Bloggers Arrested in Pakistan for Posting Fake Images Online

Few fellow bloggers are reportedly missing for more than 12 hours now as they are not responding on their mobile numbers after appearing before FIA Cyber Crime Wing Islamabad yesterday morning, sources have confirmed ProPakistani.

At least three bloggers had been asked by FIA Cyber Crime Wing Islamabad to present themselves before investigation officer on (Dec 31st, 2016) for posting images of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif with a PML(N) leader while wrongly attributing him as Justice Saqib Nisar.

Bloggers, while they had removed the images, made themselves available at FIA office Islamabad but only to get arrested.

Families of these bloggers, when contacted, were clueless and had no idea on whereabouts of their kids.

These part time bloggers, hailing from Multan, had posted images in question online and FIA was able to track them down through WHOIS information available on their website.

Not to mention, these three bloggers were among few thousands other online users who had shared the images in question on Whatsapp, Facebook and through other social media channels.

Through sources we know that these bloggers are now detained by the FIA, however, nothing has been said officially on the matter as of yet.

It must be mentioned here that Ch. Nisar, Interior Minister, had ordered the FIA to investigate the culprits behind spreading fake image of Mr. Sharif with Chief Justice.

As it is clear to everyone, instead of catching the original posters, FIA will nab easy targets only.

While we aren’t certain about the section of cyber crime bill that’s being investigated, but from the looks it appear that bloggers might be charged with “Cyber Terrorism”.

Section 7 of Cyber Crime Law deals with Cyber Terrorism and it says:

= the use of threat is designed to coerce, intimidate, overawe or create a sense of fear, panic or insecurity in the government or the public or a section of the public or community or sect or in society

Since we don’t have information on what section are they going to get charged with, its early to comment about any consequence.

But just to give you an idea, Under this section, if proven guilty, these bloggers could face up to 14 years in prison or/and up to Rs. 50 million in fine.

It must be mentioned that there are more bloggers, and a hosting provider who were also sent these notices but are out of Pakistan as of now.

While we had warned you before, this is what Cyber Crime law was all about. Post a fake image on Facebook — which is obviously wrong — and get behind the bards immediately, with no warrants, investigation or trial at all.

This is a developing story and will be updated as we get more information on it.

Tech and telecom reporter for over 15 years

  • din me kayi logo ko target killing me maara jaa rhaa .wo abi tak na maalum hai kayi saalo se. aur kuch pics post hue sub ko qanun ka pata chala. such a shameful life. thank god i left that hell and came here.

    • Thank God ap chale gaye warna kisi news channel pe hamein pata chalta k Safdar bhai ki bori mili hai ?

      • you think u r safe outside LoL Maut barhaq he aani hai jesy likhi he wesy :/

      • Raja sahab, aap dil he dil mai khush hon ky ye 2nd flass citizen hain. Aap ki Pakistan mai 1st class sy 10 times behtar ;) Btw not all Pakistanis are taxi drivers overseas.

        • yes bcoz of dollars n pounds euros , the locals hate them even avoid to Sit with them in buses/ public transport there. yes financially they are strong, but they are great n strange . They try to adopt “others” Heritage n culture “Others” try to avoid them. such an impressive condition

  • Your statement “As it is clear to everyone, instead of catching the original posters, FIA will nab easy targets only.” is kind of stupid.

    If someone has posted a fake picture on his/her website or social media than that person is the original poster, regardless of how many times it was shared on other platforms.

    It is almost impossible to know who first posted a picture on internet. So anyone and everyone who has shared or posted it is guilty as per law.

    • The guy who posted the pic on his blog is not ‘AUTHOR’. They should find author instead of some kids. and your term ‘almost impossible’ is not correct. Do Google and you’ll know why.

  • اچھا قدم ہے… فیک اور فوٹوشاپ پوسٹس چاہے وزیراعظم کے متعلق ہو یا کسی عام آدمی کے بارے میں، ذمہ داران کو سزا ضرور ملنی چاہیے. پوسٹ کو شیئر کرنے والا بھی اتنا ہی قصور وار ہے جتنا وہ پوسٹ بنانے والا. اور عامر صاحب سے گزارش ہے کہ بلاگرز کو بلا وجہ مظلوم نہ دکھائیں. انہوں نے غلط کام کیا. سزا ملنی چاہیے.

    • محترم اگر آپ ن لیگی پٹواری ہے پشگی معذرت : آپ یہ بتا سکتے ہے قانون کی رٹ کا تب کیوں احساس دلایا جاتا ہے جب کوئی کام حکمرانوں کے خلاف ہو ممتاذ قادری کو اس لئے پھانسی دی جاتی ہے وہ غریب ہے اس نے گورنر کو قتل کیا جب کہ معلونہ آسیہ جس کی پھانسی کی سزا ہے اس کو بچایا جاتا ہے غدار شکیل آفریدی جیل میں ہے جس کی سزا کا تعین نہیں کیا جاسکا اور یان علی کو جس نے پکڑا تھا اس کو قتل کر دیا جاتا ہے ریٹل راجہ کے مخالف وکیل کو قتل کر کے خودکشی کا رنگ دیا جاتا ابھی تک یہ نورے کی حرکتیں ہی ہے وہ ایمل کانسی کو امریکیوں کے حوالے کر دیتا ہے فقط یہی کہوں گا کہ اس ملک میں قانون صرف غریبوں کے لئے ہے باتیں تو بہت ہے کرنے کا فائدہ نہیں آپ جیسون نے نورے کے تلوے چاٹنے ہے۔۔۔۔

      • All those who disagree are Patwaris? but what is a patwari anyway ? Define it in one short sentence. I have heard this was first time used by a man under influence of some drugs (c0c@ine)

        • Atleast Khalid has the Courage to Speak against the Corrupt Leadership which is a Form of Jihad. Being a Neutral or Speaking for the Corrupt is an act of “MUNAFIQ” which is worse than being a Infidel.

      • woh khya bat ha meri khod ki tareef kernaay ko dil ker rahah ha… hamsha dekhna chata tha wo n kon log ha 3,4 harazr rupay ma noora league ka lia online kam kertay ha aur talway chattay tu ab pata chala ga zuhabib ch(utai) raja raia(thakadar) type log hotay haa…… btw i am not belong to PTI any political party……

      • Ye aap ka apna andaza hai. Ye to court decide kre gi.. Muft mai support matt krein. Bloggers ne galt kia. Saza milni chahiye. Jitni banti hai according to law.

  • Everyone should respect Law. But Law must equally be acted on each and everyone. Chahay ameer ho ya ghareeb. Mazrat k sath Yahan taqatwar par qanoon ka amaldaramad hota hee nahi… or aam admi k khilaaaf to saray record tor daita hai. Insaaf yahan bikta hai. ..

  • ProPakistani supporting these so called bloggers, because propak is also involved in such activities. Well, first you should not be called blogger if you do bad stuff– you should be guilty for that. That’s islamic, baby!

  • Posted this comment on ban but it still stands true. I wish fellow bloggers had followed the guidelines.


    If you’re running a political blog in Pakistan, register your businesses abroad (domain, hosting, billing/administrator address) and stay anonymous. Also avoid registering your .com/.net domains through local registrars, otherwise you can be hit badly by the evil politicians. It’s very sad political bloggers are easiest target for our government.

  • Please show a copy of the image in question, so we know what this is about. The action of the FIA is absolutely ludicrous. This is state kidnapping, not even of those responsible, but scapegoats. Who does the minister think he is?

    • Minister is one you aren’t , search for news how other home ministers of other countries execute powers, but for many like you think minister is an office boy or cleaner. If you don’t know about the image in question you shouldn’t even comment and call it state kidnapping etc. May be it is an 18+ image that was shown?

  • Quote: “As it is clear to everyone, instead of catching the original posters, FIA will nab easy targets only.”

    Technically how difficult it is to track the original poster is another thing. But those who are posting (or reposting) something are responsible for the authenticity of the content they are sharing with the public.

    “Investigate before you spread something” – also one of the major Islamic principles. This phrase is really something that we’ll now start practicing…. Wonder if we had followed Islamic principles earlier…

    I still have my reservations on the subject as I don’t really know as in what context those bloggers had published any fake images… Two possibilities are there. 1) they just picked the images and wrote the content (or post) blatantly to provoke something without proving its authenticity. 2) they used the images and wanted to clarify the false or fake elements of purported image(s)

    If they used the 1st way, then sorry but they have actually committed the crime. But I am also sorry if they are being the first of the examples for this situation. I really am.

    Update: well, the punishment is not justified. It’s way harder thnn needed. Sure it shows that Govt. wants to impose this thing in real hard way to protect itself.

    • They were asked to present before “ghulaams of baadshah” and when they did according to law, they’re arrested to transferred to unknown place.

  • بینک میں کچھ چور آتے ہیں اور سب کو گن پوائنٹ پہ ایک کمرے میں بند کر کے بینک کو لوٹنا شروع کر دیتے ہیں، بینک کے سامنے ایک سبزی کی دکان ہوتی ہےوہ دیکھ لیتا ہے اور فوراً پولیس کو فون کرتا ہے “سر، سامنے بینک میں تین چار چور گھسے ہیں اور باہر بھی دو آدمی کچھ اسلحہ لے کے کھڑے ہیں” بینک کا نام اور پتہ سب وہ پولیس کو بتا دیتا ہے، اب پولیس کا کام ہے جلد سے جلد آنا اوراُن چوروں کوپکڑنا لیکن پولیس پہلے ایک آدمی کو بیجھتی ہے جاوبھائی پتہ کرو چوری کامیابی سے ہو گئی ہےیا نہیں اور چور چلے گئے، پولیس کے کہنے پہ وہ آدمی جا کے سب دیکھتا ہے اور فون کرکہ کہتا ہے ہاں صاحب چور چلے گئے ہیں۔
    تھانے کا ڈی ایس پی اُن لوگوں کو جو کہ تھوڑی سی تیز ہوا سےبھی گرکرزخمی ہو سکتے ہیں اُن کو پہلے بیجھتا ہے اورسائرن لگاکرموقعہِ واردات تک پہچنے کے کوشش کرتے ہیں اور راستے میں ایک،دو گاڑیوں کے سائیڈ کلاس بھی توڑ دیتے ہیں کیوں کہ چوڑں کو جو پکڑنا ہے۔
    موقعہ واردات پرپہنچ کر سب سے پہلے پوچھتے ہیں:
    اُن کے شکیلں کیس تھی ؟
    سی سی ٹی وی کیمرئے کی فوٹیج دیکھائے ؟
    کتنے پیسےلے کر گئے ہیں ؟
    وغیرہ وغیرہ
    جب تمام معلومات لے لیتے ہیں توپولیس کویہ احساس ہو جاتا ہے کہ چورکوپکڑنا مشکل ہے، اس لئےجس سبزی والے نےکال کی تھی اُسکو شک کے دائرے میں مجرم ثابت کر کےمقدمہ چلا دیتے ہیں۔

    #Democracy Justice#

  • They can not be charged under Section 7 of Prevention of Electrionic Crimes Act, 2016.
    There is little chance that they might be charged under section 20 of this Act.
    Further, this section does not properly cover the above mentioned offence.

  • shame on propakistani for deleting legitimate comment. shows your level of courage and professionalism.

  • Two things: Is the law only going to be used for PM and family? or will protect the likes of IK and Bilawal also? How many have been caught for promoting sectarian rifts? abuses to Ahmedi, Shiat, deobandi, barelvi etc.. there are hundreds of hate filled twitter and facebook accounts. get those fake profiles deleted as well.

    I hate people who dont have the balls, and create fake profiles and accounts to demean others. this should be the real job of this law.

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