“WhatsApp IG” Orders Islamabad Cops to Maintain Active Social Media Presence

IG Police Islamabad, Tariq Masood Yasin, has sent orders to every police station in the city to create their own Facebook page.

This is to increase interaction between the police and the community and increase their social media outreach as well.

This was decided in a meeting headed by IG police, attended by SHOs and DIGs. The meeting’s purpose was to assess the crime situation in the city and to evaluate police performance. Mr. Tariq emphasized on increasing interaction with the public and faster registration of FIRs.

He ordered the SHOs, SDPOs and zonal SPs to use social media more and start using it if they don’t use it in the first place. Facebook’s use in particular was emphasized.

Facebook Pages for Every Police Station

The idea is to have Facebook pages for all police stations and share information like contact numbers and pictures of SHOs and police officers. They are also required to post public awareness messages and other necessary information on the Facebook pages as well in order to facilitate citizens in Islamabad.

IG Police himself is an avid social media user. He uses both his official account and his personal account to share his initiatives for police reforms, community policing and updates about Islamabad Police.

“WhatsApp IG”

Senior police officials jokingly termed him the “WhatsApp IG” due to his active social media presence and usage.

Talking about the proceedings during the meeting, a police spokesperson said,

The IGP was also briefed by operations SSP and zonal SPs about the number of cases registered during 2016 and their investigation. The figures show that the crime rate fell 25 per cent when compared with 2015

He further added that the police’s campaigns against narcotics usage and illegal weapon ownership were very successful this year.

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  • The IGP, Tariq Yasin sahib, is an incredible person. Very dynamic and enthusiastic. Never gets tired and is on top of everything that happens. I wish he manages to set a trend that others would follow.

    I also hope that he lasts out in Islamabad long enough to bring about the dramatic changes he has put into motion. Suggest that you interview him and see what is in store for us in Islamabad!

  • Good to see that Police department is starting to use social media. This will enable people to interact with police easily and soften the Police traditional “Thana Culture” image.

    By doing so people can easily register their complaints and at the same time police can spread security and traffic related alerts easily.

    Mr. Tariq Yasin good work and I hope it will become a regular practice to keep the social media updated in order to facilitate people.

  • IG Police Islamabad, Tariq Masood Yasin, has sent orders to every police station in the city to create their own Facebook page.

    Q: What happened if Facebook and WhatsApp get blocked?

    “ZEOZ” is the best app for it; all you need to know how to use and implement it.

    Please schedule meeting with us.

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