Orange Line’s Budget Exceeds That of The Total Spend on Education & Science: Prof Atta

Renowned scientist and former Minister of Science, Dr Atta-ur-Rehman has called for increased collaboration between natural and social scientists to implement new ways of bringing peace to the world.

While delivering a lecture on “Science, Technology and Innovation: Imperatives for Socio-economic Development’ at an event in Karachi, he said,

Technology is a double-edged sword and it needs to be used for the betterment and welfare of mankind and not for their destruction, To earn peace for human beings.

When queries were raised about why scientists have not done much to contribute towards peace in the world, the former chairman of the Higher Education Commission replied that coordination between social scientists and [experts in] natural sciences is essential.

Dr. Rehman compared the GDP and economic development level of China and Singapore with Pakistan and recognized that development in these countries was made possible thanks to efficient utilization of manpower through quality education.

Orange Line Uses More Funds Than Our Educational Budget

He added that a limited budget is being spent on education, science and technology in Pakistan. He remarked that In Pakistan, the Orange Line train project has more funds allocated to its budget than the educational budget for the whole country. Dr. Rehman continued saying,

If Singapore’s exports are $400 billion, it is unfortunate that Pakistan’s exports are only $22 billion because Pakistan lacks in exporting technology and value-added goods.

Removing The Gaps

He highlighted the need to emphasize on polishing creative minds in order to eliminate the gap in knowledge, science and technology. He said that the universities are not measured by the number of enrollments or the buildings they have, but on the basis of research work they do.

Helping The Blind to “See”

Dr. Rehman talked about providing gadgets to the blind would be able to “see” and drive vehicles and devices which can let you communicate in several languages. He also introduced nanotechnology, e-materials, and ebb materials to the audience.

He emphasized how Pakistanis need to realize the importance of science and technology for economic empowerment and encouraged young scholars to play an active role in their field to promote research culture in Pakistan.

Quality Over Quantity

He stressed upon the importance of developing a research culture by providing incentives to faculty members and students adding that quality should be preferred at universities rather than multiplying their numbers and ignoring the quality.

In his concluding comments, HOD-Faculty of Social Sciences, Dr Moonis Ahmar said the thirst for acquiring knowledge was non-existent among the general population of Pakistan. He prompted the young generation to concentrate on training and trying to exceed expectations in their field without squandering their time as “we cannot afford to remain poor and backward”.

via Dawn

  • Although Metro Bus and Orange Train is not unnecessary or redundant; yet education, medical facilities and justice should be given priority.

    • Was watching TV and came to know that:

      KPK allocated 72 crore in current fiscal year for 350 dams’ project and 18 lac only spent on it so far. Even last year’s budget wasn’t utilized. So no plan and no budget utilized.

  • Strange analogy. Three provinces don’t have orange line but still lag behind Punjab in Sci and Tech. Better would be to equate between defense spending and education.

      • under what head in budget? punjab budget allocated funds for orange, federal did not and both are public documents you can download and read. If you find it in federal; copy and send to lala lala media and geniuses in your party who sit on public accounts comitee.

      • Wrong statement. Check your facts. National Finance Award is given by federal government to all provinces and is is approved by all provinces. This is up to provinces how they utilize their funds.

    • Just get what he is trying to say…
      Orange line is not a bad thing…
      Education budget is very low my dear

    • Good Point Bhai, Sindh ka to haal kaafi bura hai. Na roads infrastructure waghaira kuch sahi hai na hospitals ke sahulat aur na he govt schools ka nizam sahi.

  • sir to understand why is it so, see the upcoming comments below, and Gullu League experts will explain to you the entire logic behind it.

    • First get some basic education/ learn manners how to address people who disagree with your point of view in politics or anything else.

      • Dear did i name u? Did i even address u? So instead of teaching others u should get some ethics. Nawaz is not you father that addressing him would mean someone is abusing u.

  • Dr sb maybe well meaning but his tenure at hec, mos&t was a failure given he had money and martial law support behind him to overhaul higher education system in Pakistan. Current govt’s cant even fire a lecturer before it becomes a game of political point scoring.

    Even here prof sb is factually wrong and everyone who bothers to go through budgets docs knows it

    • Dr saheb tenure as chairman of HEC has been acknowledged by all world bodies. He was also awarded medal for his contribution in education as chairman HEC and scietific field by UNICEF and the govt of Singapore respectively. if he was a failure his contribution would not be acknowledged in the field of higher education and science and technology. it was during his tenure that pakistan produced the most PhDs. it was during his tenure that PhDs of pakistan were recognised by foreign countries. So, please let us give the devil its due. what is the situation now in HEC is not a secret. plagrasim is at its peak. HEC has lost its glory due to political interference and low budget.

    • First get some basic education/ learn manners how to address people (your own countrymen) who disagree with your point of view in politics or anything else. If you think your way of addressing is correct then others also have right to call you with so many names you will not like.

      Yahi Nawaz Sharif sy ly kar koi nahe kha raha, Allah ny har aik ko aqal di ha, sirf opposition mai intellect /educated hotay tou aaj kahin aur hotay. They can’t run even one province and you want to give them whole country to run.

      • Ghulamana soch se nikal aao and I am NOT PTI SUPPORTER. PERIOD!
        You guys label ‘PTI supporter’ anyone who go against baadshah salamat.

        I addressed only the ‘ghulams’ and ‘boot lickers’ of baadshah and I know how to address people

  • this type want PhD’s instead of primary and secondary level better education system and now all you have is worst crop of students coming into higher education with lowest international standard. Only industry can run R&D with funds not government and there is no research in Pakistan.

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