Pakistan Imports the Most From China And Exports the Most to USA

The overall exports from Pakistan were recorded at $22.09 billion. Pakistan’s exports to the U.S. were a total of $3.66 billion in FY2015, followed by China where goods worth up to $1.93 billion were exported.

These statistics were highlighted in the recent Pakistan Business Council (PBC) report. The report also listed the top 10 countries that Pakistan exports to, as well as the ones from which we import the most.

Here they are:

Top 10 Pakistani Export Destinations in FY15:

  1. America ($3.66bn)
  2. China ($1.93 bn)
  3. Afghanistan ($1.72bn)
  4. United Kingdom ($1.57bn)
  5. Germany ($1.15bn)
  6. United Arab Emirates ($0.90bn)
  7. Spain ($0.78bn)
  8. Bangladesh ($0.70bn)
  9. Netherlands ($0.67bn)
  10. Italy ($0.62bn)

Top 10 Sources of Imports in FY15:

  1. China ($11.02bn)
  2. United Arab Emirates ($5.73bn)
  3. Saudi Arabia ($3.01bn)
  4. Indonesia ($2.04bn)
  5. United States of America ($1.92bn)
  6. Japan ($1.73bn)
    1. Kuwait ($1.71bn)
  7. India ($1.67bn)
  8. Germany ($0.97bn)
  9. Malaysia ($0.91bn)

Out of the total imports of $43.99 billion in FY2015, the imports from China stood at $11.02bn, the PBC report revealed.

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  • Two important highlights; We export 1.93 billion dollars to China and import 11 times more from China. 1.93 billion dollars is almost paid to the imports from India. In a way we are paying Chinese to come back to invest in our country. CPEC is valued at 40 billion dollars. The money will be recovered by China in 4-5 years max through imports from Pakistan. CPEC gives Chinese a large bonus, leaving us practically peanuts. This is another economic model. Import to a country and get in a deal with them so that part of it can be re-invested back. Somehow, this is not the right model for economic development.

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