PEMRA Issues Show Cause Notice To Bol TV

Nothing goes unnoticed by the watchful eye of PEMRA. The authority has issued a show cause notice to Bol News after the channel failed to comply with their orders.

Yesterday we reported that Amir Liaquat’s Show on Bol News, “Aesay Nahi Chalay Ga” was banned from airing by PEMRA. Amir Liaquat himself was also banned from appearing on TV in any way be it an old news or telecast or anything otherwise.

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Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga and Dr. Amir Liaquat received the ban due to hate speech and bigotry against several people including a lawyer and social activist Jibran Nasir. Mr. Jibran also received death threats by the aforementioned.

Amir Liaquat appeared on Bol News adverts and on the show on the day PEMRA banned them. He also hosted the show on Thursday night bad mouthing and hurling abuse towards PEMRA.

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Several cable operators across Pakistan stopped airing the channel due to this reason as well.

PEMRA’s Reponse

PEMRA’s press release state the following:

According to PEMRA show cause, “M/s Labbaik Private Limited, “Bol News” in blatant and deliberate violation of aforementioned prohibition orders not only telecast the programme ‘Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga’ but also the host Dr. Amir Liaquat appeared on Bol News at 22.45 on January 26 2017.” Later the program was re-telecast by the TV management again in violation of the PEMRA orders.

PEMRA show cause has termed the airing of the TV show as “willful defiance of the orders of the Authority, which is a cognizable offense under Sections 29, 30, 33 and 34 of the PEMRA Ordinance 2002 as amended by the PEMRA (Amendment) Act 2007.

Bol News is supposed to provide a reason as to why an appropriate action should not be undertaken against them due to the earlier mentioned violation.

If Bol News fails does not offer a credible response to PEMRA within 7 days then “the matter shall be proceeded by ex-parte in accordance with the PEMRA laws”.

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  • Bol run by ARY (whose source of investment itself is in question) is on agenda, if they advocate one day that government is challenging authority of such autonomous bodies they themselves are challenging the same authority now. If PEMRA is wrong Bol /ARY should have gone to court instead of mocking their orders. Such defying of law, authority is now our culture. Army generals who almost every decade challenges authority of elected governments give birth to this culture and then such media don promote it further with their personal agendas.

    • It’s good if source of investment is in question. The source of funds of the Government of Pakistan are NOT in question, and are invested by us, the tax-payers. Who gave them the right to waste billions on ads which have no on-ground benefit to the tax-payers, nor is infrastructure building. What about the culture NS is giving birth to? Wasting tax-payers money without any accountability?

    • BOL is here with an ideology. BOL is a media enterprise its not at all a News channel only. If it was not stopped by Sinha Axact it will undoubtedly will be the face of pakistan now. BOL is not owned by or supported by any media group. They have ample of funds courtesy of AXACT.

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