PSX Crosses 50,000 Points For the First Time in Its History

Pakistan Stock Exchange continues to break records in its upward trajectory. Today, the PSX has managed to cross the 50,000 point mark in the KSE-100 index, the first time in its history.

The index crossed the 50,000 mark soon after opening this morning. It gained 173 points to touch 50,050 points by 9:34 AM.

However, the record level could not be sustained for long as the selling pressure made it lose 429 points soon after.

The rise was attributed to buying oil and cement stocks in the market. Market analysts had said that investor confidence will see a noticeable boost if KSE-100 index ends up closing above 50,000 points on Tuesday eve.

At the time of writing, PSX stands at 49,883 points.

Monday’s Record Breaking Performance

The rise began on Monday as KSE-100 index gained 511 points (1.04 percent) to close at an all-time high of 49,876 points.

The index was closing in on 50,000 mark and foreign selling continued unabated, local investors took caution and continued building new positions in nearly all sectors. Trading volume also increased to 600 million shares up from 460 million on Friday. Share value increased from Rs. 22.9 billion up from Rs. 24.5 billion.

The most notable feature of the day was the huge amount of shares, 214 million shares, that changed hands in K-Electric. These alone accounted 36 percent of the day’s total volume.

Some Recent Developments in PSX

Back in December, a Chinese consortium, including China Financial Futures Exchange Company Limited, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, acquired a 40 percent stake in the PSX.

17 entities in total had expressed interest in the PSX since its benchmark stock index has been once of the best performing ones worldwide in 2016. PSX is now planning on offering 20 percent of its own shares to the public.

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  • Great efforts PM Sahab :
    No PM has worked done by like you but in some cases you have been forgotten poor people & nowadays every middle class people have doing struggle for his job, education & for medical cares because we don’t have such amount to fly dubai or any where to our medical treatment :
    Kindly look into the matter “Metro Bus Se Ghareb Ko Koi Fiada Nahi ”
    Na 2 Waqt Ka Khana Milta Hai
    Na Kapray
    Na Eduction
    Na Hospitals”

    Please Ap Hukmaran Ho Apko to Sarakh Pe Hamay Thokar Lagne Ka Bhi Hisaab Dena Hoga Kal Qayamat Main

    • Agree with you. But we should consider 70 years’ problem and leg pulling for power by opposition (no constructive criticism).
      CPEC is going to change the life to a good extent we are living. UAE and whole GCC is going through the same situation of job market and business.

      For sure he needs to do a lot more, if he isn’t the option I don’t see Imran Khan as an option though I voted for him in 2013 :)

  • First hang Zardari phir Mian Sab ko tang lyna…but Imran sees Nawaz as the first threat and therefore he is ignoring the fact that our ex president was known as Mr. 10% for so many reasons.. a person who owns so much property in GCC isn’t questioned when it is easily available to go and see, we are after two flats and their link with Nawaz.

    • Yeah Many link with NAWAZ but remember :
      Agar Khaya hai to Lagaya Bhi Hai Jo K Nazar A Raha tha
      Pakistan in TOP 6 fatest grow country main aya hai aj ki news main

  • Is government main pehli dafa ye mehsoos hua hai k Pakistan k haalaat sudhar bhi sakte hain.
    In Sha Allah, hamara mulk aise hi taraqqi karta rahega chahe hukumat kisi ki bhi ho.

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