Pakistan’s Youngest Ever Graduate is Launching Her First Book in Oman

Muscat is going to see Pakistan’s youngest university graduate, 12-year old Asia Arif, launch both her books on the second day of the Muscat International Book Fair. Although not a native Arabic speaker, she decided to learn it and ultimately help out people who want to learn Arabic easily. To this effect, she is launching her books in Arabic in Oman.

One of Oman’s most famous educational organizations, the Al Isary Group, is going to debut her novel titled “Arabic is Asia’s Language”. It is a self-learning Arabic book to aid people in learning the language. The CEO hopes that Asia will be an example to other children and adults alike to follow her steps.

He also commented on Asia Arif’s dedication and motivation to learn a language that is not her own showing her “hard work, determination, and resilience.”

Launched Her First Book When 8 Years Old

Asia launched her first book at the age of eight and the second part of the same book the next year. She’s the only daughter of the Pakistani journalist, Dr. Arif Siddiqui, who has encouraged his daughter to pursue her interests from a very young age.

Asia has a particular interest in the Arabic language and took long distance language classes from the Allama Iqbal Open University in Islamabad from the age of seven and when she was nine years old she received from the International Islamic University in Islamabad an Advance Diploma in Arabic.

Speaks Arabic in Her Daily Life

Aside from this, she made a conscious effort to earn the language and use it in her daily life. Her father spoke to her in Arabic and even made “her learn Arabic poetry by heart.”

Asia encourages other young people and old alike to learn the language and use it the way she does. She was very happy to have published and then re-published her books in Arabic. She further emphasizes that people should learn classical Arabic rather than the different dialects which are easier and more commonly used.

Via Times of Oman

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