Corruption Levels in Pakistan Decline in 2016

Corruption in Pakistan declined over the past year, a Transparency International report revealed on Wednesday.

According to the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2016, Pakistan’s CPI score improved by two points from 30 to 32 out of 100. The country’s rank in the CPI 2016 improved by nine spots, to 61 in the list of most corrupt countries among 176 countries in 2016, from 52 among 168 countries in 2015.

For the first time since 1996 (when the first CPI was published), Pakistan climbed up from the lowest one-third corrupt countries to the middle one-third countries in 2016.

Pakistan fared better than most of its South Asian counterparts, coming in second after China in reducing corruption.

Each year Transparency International scores countries on how corrupt their public sectors are seen to be, after capturing the informed views of analysts, businesspeople and experts in countries around the world.

  • Don’t understand even if we heard a good news about Pakistan we start finding conspiracy in it
    If BBC say some thing bad about Pakistan we immediately believe it
    If transparency said some thing good we don’t like it

    who to blame

  • Kaisay Kaha Kidher Kam Howi ?
    Custom House Se Lay Kar Excise Tak
    HBFC Se Lay Kar Bank Loan Tak
    Sindh Government Staff Se Lay Kar Federal Government Staff tak
    PSQCA Se Lay Kar PCSIR Tak
    EFU Se Lay Kar Pension Tak
    Police Se Lay Kar Water Board Tak
    Meter Problem Se Lay Kar SSGC Tak
    Collage Addmission Se Lay Kar University Co Registration Tak
    Her Jagah Her Dafa
    Legal Documents Pay Bhi Signature K Liye Paisay Dena Pharta hai
    Her Qaooni Kam K Liey Paisay
    Her Support K Liye Paisay
    Why ?
    Her Jagah Ja Chucka Ho
    Corruption Se Pak to Koi IDHARA to Ho ?

  • TIP head was posted recently as ambassador to Serbia by PMLN. Posted a link but my comment got deleted cause of it. Just google “Appointment of Adil Gilani more proof of nepotism, cronyism”

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