Train Hits Motorcycle Rickshaws Near Lodhran, Kills 7 Students

In a tragic turn of events, a train collided with two motorcycle rickshaws today resulting in death of several children in Lodhran district in Punjab.

The incident took place at Jalal Pur Pir Wala railway crossing when Hazara express smashed into the rickshaws. The train was heading from Karachi to Lahore.

According to the local police, there were two motorcycle rickshaws involved in the accident resulting in the death of 7 of the children. The rickshaw driver misjudged the speed of the train due to dense fog while trying to cross the railway tracks.

Javed Ahmed, a local police officer said that while 7 children died, five more children between the age of 5-8 years including the rickshaw driver were critically injured.

It should be noted that there are conflicting reports on the number of injured and deaths circulating in the media as of now. Some sources say that 6 children died while 4 others were injured, others say 7 died with 6 injured.

The victims were rushed to the District Headquarters Hospital Lodhran.

The Chief Minister has taken notice of the event and has directed concerned authorities to provide the best medical facilities for the injured.

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  • Syed Nusrat Ul Hassan

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  • Rickshaw drivers in Punjab nowadays think that they are superman.

  • The train was heading from Karachi to Havelian. Not Lahore

  • Murtaza Rangwalla

    The chief minister Gidhar E Punjab can only take notice but no action :)

  • But why did the police arrested train driver and his assistant and why I am commenting on a post at ProPakistani that has nothing to do with “Tech or Business” . . . :/

    • Rehman

      Gangoo ny kisi ky sir ilzam tuu dalna hy naa . Garib driver hee sahi halanky gate railway ni hy crosing close ni thi. Ganjy sirf lahore ky hain. Lodhran bahawalpur rajan pur or جنوبی پنجاب say unku koi laina daina ni or adir ki garib bhoki or jahail awam phir bhi ganjoo kuu vote daiy gi. Plz sub taleem yafta log vote power ka istamal ki awerence dain. Ya kam iz kam matric pass vote dalny ka haq hoo tuu daikhin ganjoo ky 2 char bal bhi ni hongy.

      • Wulfere

        gate is liye band nae kiya phatak wale na kyun keh train ko aga ana ka signal nae tha jo keh bakol driver keh use dhundh mein nazar nae aya toh usne train nae roki get your facts straight mister

    • because there was a dense fog and train was over speed.
      and yes; this is not the right place for posting these types of news. I agree.

    • Tahir

      The problem is that we (the Pakistani people) visit this website with the so called intention of catching up on the tech news; but in reality most of the people skip the tech articles and go straight for the other articles which fall under the category of politics, miscellaneous interesting events, ‘masala news’, etc. People also fall into the ‘trap’ of opening an article due to it being clickbait.

      This can be backed up the fact that most of the tech articles have hardly any comments on them while articles like this one have alot of comments. This has been the trend for a long time and therefore it is no surprise that propak publishes articles like these to maintain its traffic. What is wrong is that they do this while still continuing to call themselves a tech/telecom news website.

      In my opinion, very few people are interested in the tech news. And even if they are, they can usually get it first from more informative and established websites such as gsmarena, theVerge, arstechnica, etc.

  • Nadeem

    It was happenend because crossing gate was broken. It is poorest district of punjab cm never visit its a area of PML N. Never fund relesed for railway crossing gate. In my openion PML N MPA For the area is responcible and govt who never take step for any develpment in poor district of punjab. Govt is intrested in metro orange train project. They Pml N is playing game with all these type of areas of punjab. Please people who are educated feel the power of vote and never elected those MPA OR MNA who are not taking intrest in your area development.

    • omer

      MNA from that area is Jahagir Tareen khan leader from PTI

      • omer

        Please consider Mr. Jahagir khan Tareen accountable for this accident along with Railway minister Mr. Saad Rafique ?

      • Nadeem

        Jahangir treen or what ever els. Point is that district like lodhran rajanpur and many others which are in punjab PML N or any govt never think about the poor people. Peoples of poor areas are iliterate and cast a vote without thinking. Their should be avereance from social media through NGO CSO and educated people of the area that never cast vote for those mpa mna who are not working. Infect this govt is not intrested in southeren PUNJAB. And i highly supoort that plz never cast vote for PML N if u want over all development in southeren PUNJAB. This is lahori govt only. I am not with any political party i also hate ppp who is so wrost. But PML N is only for lahare . This is fact.

    • Faisal Waheed

      The Railway Crossing Gate was alright but it was not shut by the gate keeper… While it is a fact that today there was maximum fog at Lodhran… Rest details I don’t know sir…

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