PML(N) Made this Matric Pass Lady Their Minister for Higher Education

In a rather unique event, Punjab government made this graceful lady, Mrs. Zakia Shah Nawaz Khan, the minister for higher education in Punjab. But the problem is, she’s never studied beyond matriculation.

According to the government website, the lady never received any higher education, making it one of the most ironic steps undertaken by the government in the history of Pakistan. She has been on duty since 2016 at least.

Take a look at the image below:

Not only was the lady the Minister for higher education in Punjab, she was also the minister for Population Welfare and Environment Protection.

And Now They are Hiding it!

After the news made it to social media, the Punjab government has been trying to hide the fact. So they have removed Higher Education Ministry from Mrs. Zakia’s profile to ease things up. Here’s the live link available.

Screen-grab taken today (Feb 10th, 2017)

However, unfortunately for PML(N), there’s a service available that keeps record of almost every web page on internet.

You can go and check history of the Punjab Government website’s achieve from August 16th, 2016 and see the wonder yourself by clicking this link.

Screen-grab from from August 16th, 2016

None of the government officials have made any comments regarding the matter nor has there been any press release.

Zakia Shah Nawaz Khan also has not made a public appearance since this news went viral on the social media.

Zakia Shah Nawaz Khan belongs to Isa Khel, Mianwali. She is affiliated with PML(N) and is an MPA of the Punjab Assembly.

Her bio says that she studied at St. Denys School Murree and Queen Marry College, Lahore. Previously, her father and two brothers have also held the office as an MPA.

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    • Writer wrote this article in haste (now very common on ProPakistani), she is advisor not minister.

      God forbid if Imran Khan is the next prime minister, what is his qualification? Bachelors from UK ? How many masters and PhD from UK are teaching in Universities of Islamabad and does someone see how ‘qualified’ are they? So best one for this job should be a professor ? What professors/PhDs have achieved in Pakistan so far? Any research work at least?

      If writer mentions that due to this appointment Punjab is behind other provinces would be more helpful. What I understand that more qualified people should run government offices, so PM should be a PhD? or masters at least ?

      itacec. org/document/gaw/Zakia_Shah_Nawaz_story.pdf

      Once a king asked for an opinion on an issue from his cabinet members, a young man present there tried to give his opinion interrupting an old minister, king gave young man a shut up call saying “let more mature and intelligent people speak”. Young man replied “if maturity comes with age then this old minister would have replaced you”. You can relate that story with story mentioned here.

      An advisor qualified in Higher Education Management would be more suitable for this job, not even an MBA, Engineer, Doctor, or PhD if one disagrees with my point.

    • Yeh Quaid ka Pakistan nahi Gullu Butt ka Pakistan hai aur quom ko Mubarak ho Gullu Butt bhi baizat bari ho chuka hai kyuin k woh masoom sabit huwa. Us pe lagaye gaye saray ilzaam waisay hi jhoothay sabit huwey jaisay k nawaz sharif pe dhandli k aur mulk ko lootnay k.

  • Nawaz shareef and their ministers only need deploma in how to do corruption without been caught, and in case if someone find out then provide a letter to prove innocence

  • > Previously, her father and two brothers have also held the office as an MPA.

    So ministry, and being opulent on tax money no doubt, is basically a family trade. This is textbook example of being born with a silver spoon in mouth. Today, countless doctors and engineers are sitting jobless, while these aristocrats have a seat in the Assembly waiting for them after matriculation. Screw this democracy.

    • And the action of hiding that ‘additional charge of higher education’ has been done to do what? To justify all the other positions she’s holding? With the degree of matriculation at her disposal she shouldn’t be given any charge at all !!! This fiasco by the government just makes it seem like that they are justifying that she can hold all other positions with matriculation except that one which social media pointed out.

  • In case of Panam-Nawaz disqualification, PML-N is thinking to make Gullu butt next PM as he’s only one suitablen fit to carry nawaz’s legacy.

  • i don’t know how to describe my feelings to this sh!t PMLN is doing.

  • I will never understand when govt’s decision to appoint “matric pass” is damning to some people, why they need to go ahead and further sensationalize it by claiming it that govt is hiding it. In this age of google you can easily find that she was replaced months ago.

    “Rana Mashhood quit the portfolio of higher education on March 29 and remained the minister for school education. Zakia Shahnawaz then took charge of the higher education ministry. In November, the portfolio was given to Syed Raza Ali Gillani.”

    • Because they don’t carry post qualifications of Gullucracy n corruptionism, and neither they have sharifalized degree from Panama.

  • PK Ne Sahi Kaha tha
    Parhai K Liye Class Nahi Bus Uniform Change Karo Or Pharty Rahu
    Madam Ne Usi Par Amal Kiya
    Par Ye Bholl Gayi Bina Registration k Certificate Nahi Milta Bus

  • aap loag bhe har cheez ko negative lay letay ho, matric pass lady ho higher education minister isleay mian sahab nay lagaya hay woh highly educated nahin hay isleay us k pas higher education ki qaddar bhe hay aur in ki wazarat main bohat taraqqi ho gee. patwari logic ;)

  • It is a good thing at least she is a matriculate otherwise number of politicians who remained on ministers portfolios in past had no even the primary education. We are ruled by the sardars, waderas, chaudhrys and these people do not get education but spend the whole life in European countries where they spend a luxurious life…. When they fed up from that society they come Pakistan and here they rule us…


  • Aadil Shadman claims to be the “engineer” while looking at the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in his articles, he is more like a clown of ProPakistani to amuse readers.

  • Lol ! every thing is possible in Nooonistan and shareefistan. what a merit based position ! hats off to NON League

  • “Matric Pass” is not a right term technically or as per colloquial English language. @Author , what is your academic qualification ?
    btw can u dig deeper if she is Faqeeh of Islam ? (but then again, leave it, I doubt that, since she is in bed with “demoncrazy/DemocRats/Tawagheet” ppl .

  • nice, pata nahi main ne itni purhai kyu ke, chorian kerta dakkay dalta corruption kerta 6 mahenay saal jail rehta thori se maar khata aur phir MNA, MPA ya PM CM lag jata….

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