PEMRA Bans All Electronic Coverage of Valentine’s Day After IHC Ruling

After the Islamabad High Court (IHC) passed the order of banning all Valentine’s Day celebrations across Pakistan, PEMRA has decided to comply with the higher court’s orders as well.

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has banned any sort of Valentine’s Day related promotional material or media to be aired on all TV channels.

This order was issued following IHC’s decision to ban celebrations of the same event all over Pakistan.

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PEMRA’s circular states that,

…In the meanwhile, respondents are directed to ensure that nothing about the celebration of Valentine Day and its promotion is spread on the Electronic and Print Media. No event shall be held at official level and at any public place. Chairman, PEMRA is directed to ensure that all the TV channels shall stop the promotion of Valentine Day, forthwith.

All broadcast and media distribution service licensees are to desist from promoting Valentine’s Day.

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  • Media walon nay hi tou dhool peet peet k logon ko bataya warna few years ago who knew this shittt in Pakistan. Good move.

  • really bad i feel sorry for people/myself .. now courts don’t want us to enjoy life any more .. this not a freedom .. let people doo what the want don’t stop us to enjoy our life …. if people want to celebrate valentine let them do .. why courts have problem .. if court want to do some thing good then please 1st finish all you pending case .. courts should do there job ..

    • if you have to live where valentine day is celebrated, please leave and celebrate there ……. everyone has appreciated the order, except you ……… you are not the one to decide what the whole country wants to do ….

      first time media showed nothing …… warna media st. valentine ko apna baap aur us ki girl friend ko apni maa bhi qarar de sakta hai !

      • bro don’t mis understand me i m not saying that whole country should celebrated valentine..
        i m saying if some one want to celebrated let them buz no one should tell us what to do and what not to … media is promoting valentine its good thing we should appreciate it and also we have to show other country how much we love them and we all are some.. we love peace and harmony … we not what they think :)

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