will not only help in eliminating the usage of fake medicines but it will also enable Pakistani citizens to potentially earn Rs. 1 million in the process.

Punjab Government has rolled out a new whistleblower program for concerned citizens who want to prevent the sales of fake medicines.

How To Earn The Money

All you have to do is give the government concrete information regarding the production of counterfeit drugs; personal names or place of production.

After verification of the information, Rs. 1 million will be allocated to the whistle blower’s bank account.


It is worth mentioning that anyone who reveals the information, his/her identity will be protected by the Punjab government.

Too good to be true? Or will this whistle-blower program shake up the sales of fake medicines in the province? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Normally, I’m a pessimist when it comes to initiatives taken by the government but I have a good feeling about this one considering all the work done by Punjab Food Authority. Gotta say, I was a staunch PTI supporter in 2013 election but PML-N has exceeded my expectations (which isn’t saying much as I expected nothing from them to begin with).

      • So you know he is “munda Patwari da”…but give a name to that child too whose “daddy” has abandon her ;) [email protected] that daddy before he goes for yet another affair/marriage.

        Isharay tou samajh gya hongy aap

    • When you dont develop institutions to work properly; You do gimmicks like this to solve the problems. We need to develop institutions; i.e. NAB to control corruption, money laundring; fbr to monitor tax evaders, courts to hang terrorists; Punjab food authority is not working anymore. it was just efforts of ayesha mumtaz. after her, it stopped working.

      These type of short term solutions dont work in civilized countries. But they get plenty of votes and support in banana republics. And banana people keep supporting these showbaz politicians.

      • It is clear whose language is this but those from where it is coming haven’t done anything on this.
        Heard yesterday Imran Khan ordered KPK govt to ban Houbara, why? instead of this he could make institution strong..right? ;)
        In August KPK government raised a resolution in Assembly for banning interest, really? A resolution or a bill will serve the purpose? Showbazi?

  • Lets hope for the best, and try to find some fake/expired medicine production/sale, and reveal them to earn some good money :D

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