FIA Exposes Mafia Selling Fake Stents at Over 3200% Markup

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has revealed another scam in Lahore. According to officials, FIA exposed a mafia that was involved in selling fake stents to heart patients and fraudulently extracting money from them.

Some of these fraudsters also included a couple of doctors at Lahore’s Mayo Hospital who would make the patients agree on getting these fake stents and paying for them.

To put the extent of their fraud into sharp focus, each of these stents cost the fraudsters Rs. 6000, which they ended up selling for Rs. 200,000.

Caught Red-Handed

The news came to light when the FIA sent its Assistant Director disguised as a patient to the Mayo Hospital. The “patient” got checked up by the doctors and was immediately told that there was cardiac problem with him which can only be resolved through angioplasty. The angioplasty required getting a stent from the fraudsters, which cost up to Rs 200,000 each.

The undercover official also talked with other such patients who were scammed. They reported that they found out they got scammed when the pain came back after some time and a second opinion with doctors made them aware of the fact that no stent was placed in the first place.

Following this incident, a raid was conducted at the Mayo Hospital and stents worth Rs. 40 million were seized by the FIA team.

The three companies that were involved in the selling of these unregistered stents are:

  • Pak Punjab Cardex Medical System
  • AM System
  • Saving Life Technologies (SLT)

All three of them are situated in Lahore. Unfortunately, so far no case has been registered because one of the companies mentioned above is owned by a close relative of a federal minister, which to blame for the FIR not being lodged.

Taking notice of this incident, Punjab Chief Minister also assembled a team to look into the matter headed by the Chief Minister Inspection Team (CMIT).

Another committee constituted by the Punjab Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Secretary, Najam Ahmed Shah,  comprising of senior cardiologists will be probing this incident.

The Punjab Minister of Health, Khawaja Salman Rafique, has also pledged a clampdown on the stent mafia.

Despite the startling corruption and fraud involved, no arrests have been made so far.

      • Propakistani puts all bad in government ka khatta and any good to organization/individuals ka khatta…smart writing khtay hain isko.

        • Lo aa gya sbse bara Noooni. iss bnday ki comment history check kar lo. aik bhi aesa comment ni hoga jis ma isne N-League Government ki incompetence ko accept kia hoa,

          Bhai mere why are you wasting your time? All regular Pro-Pakistani reader know you are completely bias.

          Apka 1 he kaam ha. PML-N ko defend karna aur PTI aur uske supporters ko laan-taan karna.

  • This group of companies selling cheap stent must be rounded and get them on TV to make proper chitrol. They must be punished by confiscating all and everything .

  • those who elect PML-N needs to be treated this way first they were fed donkey meat and now this good for them …. agli bari phir zardari

  • Whereas I do agree with the fact that the stents are over priced, the rest of the story is very poorly written, and mostly false. And I do remeber reading the exact wordings at a news site a day back; atleast do the effort to change the words. The real story: A lot of stents are available in the market which have yet not been approved by DRAP, which doesn’t mean they are of lower quality because they are FDA approved and are being used in the US. They are just new and DRAP is asleep since its creation. This whole news is just a media sensation by the FIA, there have been no arrests and there will be none. I figure the FIA personnel will get their ‘share’ from these stent importing companies, everyone will say a few abuses to doctors and the life will go on. And yes, all those reading will have a relative who has had been stented, go on and talk to them, see what stent they recieved, search about it on the net and then decide for yourself.
    P. S. People at ProPakistani, if you need some advice on medical related articles you can contact me. Or atleast contact someone with medical experience.

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