Pakistani Submarines To Get New Radar Tech for Improved Navigation & Stealth

Pakistan has agreed to implement I-band SharpEye Doppler submarine radar system as part of a mid-life upgrade program for Navy’s Agosta 90B-class submarines (also known as the Khalid class diesel electric attack submarine).

The contract to supply radar to the Royal Navy’s latest River-class vessels and equipment for Pakistan Navy’s submarine upgrades has been won by Kelvin Hughes.

Barry Jones, regional sales manager for Kelvin Hughes, said:

We are delighted that the Pakistan Navy, a respected and long-standing customer of Kelvin Hughes, has chosen to take advantage of the performance and reliability benefits that our innovative SharpEye radar technology can now bring to submarine platforms.

What Will It Offer?

The submarines commonly use radar technology for navigation while entering or exiting ports. When used in open waters, the high-power RF transmissions can compromise their locations.

SharpEye, with its low power and pulse Doppler transmission technology, offers a reduced probability of signal interception.

SharpEye I-band radar will be equipped in each ship. The technology will help the ships for helicopter control & navigation and E/F-band radar for navigation and collision avoidance.

Moreover, Kelvin Hughes will also supply its widescreen automatic radar plotting aid systems to both these vessels.

Equipment will be interfaced with the ship’s combat management system along with other third-party equipment, such as warfare ECDIS and vessel identification units. The newly added systems will take over Royal Navy frigates and destroyers’ anti-piracy, counter-terrorism and anti-smuggling roles.

SharpEye can help ship officers to distinguish between genuine targets and environmental clutter even in the most adverse weather conditions.

The first of these radar packages will be delivered to the first submarine in 2018.

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  • SharpEye radars are already in use with Pak Navy platforms since decade. This instance is just a case that the upgraded version has been contracted. Anyhow, this would indeed enhance the operational capability of Paki subs!
    Long live Pak Armed forces!

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