Selfie Fever: 2 Girls Fall While Posing On Their College Roof In Gujranwala

Two female students were severely injured after they fell off the rooftop of a college in Gujranwala while taking selfies.

According to reports, two students named Nazish and Sana from Postgraduate College Satellite Town, fell from the rooftop of the college building while they were taking selfie photos. In a statement, the college admin stated that both students had suffered head injuries in the accident. Immediate medical action was taken and the girls were taken to hospital for medical care.

In a trend that’s equally bizarre and concerning, people are getting injured and in some cases even succumbing to death while taking selfies in dangeous places. 

One such incident was reported when Asif Jamil, a resident of Christian Colony, fell into river Indus while taking a selfie leaving the family in despair. Assumed to be dead by authorities after they couldn’t recover his body, he later returned home after 10 days.

Selfie-related accidents are not unheard of. In August last year, an 11-year-old and her parents drowned in Kunhar River as they tried to take a selfie.

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On July 5, 2016 Peruvian police recovered the body of a South Korean tourist under a waterfall in the Amazon jungle, days after he fell in while taking a photo of himself.

Take Caution When Taking Selfies

Russia started a “Safe-Selfie” Campaign which recommends ways to take selfies in a safe, non-life-endangering manner. Many of their tips can, and should, be used by selfie-takers everywhere. Russia’s Ministry of Affairs created these icons to represent times when selfies should not be taken:

Here are tips to remember when taking selfies. They may sound simple enough, but you’d be surprised how often people forsake common sense in the quest for a new profile photo:

  • Never take a selfie when you are crossing the street
  • Stay a safe distance from roof’s edges when taking selfies
  • Do not try to impress by taking a selfie in a risky manner
  • Do not put others in danger when taking a selfie
  • Use your best judgment on when to take selfies

    • Yes probably, it is a post graduate college and even if they weren’t, students always manage to sneak them in.

    • I’m also the student of this college and mobile phones are not allowed in our college, also the students were not fell while taking a selfie. I think media should not spread news. what a rubbish to make news according to there own perception just like typical mohalla,s gossipy women.

    • As a concerned citizen it is our business to raise voice against thing which are bad for Pakistani people. Your mentality of none of your business will eat Pakistan up keep saying no no no – – – – until nothing is left.

      • and ur mentality of keep pooking ur nose in everyones bizz will eat pakistan alive.even if they keep cigarettes in their pockets its none of my concern.

        • if you’ve got power of stopping evils, you should initiate. Else keep applying this in your family, don’t ask your younger where they go, what they do and what they use. It’s just a reply to realize you that it’s time to change your mentality bro, if I’m not hindering a person from harassing a female, when I’m having power, some other time, it might be my sister, cousin etc, when a person would do same, when you’ll be told by her(s) you’ll realize, I should’ve initiate. Karma f**ks same,

  • who cares random people die everyday… just because they died taking selfie suddenly is a big concern and how the f you die taking selfie rofl

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