Thanks to Deregulation, CNG Prices Increase 2nd Time in a Month

Almost a month ago, the Ministry of Petroleum approved the deregulation of the CNG market. This basically meant that the owners of CNG stations would be able to set prices according to their own will. Since then, the prices have increased once and now they are increasing again.

Taking advantage of the deregulation, CNG owners increased the prices by Rs. 2 per kg across Pakistan yesterday night without any prior warning or notification.

Revised CNG Prices From Today

Current CNG prices for Region – I (Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Potohar region; Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Gujar Khan) is Rs. 75.82 per kg. After the increase of Rs. 2 per kg, it will now be sold at Rs. 77.82 per kg.

As for Region – II (Sindh and Punjab excluding Potohar region), current prices are at Rs. 71 per kg. After the increase, it will now be sold at Rs. 73 per kg.

Deregulated CNG Prices

CNG is one of the most widely used fuels in Pakistan. Therefore, CNG prices are a huge concern for millions of people. The reason for its popularity was the lower cost and mileage as compared to petrol. Not long ago the prices were also regulated by the government and everything was kept in check and order. However, after the deregulation, this is the second time that the prices have increased, causing a headache for the general consumer.

After the current price hike, almost 70% of the CNG stations are now reportedly selling CNG at Rs. 73 per kg. Owing to the deregulation, pump owners can suddenly increase prices any time of the day clearly violating consumer protection laws.

The Chairman of All Pakistan CNG Owners Association, however, said that the association had nothing to with the price hike.

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Source: ARYNews

  • Shows our mindset as a nation, danday sy samajhty hain…
    Regulate it again and don’t let mostly “jahil” owners of these CNG stations blackmail public.

  • I am happy they have increased, I don’t have enough Gas to turn on the burner of my Stove. We don’t have
    Gas to power up the Autos in this country.

  • First things first price didn’t increase chk your local pump please, so this whole point of article is useless! and The idiot who wrote this article, if only he had done some research, he would’ve known our Govt increased sales tax to another percent, which led them to suggest an increase in price, which never really happened.

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