UBL Moved Its Headoffice to this Stunning Twin Skyscraper in Karachi

United Bank Limited (UBL) has just finished the construction of its head office in Karachi.

According to UBL, this landmark represents the progressive and innovative past and the future of the bank. It is indeed a one of a kind high rise built by a banking company in Pakistan.

Here’s a timelapse video showing the new UBL head office in action throughout the day:

Building Features

Here are some pictures of their new Head Office:

Open Space Office

The Library

Fitness Centre in the UBL Head Office

The Cafeteria

Facade Lighting at the UBL Head Office, Karachi

The city’s skyline looks more lively with UBL’s new building towering over other commercial buildings in the area.

Comparison With Other High Rises

Speaking of high rises, there are several in Karachi and Pakistan as a whole. The tallest one in Pakistan, Bahria Icon Tower, is under construction currently. Once completed it will be the tallest in the country, standing at 938 ft tall.


The exact height of the UBL Head Office is unknown but it is more than 300 feet tall with 22 storeys. The previously mentioned Bahria Icon Tower is gigantic compared to UBL Head Office but its still one of the taller ones in Pakistan.

The MCB Tower in Karachi also compares well to the UBL building. It stands at 381 ft tall and is currently one of the tallest bank buildings in Pakistan.

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  • Dude your information is incorrect. MCB tower was the tallest building till 2012, after that Oceans tower was the tallest. Also Since Bahria icon tower is already completed so it is the current tallest building of Pakistan.

    • Bahria Icon is complete? Are you high? Go see the latest pic, do you see any walls on the upper 20 or so floors?

      The main tower hasn’t even topped out yet! The second tower hasn’t even reached half height!

    • My friend, there are upwards of 7 high rises under construction with over 30 floors. More than 17 are in the pipeline.

      Lahore in comparison is like a desert. It is far far behind. On top there are no high rise zones in Lahore which would stimulate growth.

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