Suzuki Increases the Price of Wagon R in Pakistan

According to official sources, Suzuki Wagon R VXL and Suzuki Wagon R VXR will see an increase in their prices starting this month.

Both variants of Suzuki Wagon R will have their price increased by Rs. 20,000.

  • Suzuki Wagon R VXR previously cost Rs. 1,009,000 and will now cost Rs. 1,029,000.
  • Suzuki Wagon R VXL previously cost Rs. 1,049,000 and will now cost Rs. 1,069,000.

No new features have been added to the two Wagon R variants alongside the price increase. Despite a very rocky start, the car has has been gaining a lot of popularity from customers in recent months. This is evident from its waiting time of 50-80 days when ordering a newer model and a lot of slightly used Wagon R cars flooding the market as well.

Not The First Price Hike

Price hikes are becoming increasingly common from Suzuki. In April last year, the company increased prices of all cars by Rs. 15,000. This was followed by increases ranging from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 100,000 for various models in August, 2016.

Out With The Old, In With The New

The Japanese auto-maker is going to phase out Suzuki Mehran from Pakistan by 2018 and will be replacing it with a 660cc Suzuki Alto. Pak-Suzuki is also going to phase out Suzuki Cultus and introduce the new 1,000cc Suzuki Celerio from March this year.

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The cause for this latest price hike is unclear right now. The earlier price changes (according to auto industry analysts) were due to the rising Yen against the Pakistani Rupee which resulted in increased costs for assembling components by the company and a decrease in margins and profitability.

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    Kindly don’t drop your standards to this level :-/

  • Pak Suzuki is the most hated, corrupt, soulless, greedy company on the planet, yet still they thrive on selling junk at exuberant prices across the country. The only way to stop them selling to the massive idiots who buy these junk cars citing resell-ability is to unfortunately to poke their eyes with a stick.

  • People of Pakistan is Unlucky that no other company is available in small cars that’s why these suzuki dealers getting extra from people where as in india their are many companies who made small cars that’s why in india Merhrn price is 2.5 lacs here 6 lacs 2.times more shame

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  • Today i closely looked at bolan of my neighbour standing outside my house which is just 1.5 years old. It’s body has already started rusting at joints.

    My Cultus panels have already rusted and may need replacement soon.

    Good job “Shuyuki”. Just keep increasing prices of your kabbard cars

  • Unfortunately Pakistani are left with no other option rather to use these old substandard and extremely expensive cars. Government is absolutely not interested to find any solution and have been getting huge bribery underhand to not allowing import of better japan made cars. Additionally, people have not appreciated in the past some better and cheap companies making small cars, for example, China made Cherry, Chevorlet and KIA, Nissan, Mitsubishi.

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