Confirmed: Suzuki to Replace Cultus with their Brand New Celerio By March 2017

It is time! Suzuki has announced to launch the standard model of Celerio in Pakistan, confirmed by the company official.

Formal announcement is pending and expected to be made on Wednesday by the Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC).

With models such as Mehran and Cultus, Suzuki has dominated the auto-industry of Pakistan. It is reported that currently, the company has over 50 percent of the market share.

The company official, regarding the launch of Celerio said,

“We are confident that the government will provide some incentives to us under the new auto policy. Therefore, the company has decided to launch its standard model of Celerio in March 2017.”

Suzuki Cultus was brought into the market to kill off the Suzuki Khyber. It is expected that this move from Suzuki is taken to eliminate Cultus from the market, which has been selling for more than 16 years now.

Previously, Pak Suzuki offered the government $430 million to set up their new Greenfield plant but the government declined and instead, chose to look for further foreign investors. This is another reason for the Celerio launch, to remain competitive when other companies join the competition.

The new auto policy approved by the government allows new auto-manufacturers incentives i.e. lower taxes and cheaper import cost, to lure them to start their assembly in Pakistan. Famous brands such as Kia has already agreed to start their assembly in Pakistan whereas Volkswagen and Fiat are still contemplating.

About Suzuki Celerio

Suzuki Celerio is a 1,000cc engine car, previously launched in India and Thailand. The launch in both the countries has been extremely successful with a superb feedback from the customers. The affordable 5-speed manual car resembles to Suzuki Swift, in terms of the exterior. The car gives the mileage of 10 to 14 kilometers per liter, on average.

The latest version of the car is sold in six different colors;

  • Cerulean Blue
  • Glistening Grey
  • Blazing Red
  • Silky Silver
  • Pearl Artic White
  • Sunshine Ray

The expected price of Suzuki Celerio will be around Rs. 12,50000.

We will continue to update the post as further information regarding the variants, prices and more become available after its launch in Pakistan.

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  • pfffft 1000cc.. the Original Celerio is 1.3 (1300cc) car which is sold out subcontinent with minimal features.

  • waow! waow! 12 lakh for this car, Wagon R 10 lakh, Swift 15 lakh, Mehrunnisa 8 lakh, quality poor, service poor, charges loads of…, maximum 3 year car life, if any one want to spend 12 lakh they should go for used corolla and honda or any Japanese car. in suzuki walo ko koi rokey BC. itni mehngi gariyan. had hoti hai, haya hoti hai.

  • Suzuki offered to invest 430 million? Pas rakho apny ye bhi. Jitna awam ka paisa loota hai Mehran dabba 8 lakh main baich baich ke, ab bhugto. Nooshae dewar perh lo ab..
    Competition is at the door!

  • I would love to see how the board meeting goes in Pak Suzuki: Below is my imagination the minutes would look like:
    Agenda: Money extraction from base model of Celerio
    1. Remove any safety and dignity in the car
    2. Give doors as an option. 1 lakh per door
    3. Engineering to check the possibility of installing a donkey in place of an engine
    4. Make the dashboard by plastic made from melting shopper bags found in the Karachi streets.
    5. Remove the QA department by a Sticker saying QA OK
    6. Remove the side mirrors as no one who owns a Suzuki uses them
    7. Engineering to check if the body can be made out of Dalda Tins
    8. Procurement to procure Dalda like tins from Chotu Kabaria
    9. Make seats out of sandbags
    10. AC to be optional. If AC option is selected sell him a room cooler.

      • Really depends on your driving style.. Lighter foot gets you around 13.5~14 kmpl where as really giving it a go gives you around 11..Both examples are with ac on city roads… I have gotten around 16~17.5 kmpl on longer routes.. 17.5 was on my way from Islamabad to Lahore.. And For a 1300cc car that’s decent..

  • I have imported Suzuki Celerio SZ3 from UK 1000 cc petrol engine with manual transmission and eco idle. It is excellent car to drive and its fuel economy is around 24.7kmpl with air con in mix mode (City + GT Road).

  • I think…the such a small hatchback car is not worth of Rs.12.5 million. The co. should seriously consider lowering the prices so as to make it affordable to every one especially the middle class people….

  • and funny thing is that they are thinking Ciaz will compete the City -_-
    We all know Politicians are avaricious scumbag, but what the heck these automobile manufacturers are delivering to us in Pak, yes Pak is 3rd world country, but we also pay you more than others for “kachray ka dabba” !!!

    Just have a look at the diverse market in Europe/America/Japan, one ends up getting the best out of his/her buck at price equal to 10Lac pkr. but here we get this…..

  • What is scenario Pak Suzuki, still not launching new models of cultus and swift as Celero and swift.

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