Serene Air to Begin Flight Operations Across 7 Cities in Pakistan

Serene Air, the new airliner that has been generating quite a bit of hype on social media, will officially launch operations in the coming days, we have checked. It will be the only Pakistan based airliner to have the Boeing 737-800 Next Generation airplanes.

The company has also detailed its offers and unique features. For the first two years of its operation, Serene Air will only offer domestic flights. This is a requirement set by the Civil Aviation Authority for airlines that want to run international operations.

Available Destinations

Serene Air will be flying across 7 different destinations in Pakistan. These include:

  • Islamabad
  • Lahore
  • Karachi
  • Faisalabad
  • Skardu
  • Peshawar
  • Quetta

The airline will be offering some unique features in hopes of differentiating itself from local airlines.

Different Menu Every Day With Full Meals

One of these is having a different meal menu every day. According to the website,

We understand that a meal no matter how good it was the first time, just doesn’t taste the same after that. Hence SereneAir offers a different menu every day to pleasantly surprise its flyers on every flight. Each better than last.

Aside from offering a different menu every day, Serene Air will also be offering full meals on board its flights as well. A lot of airlines (some international ones as well) do not offer full meals on domestic flights with some like British Airways giving customers a measly bottle of water on domestic travel.

Sky Interior and Pre-Booking

Another thing that Serene Air will be offering (in part due to its new Boeing 737 aircrafts) is Sky Interior. The aisle will have more head room and a higher roof. It will also have special LED lighting which will change according to the time and phases of the flight to match the ambiance.

You can also pre-reserve your seats with Serene Air during the booking process. You will have the freedom of choosing any seat you like while pre-reserving seats.

More Leg Room and Boeing Trained Cockpit Crew

A common complaint in air travel is that of leg room, specially among taller people. In economy class, most airlines do not have a lot of space for passengers to sit comfortably. Serene Air will be offering better leg room as well.

The cockpit crew for Serene Air is trained from Boeing itself and “handpicked” according to the website from the best of the best. We will know for sure when Serene Air has seen a year or two of operation.

Discounts for Family & Children

You can avail a family discount if you travel with 5 or more family members. Aside from the family discount you can also avail a discount if you’re traveling with children between the ages of 2-11 years. Infants. on the other hand, travel for free.

Serene Air says that it will offer low fares with “the best value for money”. This means that they will not be necessarily cheaper than the other local airlines but they might have affordable fares comparable to them.

Higher Baggage Limit

If you’ve ever flown by air, you’ll know that weight issues for baggages are quite common. Serene Air will allow passengers to bring two pieces of luggage up to 32 kg in weight. This is a very generous weight limit since most domestic travel weight limits cap at 20 kg.

Final Words

Serene Air will be offering a lot of unique features and offers which will set it apart from other local airlines. Whether it can maintain this quality through the years or not is something we will witness in the coming weeks and months.

The most important factor, despite all the amenities, will be the fare. If it is competitive with the current market rates, local airliners might just have a fight on their hands.

You can visit the website by clicking here. We’ll be updating readers about the fare details as soon as we get them.

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  • Excellent and looking forward. We deserve better airplanes as only AirBlue is a decent option at the moment unless you are willing to fly decades old, badly maintained air crafts. Wishing them luck.

  • Eager to see a 737 service to Skardu, unfortunately Gilgit airport’s runway cannot land 737s so they are stuck with PIA and ATR for now.

  • Great! Eagerly waiting for it’s launch. I travel only two times in a year to Skardu(my home) just because of pathetic service and monopoly of PIA. They cancel flights just before the departure day and then it’s your luck if you get a seat confirmation in next few days because they have to accommodate the passengers who’ve already booked for the next day. PIA has two daily flights of Air Bus A320 to Skardu, but still that isn’t enough, and inflight service is as always pathetic.
    Hope Serene will give better services.

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