These Life Size Lego Blocks Let You Build Rooms & Furniture Yourself

Everyone has played with little blocks of LEGO at some point (some of us are guilty of doing that as adults too). What if you had life sized LEGO blocks to build with? What would you do with them? EverBlock Systems seems to have the answer.

Enter EverBlock Systems

You can buy a bunch of LEGO blocks from EverBlock to build your very own LEGO structures. Doesn’t sound too exciting does it? It wouldn’t until you watch the video below:

The key here is to go crazy using LEGO, you can build anything from household furniture (tables, shelves etc) to partitioning large rooms using LEGO walls. You can use sliding doors to make the rooms usable as well.

Here are a few things built using EverBlock,

Oversized Menorah built for the National Synagogue in Washington, DC

Dining Table built with Everblock

Partitioning in an apartment

“Green” Way to Build

According to EverBlock Systems,

Anything you’ve constructed can be taken apart and re-assembled again, and the pieces can be re-used to build other objects, making EverBlock a unique green building method.

This is the key benefit of building things with big LEGO blocks, there is literally 0 material wasted and it can be disassembled and reassembled at a moment’s notice.

Once you buy a set of these blocks you will not need to buy more of these ever again. It is just a one time investment.

These blocks have integrated cable channels that can,

..allow you to run power cables, create illumination with LED lighting strips, or stabilize larger creations

An LED illuminated EverBlock Construction

Transporting these blocks is easy as well. With bricks there’s always the risk of shattering some of them while they are being transported through trucks or being loaded/unloaded. Storing them is also an issue as you need to regularly water them so they don’t dry out and become brittle. These problems are eliminated with these plastic blocks.

Whats more, there’s a very small learning curve to building things with these blocks. If you’re good at building structures with regular LEGOs, you can do just as good with life sized ones.

If you have no idea about building walls and/or furniture and stuff with LEGO blocks, you don’t need to worry, EverBlock has got you covered. They offer a complete guide for building structures using these blocks which will have you ready to build in no time.

Click here to view the guide.

Pricing and Final Thoughts

Price is one of the downsides of this product, here are the prices:

  • 1 Full 12″x 16″ block, $7.25
  • 1 Half 6″x 6″ block, $5.25
  • 1 Quarter 3″x 6″ block, $3.95
  • A 12″x 6″ Finishing Cap, $3.95

You can also buy a set of blocks or ready made pieces of furniture as well. There are 16 different colors available for these bricks if you enjoy customizing the colors.

For ready made structure prices, click here.

Considering the amount of blocks that will be used to build a wall or a chair for example. It would easily cost you above Rs. 10,000 for a wall only and above Rs. 5,000 for a simple chair.

Either way, the idea behind LEGO is sound enough to be worth the investment, considering you can change or rebuild anything with no further investment required. If you are a fan of your environment being fluid, these EverBlocks are a great idea.

What is your take on EverBlock’s Giant LEGO blocks? Is it worth the investment? Sound off in the comments below

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