KPK to Start Metro Bus in Peshawar by December 2017

The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) government that is currently led by PTI has decided to initiate the the Peshawar Metro Bus Service project in April. The Metro service is expected to be completed by December of this year if it stays on schedule.

The Director General of the Peshawar Development Authority, Manzoor Wattoo, announced in a press conference that the project will take around 10 months to complete.

The construction of the Metro will be done in phases. The first phase of the construction includes the Chamkani-Balahisar track. The Cantt-Aman Chowk track will be completed in the second phase and the track that is leading towards the Phase-III in Hayatabad will finally be completed in the third phase of the construction.

According to a report, the Peshawar Metro Bus would be just any other Metro Bus in any other city but the biggest difference is that the Peshawar Metro Bus won’t have any elevated section but instead the whole route will be at street level.

Funding Options

The spokesman for the KPK government, Mushtaq Ghani, reported that the provincial authorities informed the PTI chairman, Imran Khan, that the project could be completed at a cost of just Rs. 14 billion, however, reports claim that the cost is now being stated as Rs. 40 billion. The official cost of the project is yet to be confirmed by the KPK government.

However, the KPK government is not looking for any kind of from “foreign donors”. The spokesman added that the the funds required for the construction of the Metro Bus will come from the KPK government’s own financial resources.

We will generate our own funds for Peshawar Metro Bus Service project that would be completed at low price as compared to that utilised in such projects in couple of cities in Punjab – Mushtaq Ghani

  • It’s amazing efforts by KPK that starting by April & end by this year December :
    Wao too good:
    Karachi Metro Bus still under working since last year to till yet & they confirmed to us that it will completed by July 2017 (Subject to Space & Working capabilities) otherwise end of this year.

    • Tappi is in Dubai n not available to approve cooperation with federal govt on daily basis. Stay tuned.
      Knowing NS will still not get votes from KHI you might see something still coming to Karachi (through my sources) as PM house recently had meetings in this regard.

    • They have set their priorities, have made Police better, declared Education emergency on the very first year, now education graph in KPK is way ahead then it used to be. Medical sector is also developing (projects like Sehat ka Insaf), and now the infrastructure. Please be noted that its not just METRO, its the whole Pehawar Mass Transit Route (if it is completed as per the plan), the cost per km is way lower compare to Lhr and Isl.

      • Bhai bohat ache se defend kia aap ne, same things we can say about pmln, its never about priorities dude, jo dikhta hai wohi bikta hai, the health n education sector is worst in kpk

        • I second your wonder poverty in kpk has increased while in other provinces it has decreased.

        • I am not defending them, just stating the obvious, I am more concerned about the cost…. How the hell it goes from 14 Billion to 40 Billion… alarming situation… needs immediate investigation, were the KPK officials sleeping while estimating the budget or now they have accepted the Kick Backs like PML(N)?

          • PMLN has accepted kickbacks? I am not favoring so called “moto league” but lets talk about proof, do we have any?

            Due to current PPRA rules such kick backs are impossible or can be easily caught, bidders know what happened in evaluation and can compare their commercial bids with the winner’s bid, all is very open and in front of everyone. Such allegations are from those who are totally unaware of the process.

            FYI I have been part of evaluation team in one of key organization awarding such strategic projects. We had to face “jahil” journalists who were always trying to look for a small clue but were always failing but next week a story was in paper with no proof, and cooked stories. Awaam never asks for proof, their habit is just to accept whatever appears in newspaper and electronic media. Read hadith regarding this that not to spread rumors without verification. Our media showed a very clean honest “tableeghi” officer almost a psycho case only for not appearing once in court against a contractor while he was on his vacations but was otherwise appearing in court on every hearing and rejected all bribe offers.

        • please compare 30 yrs of PML N with 3 yrs of PTI, then put down your thoughts. Mass transport system is a need of every large city. PTI never challenged the need of a transport system. its the cost and priority.

          But then jo dikhta hai woh bikta hai is also correct. because for punjab, there is no work in KPK because there is nothing to show ;)

          • 30 years of what? In government ?

            NS has been PM for less than 10 years, if you are counting his tenure as minister and CM then do you even know name of any minister of punjab (other than Rana Sanaullah) and what is their authority? Can you expect them to deliver for the whole country? His tenure as CM was 2 years.

            It is not like jo dikhta ha wo bikta ha…do legislation and it will bring the change which people won’t see but ever an illiterate will feel. For example have the done land record computerization in KPK like in Punjab to get rid of patwaris? Who is still keeping patwaris in KPK? Is it PMLN or PTI ?

            Shut down Karkhanoo market as it is one big heaven for smugglers or regularize it. It will show the change.

            Shut down hundi and hawala in KPK which causes trillions of Rs. going out of the country and is so openly done. Overseas labors from KPK only use hundi and hawala. All black money is transferred overseas by this channel only. Who is closing eyes to it? PTI needs to set priorities, even if NS provides money trail (which is not difficult if he is corrupt he can) this will not change anything as trillions are going out of Pakistan due to hundi/hawala business in KPK. In punjab it is not easy to do, Karachi and KPK are heaven for this.

            • Tumhain waisay sub pata hai Nawaz walon ka jab bhi koi baat hoti hai tum tapak partay ho sub ko batanay k aisa nahi waisa hai. Kia tum un k haan chapraasi thay k tumhain har baat maloom hoti hai?

        • Still patients are coming from KPK to Rawalpindi or Islamabad for their treatment. We welcome them for better treatment in ISLAMABAD or RAWALPINDI’s hospital. How many patients are going KPK or Peshawar for treatment. This is the deference.

      • –What steps were done after educational emergency ?

        –What are statistics of improvement you have mentioned?

        –Do you think a medical insurance is all that needed for health sector? Federal govt. also has launched medical insurance, how KPK is different please elaborate.

        –If this isn’t just metro bus service but “Mass Transit Route” please elaborate how it is different than federal govt. initiatives building road network, bridges, railway lines, bus services in cities across country.

        –If cost per KM is way lower than LHR and Islamabad please mention if this lower cost is due to subsidy ? If yes then why such a subsidy is opposed in Lahore and Islamabad ?


      • Even if education and health has improved in KP, it is not nearly as good as Punjab in which PTI has declared that metro should not be priority so why KP?

        And before you decide to criticize deaths and facilities in children hospital or cardiology lahore, do remember that what children hospital lahore doctor who went to peshwar to train had to say about lack of doctors and facilities in kp and how chidlren from kp come to children’s hospital lahore at last stages and he has to see little ones die while taking criticism when they could have been saved by timely treatment in kp.

    • Yeh apnay sobay k paison se bana rahay hain. Baaap ka maal samjh k federal k paisay nahi kha rahay dosray sobon k hissay sey. Tou kyuin na banayien?

      • I don’t see any reason for you to use [email protected]

        Are you aware of something called “National Finance Commission Award” ? If not search for it, will help. It says “program was emerged to take control of financial imbalances and equally managed the financial resources to four provinces to meet their expenditure liabilities while alleviating the horizontal fiscal imbalances. “

    • Only a bit better hospital of Peshawar (lady reading) shows a little improvement from what it was 10 years back, walls are painted, signage :)

    • First IK gvt has improved Education/Health and police system,now they going to improve transport system, You need to be updated with current affairs bro..:-)

      • Yes he needs to be updated through PTI FB pages for “updates”.

        Soon people will start migrating to KP I believe. Can you define “improvement” and then provide statistics to support your point of view please.

    • sehat ore school pa sab sa zaida invest kia ha dear, its PTI govt, we know our priorities

      • no govt can ignore any sector all are important but issue is if long term vision is compromised for sake of short vision and projects are designed to win election NAP being compromised NECTA funds halted,millions children are out of schools and institutions are hijacked to manipulate personal gains..KPK stregthen institutions brought reforms in health which is copied by Punjab even medicines are purchased cheaper for patients than punjab and now working on mega projects……..not at cost of health budget……

  • Great and excellent news. this is the right way of constructing assets for the country that needs to be followed by ruling party. There are four major differences i.e Rout is not elevated means low cost, there is no donor involved means no interest rates..KP government is paying from their own resources and estimated budget is at very low side, at first focused on education and health issues and now moving towards the big infra-structures…..hope this would be completed in the given budget and time as well.

    • Big infrastructure ? Metro bus isn’t infra structure but way to commute.

      What have they achieved so far from the “focus” on education? Any statistics?

      • Dear Salman, Thanks for updating my knowledge about infra structure…but I would suggest please Google or consult any good dictionary for its meaning and you will know what it really mean (the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities (e.g. buildings, roads, power supplies) needed for the operation of a society or enterprise.). Coming to your secondary concern: there are some key factors through which you would be able to understand that what they have done so far in KP, just in 3 years of time: 1. Budget: spent 129.6 billion rupees on providing missing facilities in schools: Provision of
        * boundary walls to 8000 schools
        * Additional classrooms (New construction) to 5700 schools
        * classroom/school furniture to 2500 schools
        * Clean drinking water facility to 3800 schools
        * Toilet facility to 6000 schools
        * Sports kits to 5000 schools and above all
        * Recruitment of 25000 teachers through NTS on merit basis
        Please note I have not touched the soft side of the different projects through which extensive teacher training was imparted to thousand and thousand of teachers and system improvements etc
        These are few statistics of KP region for you to ponder and analyze the difference between those who are ruling this country for the last 30 years VS three years…..

        • Dear Akbar,

          Thank you for your 1st advice that confirms my statement in fact (read your own reply please).

          Your 2nd reply is very interesting; these figures are awesome but it depends how you present them. I have a few questions:

          New boundary wall was in 8000 schools , these schools are not included in any other figure? Are you counting same school in wall construction and then in provision of clean drinking water facility OR in each civil work category totally different school is considered ?

          Kindly note that every year government of Pakistan gives training to 1000s of teachers, this is a routine which can’t be quoted as achievement.

          No political party ruled Pakistan for 30 years, this is very exaggerated statement. But if you are pointing at army then yes they ruled for 32 years.

          • Mr Akbar kin logo ko samjha rahy hai they believe in jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai esai hi jesai fraudy sellers show good fruits in front bt on back sell rotten one also..they still believe in materialistic growth not human development and growth..jis mulk k leader nai Science and technology 87th position par priortize ki ho our metro k 1 KM ki cost total science ministry k budget sai ziada ho u think this will make a futuristic Pakistan under #PMLN

          • Dear Salman,

            Thanks for your reply. I have just provided you statistics you asked for about the focus of current PTI led Government in KP. It doesn’t matter if the water facility is provided in the same school focused for the construction of boundary wall that was not in the focus of the previous governments. These figure shows the real concern and seriousness of a government for the education of their citizens. Now coming to your teacher training point….i am not sure if ever teacher training is imparted to more than thousand teachers in Punjab, if so even than it does not cover all of Pakistan. I would suggest to confirm it from other sources as well that in other three provinces or even in Punjab the situation of teacher training is all together different what you tried to portrayed in your response. Their could be lot of reasons i.e financial constraints due to lack of political will, lack of basic educational infrastructure to carry out teacher training at larger scale etc…KP has engaged private partners with their own budget and focused heavily on teacher training, which is unprecedented in the history of Pakistan. Please don’t forget that during zia’s regime Nawaz Sharif was the minister of finance in punjab and later on elected/selected as Chief minister of Punjab in 1985. Can you please give me some statistics of PML N government since 1980s to date for my understanding and knowledge, how much budget they had allocated for education? Since 1985 PML N is ruling either in province or at national level with minimal focus on education. I really thanked Almighty for introducing PTI in the political arena that pressurized other provincial governments too for focusing on education and health issues of Pakistanis.

        • Since PTI has now has gone through 3 budgetary cycles, we just need to study budget docs to verify talllllllllll claims. Now even if we accept that there is 0 Rs corruption in kp, even than kp spent a grand total of 3.7 billion on missing facilities in 15/16 according to their education dept, what they did do however was to shift largest spending in education i.e. salaries of teachers and other staff from general govt expenditure to education budget. This resulted in PTI making tallllll claims about high education budget, this brilliant idea was then copied by punjab which now also claims to spent drillions of education, even sindh copied it last year.

          As salaries of govt employees increase each year so education and other budgets will now keep on increasing in all provinces, thank you pti for this brilliant idea.

  • Now calculate the Per Kilometer cost of Peshawar and ask from Asad Umer now why it increase from 14 billion to 40 billion. Ask from Imran, is this Halal Metor? Hospital and School is important in KPK or Metro? Imran Khan said “Qoom metro sa nahi banti”. Now what will he say on Peshawar Metro.

    • 4billion main banna tha, punjab did corruption, so kpk thought of correcting it by increasing it to 40 billion :D

    • 3 saal jangla bus jangla bus cheekhtay rahay. Aaj kis moun se metro bana rahay hain?

      Sharam tum ko magar nahi aati.
      Shame on pti

      • And how the hell cost has increased from 14 to 40 billion. Any pti supportor please explain.

        Increase of cost almost 200%. 40-50% ho to samajh aati hai ke pakistan mai kaam aisa hi hotay hain . But 200% increase in cost ?

        Qoum metro se nahi banti …. commision se banti hai….commision ka chakkar lagta hai sara.

  • Kiya Baat hai, Service aisi kauy mukhalif bhi maan gaye… Jangla bus kehne wale aaj kis liye Metro bana rahe hain?

  • Man I love how some people are shamelessly defending this Halal Metro. All the while bashing metros in any other cities…. I still remember asad umer’s bold claim/challenge that he can build metro for just 5 billion.. well it’s damn shame…
    کس بھاؤ بکتی ہے ۔ ۔ ۔ یہ سر پر پڑنے سے پتا چلتا ہے۔

    • Metro bus in Peshawar is [email protected] as it is gift from PTI to people of KPK.
      Jang|a bus in Lahore, Isb/RWP, Multan is [email protected] as it is from PMLN.

      As Pakistani currency has got devalued so it isn’t 40 billion in fact, it is much lesser than that. PTI has solved all education and health sector problems in KPK.

      Bus ge aur jh0t nahe bola jata :p

  • These sorta projects are the easiest source of a blanket approval amid planned corruption with all parties coalition worldwide. Rest assured one must be a die hard noob or a party affiliate to disapprove of any corruption.. Health and Education are more important of-course …

  • As for as i remember its third time that they are announcing metro project. lets hope for the best, but i dont think they are able to do this project in 10 months. The Peshawar ring road is under construction since last four years.

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