Is Suzuki Ciaz Officially Launching in Pakistan This Year?

The new auto-policy has certainly done wonders for the auto industry in Pakistan. Just over a month ago we saw the launch of the Suzuki Vitara. Even before the launch of Vitara, rumors have been around of a possible launch of a sedan from Suzuki. With the confirmation of Celerio getting launched in Pakistan, it became clear that Suzuki wants to be taken seriously in auto industry of Pakistan.

Spotted in Lahore

A few days ago, the upcoming sedan Suzuki Ciaz, was spotted in Lahore. It has previously been sighted in Karachi also.

While, Pak Suzuki has not yet confirmed the news of the launch of the Ciaz, neither have they denied it.

If the Ciaz is launched, it will be a direct competitor to the Honda City and Toyota Corolla (GLi/XLi).

So far, Suzuki has not been able to grab the sedan market through its previous products such as the Suzuki Liana. But if the Suzuki Ciaz is priced and equipped appropriately, then it might change the game for Suzuki in Pakistan.




Teaser from Suzuki Pakistan

Suzuki Pakistan has also uploaded two teasers for the Ciaz. This further confirms the rumors and the fact that Suzuki is gearing up for another launch. You can watch them below:

About Suzuki Ciaz

The Suzuki Ciaz is a compact sedan car that is already available in India, Thailand, Indonesia and China. It comes with 3 engine options:

  • 1300cc diesel
  • 1400cc petrol
  • 1600cc petrol

In India, there is the option of only a 1300cc diesel or a 1400cc petrol. It remains to be seen if the diesel variant will be released in Pakistan. We can reasonably assume that the 1400cc or 1600cc petrol variant will be launched here in Pakistan.

As far as the features are concerned, in the international model, the Suzuki Ciaz comes with:

  • rear AC vents,
  • two airbags,
  • push button stop-start system,
  • ABS,
  • navigation system,
  • rear parking camera
  • automatic climate control.

However, as apparent from the above pictures, there is no sign of either automatic climate control or an infotainment system with a rear parking camera. And as much as we can see from the interior photos, it might not even have airbags.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Ciaz will be launched with less features than its international variants.

Ciaz measures 4,490mm in length, 1,730mm in width and 1,485mm in height. The wheelbase on the car measures 2650mm and the trunk holds a capacity of 510-liters.

With the launch of the Suzuki Ciaz imminent, keep watching this space for more news regarding Suzuki’s upcoming sedan.

  • I think author forget to view the teaser from Pak Suzuki about Ciaz uploaded today before writing this post

  • BC Mehran ko b thorra update kar do just price hi increase kartay ja rahay ho. Aur kuch nai toh break hi achi kar do.

  • Now Honda may focus to improve the quality of Honda City, that is going down & down every passing year…

    • Ahsan bro, can you shed some light as to what issues are faced by honda city these days? I am thinking of buying one so I want to know what are the problems in latest builds?

  • Imported cars introduce karnai se kuch nahe hoga asal main local industry ku farog dene se faida hoga

    • very true azeem chahey 30 sal tak local industry waley chootia bantey rahin aur in baron ko brief case daitey rahain?

  • If It is priced at same as Honda and Toyota then why would you want to go with suzuki. 1300cc should be closer to swift range otherwise good luck to suzuki……

  • Anything more than City or Gli, this is destined to be another flop. Trouble is their brand image, which they have destroyed themselves over the years. In fact Suzuki’s brand image is worth a donkey cart now. The middle class which used to be their core buyers are now opting for imported cars.

  • they can only lunch CBU (imported) and not the local assembled version. CBU will be very costly just like Vitara and suzuki at this much cost is not an option.

  • ugly outside and ugly inside. If price is around 1.1 million then fine otherwise not worth it

  • No use if this car is gonna cost 2 times more than a Corolla. You’d have to be a bit lose in the head to buy a Suzuki at this cost…

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