This Airport Vehicle Just Killed Serene Air’s Brand New $80 Million Aircraft

Pakistan’s newest airline, Serene Air, which launched with much hype and fanfare has hit a bit of a wall. Or in this particular case, an errant airport vehicle.

As you can see from the images below, the company’s brand new Boeing Jet B737-800 was rammed by an airport vehicle in an accident, putting it out of commission. Initial reports suggest that the vehicle was operated by the Islamabad Ground Crew (Royal Airport Services).

It is still too soon to assess the true extent of the damage or whether it’s just cosmetic (easier to repair) or serious (mechanical damage).

Just to impress upon you the scale of this mess up, the jet costs upwards of $80 million and made its maiden flight roughly one week ago. People have appreciated Serene Air’s services and quality so we really hope that the damage isn’t too severe.

Here are some images of the plane and the freak accident.




We have reached out to Serene Air and will be updating the story with more details as they come in.

        • Incompetence is when you are incompetent enough to be able to understand something.
          Corruption is when you morally become corrupt n use ill ways to stop fair play. Hitting their plane on purpose is not Incompetence it’s corruption, corrupt ways, corrupt life.
          Hope you are not corrupt n competent enough to understand.

          • Incompetence is when you misread something and then troll another when he corrects you.

            Corruption is when you intentionally accuse another with false allegations and then start abusing them when they counter you. Where is it written that this was intentional? Fix yourself before you start accusing others.

            • Jo matlab samjha raha hai usko “Incompetence” k spelling tak nahi aatay aur tum agaye ho waqalat karnay? Lagta hai spellings tumharay bhi pakkay nahi.

          • how it is corruption, will you explain please, The ground handling company (RAS in this case) provide services to airlines and in return get their revenue, so hitting the plan means kicking your own earnings, seems an accident which seems repairable…

            But Thanks to Propaki’s drowning standards, more clickbaits than info and education…

            Aamir bhaiiiiii….where are good ol’ days

            • Ok. Don’t get jazbati. Kool it man. It was unintentionally n an accident. Not an attempt to to teach a lesson from the existing mafia to the new emerging airline.

        • I appreciate your effort but jisay “Incompetence” ki spelling nahi aati woh Incompetence samjhaye, Kia yeh itself Incompetence nahi?

          • Very sorry…you see unlike you, English is not my first language. So I do make mistakes sometimes, just like a ‘gora’ like you would make mistakes if you tried to write in Urdu ! But facts are facts and this is incompetEnce not corruption.

        • incompetence drive from corruption in CAA and PIA where uneducated and non skilled workers got the job for wrong position.

  • Sad to see this, it’s such a wonderful airline, with a great vision. I hope it can be fixed and plane is not grounded for long time.

  • Oh no, aircraft is kill! $80 million down the drain!

    Sensational headline much? This is clickbait at its finest, which is pretty much on par with what’s expected of ProPakistani these days. Truly pathetic.

    • yes i would second it.. its like if you took out your brand new civic on road and someone hit the fender.. As per propakistani your 2.6+million investment down to drain :) pretty disposable :D

    • And then to further troll the readers, they say the following having already ‘killed the aircraft’:
      “It is still too soon to assess the true extent of the damage”

    • These aircrafts are fully insured unlike a 1.2 million rupee cars, so nothing goes down the drain or is destroyed. So keep your paindo examples to yourself. This story is perfect example of clickbait.

    • > This is clickbait at its finest, which is pretty much on par with what’s expected of ProPakistani these days

      And you’re still here.

  • How can this even happen?? did he not even look up?? the plane was hit on the driver’s side with no windshield or roof to block his view… can this be deliberate??

  • Every company insure its assets even bikes of our company are insured. The airplane is also insured no loss on either side. Human mistakes exist everywhere.

  • You have to understand the local (gov) bodies could hamper the private sector pertaining to them getting a major chunk into the business. I wouldnt be surprised if this was found to be done deliberately.

  • Dear Serene Air,

    Tum Se Na Ho Payega Tum Se Na Ho Payega !

    Tumhey Aisi He Tang Karty Rahygy
    Then Tum Bhi Bojha Air Line ki Tarha Band Kar Diey Jaogy :

  • Can some body please tell Islamabad Ground Crew’s Managment that $80million is equal how many Pakistani Rupees?

    So next time they should spend some money on training of their employees.

    • Dear its not Islamabad ground crew mgmt, a private ground handling co. (RAS), so research on these half baked news of Propaki before commenting, many a times, reality was different than reported

  • I wonder if the editor ov this website is from Geo. That channel airs such pathetic news, ‘Aaj Jhelum main baraf gir gayi’ and in detailed news they tell that a man was taking ice blocks on his bicycle and lost his balance so they fell.

  • You need serious corrections my friend; I report you many times. First of all that particular vehicle is not Airport Vehicle it is termed as Tug Master; Tow Tractor or Pusher, depend over the utilization of vehicle and particular aircraft it assists. #1

  • There is nothing termed as “Cosmetic” in aviation. This is just an incident and aircraft got a structural damage not mechanical damage as you mentioned there. “Easy to Repair” theory is not for aircraft; not for aviation actually! #2

  • Just shows how incompetent the staff of this new airline is. Its the fault of the pilot im sure of that!

  • Looks like a simple hull repair job. A PIA 747 belly landed at Islamabad airport in the 1980’s, but it was repaired and continued to operate for the next 30 years. This is a funny story and nothing more.

  • If I am not wrong about the company, Royal Airport Services, they had a few years back rammed PIA’s two ATRs. The company should pay for the damage and also be fined for causing it. Arif

  • The MNA from PML(Napak) Khakan Abbasi the CO of Airblue is responsible for this act, because Serene Air was giving a tough times to Airblue, which Charged PKR 29000/- one way KHI/LHE, KHI/ISB during pick season, which was very high price for ordinary Pakistanis, Air Blue did not even serve proper food or drinks during the flights, this terrorist act should be properly investigated by CAA

  • >